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Is World War III Imminent

Updated on May 14, 2014
Russian troops on the move in Ukraine.
Russian troops on the move in Ukraine. | Source
Russian troops on Ukrainian border.
Russian troops on Ukrainian border. | Source

Russia and U.S. Prepare for War!

Russia's war games include firing ICBM's and vast amounts of warheads with Eastern European leaders present to witness their firepower.

Russia's government television station just released propaganda video that shows missiles firing and speculates about a run-up to a major war.

Reports of Spetsnaz troops continually coming into the U.S. for training and being positioned all around America have been surfacing for some time and can't be ignored in the now tense relations between the two countries.

Under the current circumstances, for government officials to allow Russian Spetsnaz troops into the U.S. would seem to be treasonous or at the very least, the height of stupidity!

Syria gets deadly, supersonic Iskander missiles from Russia!

Russian missile aid to Syria's Assad

Read more about the supersonic Iskander missiles being unloaded in Syria to aid Assad as he grasps at holding onto his power at this Debkafile link:

According to another Debkafile report, Russia now has 16 warships off Syria's coast with a large number of marines as a deterrent to involvement from the West. This development came shortly after the deployment of U.S. Patriot anti-missile defense systems to Turkey along their shared border with Syria. In a recent speech, Assad states that he will not be dictated by Western powers, this in response to western allies speaking out against the loading of chemical weapons into 500 pound bombs near a military airfield. Oposition forces demanded that these chemical weapons not be used, and that the bombs be dismantled quickly.

Israel and other world leaders are concerned not only about Assad's using chemical weapons, but also his vast chemical stockpiles falling into the hands of the rebel forces, comprised of various Islamic peoples, some possibly having links to terrorists groups. With Russia, China, and Iran all backing Syria's Assad, and most Western powers calling for his ouster as well as funding and arming the rebels, this state turmoil can quickly escalate into a regional or world war.

Recent reports from the extinction protocal state that both Russia and China are heavily building up their long range nuclear capabilities, with China hardening its subways to withstand a nuclear or poison gas attack. When considered along with recent reports of their massive stockpiling of food staples, this should alarm U.S. officials.

The world's population is being prepared for WWIII

It appears that the Iranian/Israeli problems are setting the stage for WWII to begin sometime soon.

This first video is from an Al Jezera news report that includes some saber rattling from both the Iranian Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami and Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak with both sides seemingly determined to go to war.

In an article at by Elad Benari on 1/12/ 2012, he quotes the Ayatollah Khatami as stating that contrary to what the U.S. currently believes, Iran is already a nuclear power and will attack Israel.

According to Lyndon LaRouche at a PAC address, both the world's economic crisis and the Iran/Israel conflict are set to converge to bring WWIII and world-wide economic collapse. Some view LaRouche as merely an intellectual conspiracy theorist, but it's impossible to deny that military troops and hardware are being positioned by Iran, Syria, Israel, Russia, China, and the U.S. Some suggest that global economic collapse and WWIII are a planned "reset button" for government over-spending, over population, and a stagnant world economy.

The United States currently has three aircraft carriers in the Middle East along with their regular fleets of protectors of gunboats, etc.. While this would seem to be a large number of our Navy's ships in the region, this is in response to Iran's threats to shut down the Strait of Hormuz or attack Israel.

In response to all the economic sanctions by the West and Israel's threats to bomb their nuclear sites, Iran, Syria, China, and Russia have massed some 100,000 troops, aircraft carriers, submarines, mine-sweepers, close to 1000 tanks, and 400 aircraft, along with other battleships and submarines; for what is seen as the largest joint military excercises in the world's history. Are these games designed to prevent an Israeli or American strike on either Iran or Syria? Or are these war preparations for a planned world war?

While I do not hold as true all the things in these videos, it seems to be evident that both Russia and China believe that attacks on Syria and Iran are imminent as officials from both countries threaten war against the U.S., if either of their allies are attacked. Another recent article on the talks with Iran and their allies responses can be viewed at :

As of 8-4-2012, the war rhetoric from both Iran and Israel is steadily ramped up, with some officials in Israel making statements about the U.S. being better suited to attack Iranian nuclear sites.

Russian News on Iran attack

Israel's need to constantly defend themselves from missile attacks by extremists that surround them on all sides!

Is World War the Only Way Out of Economic Mess

Is World War III the Reset Button for the Failing Economy?

It is quite peculiar how Time magazine was used to link Saddam Hussein to the 911 attacks just before the invasion of Iraq and how the May 2012 cover shows Israel's PM Netanyahu in talking about Iran nuclear ambitions. While Israel is an allie for America, and definitely has the right to defend herself against any threat directed at her land and people.

According to a report in the Israel Times, Morsi, the newly elected president of Egypt stated that they would send a million martyrrs to conquer Israel, so they could have Jerusalem as their capitol. This agenda goes deeper than just Israel, Iran, Egypt, and America. Are these events orchestrated by the global elitists to bring about world war III and some sort of reset for our economic ills?

