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Is Your Stimulus Money Really Creating Jobs?

Updated on March 26, 2010

Believe in Santa Claus and Trust Uncle Sam to Create Jobs!

Remember the White House Rhetoric about how the Stimulus Money was going to create or save 3.5 million jobs? Well so far so good… according to questionable Government Records we are well on track with almost 30,000 jobs already created! (And in just one year). So if we trust the Government to create our jobs it’s only going to take another 100-125 years for the full effect to kick in assuming no additional job losses. Some might call this a failure, but its all about the spin!

I’d be one of those people calling it a failure… you might see it differently.

Does the Federal Government Understand it's Own Numbers?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2009 From May through September, job losses averaged 307,000 per month

To the bat computer Robin we need to do some calculations. 300,000 JOBS LOST PER MONTH AND 30,000 CREATED IN A YEAR? My Bat brain is seeing a problem.

Oxy Moron: Government Efficiency… might as well be Government Intelligence.

How hard is it to print and spend money then make outrageous claims? Seriously if the Government handed me $20 million I could create plenty of jobs… of course I’d do what all the other Corporate Executives do… I would reward myself with a big fat pay increase first.

In a story published by the Associated Press titled: “Stimulus jobs overstated in report” we find the following criticisms.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs downplayed errors in job counts identified by the AP's review, telling reporters, "We're talking about 4,000, or a 5,000 error."

What’s that Mr. Gibbs you are openly admitting that you have overstated job growth as the result of stimulus money by almost 5,000 people? That’s almost a 15% error! Why can’t the Government keep track of these things? Do they not have accountants that are “accountable”? I realize that counting is a difficult task; once you go past the first 10 fingers you have to rely on some kind of magical counting device. The Chinese had their abacus. What does the Government have available to them to help them count? I wonder if they could put to use any of the Millions of computers they own to use? On with the laugh parade.

Before I continue my walk through Government Inefficiency I’d like to refer you to the actual source of the Numbers: Go and take a look for yourself.

Some recipients of stimulus money used the cash to give existing employees pay raises, but each reported saving dozens of jobs with the money, including one Georgia day care that claimed 129 jobs saved.

No way you mean that unethical business owners are keeping the money, paying themselves more and lying about job creation? Where did they learn how to do that? Have they been following WallStreet’s lead? Gee if the bankers can do it then why not me! Hip Hip Horary American Business Ethics rock. Do unto others before they do unto you!

Those errors were included in an early progress report on the stimulus released two weeks ago that featured numerous mistakes, including a Colorado business' claim that its stimulus contract created more than 4,200 jobs. In fact, the actual count was less than 1,000.

Really only off by 3,000 that’s understandable. I can see how a “small” mistake like that would be easy to make. And I’ve got a 9” Schlong… well if you bend it in half. Were these people a product of the public education system? I know once again it’s tough to keep track of things when you run out of fingers to count them on.

There's no evidence the White House sought to inflate job numbers in the earlier report. But administration officials seized on the 30,000 figure as evidence that the stimulus program was on its way toward fulfilling the president's promise of creating or saving 3.5 million jobs by the end of next year.

Of course it wasn’t intentional. You want us to think our politicians are neither ethical or honest… we all know they are just clearly INCOMPETENT. We might as well have Circus Chimps running the country. At least when they get ornery at questioning you can expect real shit to come flying your direction instead of made up excuses shit.

Lets Take a Look at Some Real Numbers Shall We?

Turns out I can actually count… even past my fingers and toes.

The Government is claiming 30,383 jobs created or “saved” as a direct result of stimulus money. Lets see how much money the government has set aside – remember these are their numbers you can read them yourself at

  • Contracts: $16,384,352,248
  • Grants: $199,349,197,034
  • Loans: $23,429,828,278

Which totals… $239,163,377,560 which to those whose eyes are hurting form reading all those numbers $239 Billion dollars available for job creation.

If we take our $239,163,377,560 and divide it by the number of jobs created we get $7,871,618.26 which is roughly $7.9 million available per job created!

Lets have some Fun with how this “Available” Money is being Spent to create jobs.

In the State of Washington for example:

  • Funds Received: $228,820,000.00
  • Jobs Created: 2,909
  • Cost per job created: $78,659.33

If you figure the average work year is 2,000 hours then that’s a $39.33 cent an hour job! Not bad pay for a census counter right? Oops… I’m thinking the jobs created are not actually paying that amount but I could be wrong it wouldn’t be the first time. I wonder if anyone is interested in applying for a job that pays $39.33 per hour?

In the State of Nevada for example:

  • Funds Received: $ $15,510,000.00
  • Jobs Created: 159
  • Cost per job created: $ $97,547.17

Wow that stimulus money is really kicking some serious butt in Nevada. 159 jobs have been created! It only took the Government a year and $15.5 million dollars to do it!