Since Israel became a nation in 1948, we have heard and watched the hate filled rhetoric directed against Israel by all the Arab nations around her. Now those same nations being allied with China and Russia seem bent on Israel's destruction, even if it brings about WWIII. Where will America stand in this conflict? Will we back up our only true allie in the Middle East, or turn our heads away for a time, as we did in WWII?

While I don't condone every action of the Israeli government or our own U.S. government, I do believe God's promise from Genesis 12:3 I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you. All the families of the earth will be blessed through you.

God spoke this promise to Abraham in the book of Genesis, and it still holds true today. When America turns her back on Israel, we will fall.

While I'm also not one to promote war, I do believe that we should back our true allies. I also believe there are behind the scene agents orchestrating events for an agenda larger than what we are being told. Open your eyes America, things are moving quickly to bring about changes that none of us can truly imagine.

Recent reports of Iran and Syria directing more missiles at Israel, including some with possible chemical or biological weapons further ramps up concerns for Israel and the MiddleEast as a whole. Russia is said to have supplied Syria with the advanced Iskander missles capable of evading both the Patriot andIron-Dome missile defense systems.

China urges people to "prepare for worst!"

In response to China's military aircraft flying over disputed islands, Japan authorizes their F-15 pilots to fire traser rounds at the offending aircraft. This renewed escalation of an old dispute over the East China area, with their rich oil and gas fields, could bring high tensions to this conflict between powerhouse China and Japan. As Japan's military allie, U.S. state department leaders have yet to respond. China's recent stockpiling of massive amounts of gold, iron ore, rice, dry milk and other products, along with building of "ghost cities" and vast underground complexes leave many wondering just what they are preparing for.

Do Chinese officials perceive economic collapse, world war III, or just rainy days in the near furture? Of course the U.S. government also is stockpiling ammo, guns, MREs, and other items as they make similar rainy day provisions. At the same time, when regular citizens store food and ammo, they are derided as selfish conspiracy nuts, yet EOs are signed to confiscate personal stockpiles. The signs of the times are enough to make the average Joe wonder what lies ahead!

Since China warns their people to prepare for difficult times ahead, wouldn't you be wise to prepare by storing some emergency food, water and other supplies to survive difficult times?

See the emergency and survival foods, as well as other supplies at the Amazon store.


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    • profile image

      TheSpaceBetween2 4 years ago

      Maxo its not just about money though, indeed the whole elite are pseduo leftists, and nearly every so called sociallist leader has been a pseduo leftist. we can exclude Castro, and chavez who remained faifthul to christ and their people. Chavez in particular introduced direct democracy, and was genuinely tying to help people. Peron was to some a socialist or a fascist but it's a grey area, he was no racist I think however. Good folks but for all these we have Rockefellers who desire communism for the masses, capitalism and corporatism for the elites. Really if u add abortion rights, neo cons pro israel and pro war agenda, we have the true agenda of the elite, they have split their polices between left and right wing, quite sad really. People like Grillo and chavez, who offer direct democracy etc, they are the only ones I see opposing the fake redistributors of wealth who would enslave us all. That and ironically muslim theocratic states. Kim Jong is a rogue but evil..., Latin america seems to me to marry its faith and socialism in a good way whislt not yet being in sway to the masonic religion which controls much of the world, sadly leftists have embraced george soros et al population claims, when the whole point about equality is that no one has more right to life than another and each persons right to life should be respected, these people buy that adults should be killed against their will, not realizing that leftism since its inception was corrupted from an ideal that would have come about anyway to something quite different from what people think they are getting...

    • atotsm profile image

      atotsm 5 years ago from Timbuktu

      Thanks for this article!! I used this link

    • slcockerham profile image

      slcockerham 5 years ago from Tallahassee, Florida

      Hey girishpuri, Thanks for reading this hub and your comments.

    • girishpuri profile image

      Girish puri 5 years ago from NCR , INDIA

      You are right , water , population and religion will be the major reasons.

    • maxoxam41 profile image

      Deforest 5 years ago from USA

      Exactly, it is not a coincidence! What does that mean about our government? That it will sacrifice anyone!

    • slcockerham profile image

      slcockerham 5 years ago from Tallahassee, Florida

      Hey maxoxam, Thanks again for your comments. It's also unusual how older ships were at Pearl Harbor.

    • slcockerham profile image

      slcockerham 5 years ago from Tallahassee, Florida

      Hey maxoxam41, there are some interesting similarities aren't there? Thanks for your comments.

    • maxoxam41 profile image

      Deforest 5 years ago from USA

      And which ally may it be?

      We know for certain that since the U.S. and Israel have economical interests in promoting wars (both defense budgets are prevailing, both are arm dealers...), you are right to wonder whether their agenda hasn't another deeper significance, that is to say to trigger WW3. The U.S. stepped in WW2, by giving to Japan the opportunity to bomb Pearl Harbor! Since the attack the economy rose thanks to the war effort! It is a strategy!