Sorry folks but if you buy into bigger government you are buying into the entire collapse of America. It’s time to rid ourselves of the lies and deception. It’s time to DEMAND representation for all the taxation. It’s time to rid ourselves of an Elitist Banking Group (The Central Bank/Federal Reserve) ruling our destiny.

It’s time for real change, it’s time to wake up and see what is really going on. Obama can make all the promises he wants. But nothing is being fixed. Anyone can talk-the-talk, but no one is stepping up to walk-the-walk. And until Americans take responsibility for their own futures and put he power of Democracy back in the hands of the people there will be no real recovery. Bleak indeed!

I was going to touch on the request to send more troops to Afghanistan (300,000 are already in place) to fight the 25,000 estimated Taliban. That's 12 Troops to every one Taliban Rebel. But I didn't want you to think that I thought the Government was off in some fantasy land where the economic realities of the American Tax Payer being able to fund the idiots in Washington forever was skewing my ability to criticize escalating failure piece by piece.

UPDATE OCT 30, 2009

Let the bullshit begin. Get your shovel and a set of waders so you can sort through it all.

Yahoo via the Associated Press Just Today October 30th released and article...

"Gov't says stimulus saved or created 650,000 jobs"

And within the article these claims:

About 650,000 jobs have been saved or created under President Barack Obama's economic stimulus plan, the White House said Friday, saying the president's goal of 3.5 million jobs by the end of next year is on track.

White House economic adviser Jared Bernstein said the figures will show that, when adding in jobs linked to $288 billion in tax cuts, the stimulus plan has created or saved more than 1 million jobs.

Those Whitehouse people really have the shit together. Obviously they have their facts straight and the rest of us are just plain stupid. In their eyes "saving" jobs is the same as "creating" jobs. It's like making money by not spending money. Hallelujah! So if you have $5 in your pocket and you don't spend it you just made $5! You can thank me for helping you make that $5 later.

This is like telling the people who are starving around the world to just piss in a cup and drink it. And then taking credit for "Creating food".

Now lets get back to the fun with more from the exact same article:

Friday's data will have its limitations, since calculating "jobs saved" will always produce an inexact estimate and collecting data from so many sources is certain to produce errors.

Of course it won't be accurate. What do you think these people are using computers to track these things? You and I are pretty good at looking at our check books and knowing what we bought, but the Federal Government can't read something as complex as an account entry... let alone track it. Once again simply not enough fingers to do the math! Why is the IRS so good at doing math when they audit you? Why is the Government so good at math when they are taking your money, but can not accurately account for anything when they are spending money... your money?

"It's a great example of the unprecedented transparency, where the American taxpayer can point and click and see their taxes creating jobs," Bernstein said.

Huh? Point and Click and see your tax money creating jobs? Where does this mythical website of accountability exist?

Teachers are expected to represent the largest number of jobs in the report. With state budgets in crisis, federal aid helped governors avoid major cuts in education, which officials said spared hundreds of thousands of teachers from the unemployment line.

In Indiana, where officials reported saving 13,000 teaching jobs, Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels warned against putting too much stock in the job numbers.

Back to the Saving Jobs = Creating Jobs philosophy.

"I personally wouldn't try to tell a taxpayer that this had any effect that I can see on the economy or let alone that there is some specific number of jobs attached to it," Daniels said earlier this month.

I wouldn't either... but I know when I'm being lied to. Do you think the State of Indiana was going to lay off all their teachers if not for the Federal Government?

Same old spin... millions of jobs lost... and the Government just keeps spending and fabricating spin to pacify the masses.

Are you really going to keep believing a Government that has repeatedly lied to you. Nixon Lied, Clinton Lied... Bush couldn't tell the difference between a lie and the truth. And Obama wouldn't lie.. of course not.

Intelligent Comments Welcome

Oxy Moronic? Government Job Creation?

That's right Government Job Creation is not Adding up!
That's right Government Job Creation is not Adding up!


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  • MikeNV profile imageAUTHOR


    9 years ago from Henderson, NV

    White House spokesman Robert Gibbs is the source for the Article. is the source for the numbers. reports just over 30,000. Do you have a source for your 650,000 number? The jobs being created for infrastructure are by nature short term. The money is not creating long term jobs. Census counting is not long term. And it's unneeded. DMV records provide a very accurate picture of population number. Ad to the DMV the FACT that everyone born in the United States has a Social Security Number and you have a near perfect baseline for total population. Put DMV with Social Security and why do you need to send people door to door? And many people will not answer the doors because they won't be home. Census jobs do not create any sustainable economic benefit. The Government and Government jobs do not create any real tangible product. Government jobs leech off the real productivity of workers.

    You can put your trust in the Government... many people do... they have done a real stand up job so far.

    The reason things have become so messed up is because people don't look at issues they look at the emotions created by issues. People have been unwilling to get involved and sit back and accept he status quo.

    The FACT is their is ZERO Evidence to support the bailout money being a success on any level. And even if an imaginary number like 650,000 were real (Where is the evidence?)... there are very real numbers compiled by the Bureau of Labor that more than 300,000 jobs are being lost each month.

    I don't just make shit up like some people writing hubs... I get real sources to real numbers. The White House can't have it both ways... when you report numbers then you ought to be able to back them up.

  • SimeyC profile image

    Simon Cook 

    9 years ago from NJ, USA

    According to the Whitehouse today (October 30,2009) there were 650,000 jobs created or saved due to the stimulus....

    One other thing I should point out - you use a calculation to show how much each job costs - in California it's nearly $80,000 a job - I have no problem with this figure - however, firstly - if the job last ten years, then this figure doesn't look so bad - secondly - a lot of the money awarded is going to infrastructure work - so there's added value - improved roads, improved bridges etc - the whole $80,000 isn't simply going to the 'job'....

    The problem with anything like this is that figures can be manipulated - statistics are perhaps man's worst enemy....

    Rather than highlighting issues like this - which we can argue about for years - I'd actually like a site to show what is being wasted - for instance there's an airport upgrade being done in Alaska - costing millions - there's only a couple of hundred people who live near the airport - that is what concerns me more - these 'per job' figures are really arbritrary - and don't mean much - it's the 'who needs a multi billion' dollar road system that will be used by 23 people' that I'm interested in!

    So...I'd like to see a cost analysis per 'recipient citizen'....if 20B is being spent in NJ then that's a benefit to a lot of people - if 20B is being spent in Alaska, there's a lot less people benefiting...

  • ehern33 profile image


    9 years ago

    Wel, there is a snag in the job created numbers as reported by the AP today. It was a sampling only but the WH was not happy about them reporting them. The way they compile these numbers of jobs saved is based, in part, on reporting, but what was found is that it was fudged. The bottom line is, no jobs created, the stimulus didn't work and they haven't even spent the whole thing yet. Save that money and put it to better use by granting tax relief to businesses. Great Hub, very informative like always.

  • nicomp profile image

    nicomp really 

    9 years ago from Ohio, USA

    The jobs 'saved' are only saved until the next round of budget cuts anyway. When the feds fund a police officer they pony up one years' salary. They don't endow the position like a college professor.

  • jiberish profile image


    9 years ago from florida

    So the genius can't add his own figures, say it isn't so. Where's the beef, it's in the whitehouse, where they saved or created all those jobs, called Czars. Oh and let me just add ( no pun intended) the white house parties, those stimulate job growth for the performers and caterers. Great Hub!

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    Excellent. I'm right there with you. Right now the country is so top heavy it seems to me another collapse is inevitable. Plus, more and more people hate BOTH parties at this point. We could easily come apart at the seams at this rate. Today I heard on the radio that third quarter GDP was positive 3.5% so the "recession is officially over." That's positive growth after four quarters of negative growth. But how is the recession over? How can we believe any of it? They are so clearly cooking the stats.

  • MikeNV profile imageAUTHOR


    9 years ago from Henderson, NV

    Actually they are not my numbers... they come straight from And the grant, loan, and contracts numbers total $7.9 million per job in available money... the actual money once spent is costing $75 to $100,000 per job. So the net effect is the system is having no real impact and is incredibly inefficient and wasteful. You can check your state right on the map. Here in Nevada a total of 159 jobs have been created at a cost of $15.5 million. A single hotel has more than that many people on a single shift. No impact at all.

    The Government keeps feeding the Media Machine to avoid panic and a run on the banks. But if you are smart you have already done what you can to limit your exposure. Yeah great the Dow Jones went up today. But that is a measure of Corporate Wealth which is just numbers on a computer screen. There is only $3 in hard currency for every $100 on paper. The economic reality is we are in serious trouble and the recession has not ended... that's just more Government Lies.

    You might think I am anti-government. I'm not. I'm just anti-lies.

  • SimeyC profile image

    Simon Cook 

    9 years ago from NJ, USA

    Unfortunately your figures don't take into account that a lot of these grants etc will not create jobs for a while. Take for instance money given to a State to improve bridges and roads - there's a whole tenedering process that goes on, and then there is often a delay before the work starts and people are hired.

    Having said that - I do wonder if the return on investment will actually be worth it - sure it'll grow jobs over the next five years, but as cuts take place to reduce the deicit, then other jobs will be lossed.

    In the short term the stimulus will do good - but I for one beleive we should have let the system collaps, go into depression and then rebuild from there.

    As for your 'demand' - the only way to do that is to vote out the incumbents - that'll never happen - watch New Jersey next month - Corzine should not be re-elected, but he will be....that's where the problem lies.


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