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Is Censoring War Images Ever Necessary?

Updated on February 16, 2018

How do you feel?

Censors are everywhere and not always the best way to handle things, but in the case of war images they should be censored some times. No, don't censor a picture of people posing for pictures with their fellow battle mates but do censor some of the more violent pictures that have been taken of what happens in war.

Everyone has seen a violent picture of something horrific happening or that has happened. How did that image make you feel? Do you feel like that image should be shared anywhere without censors of some sort? Or do you feel like there should be censors on more violent and gruesome photos? Some pictures that are shown from war might be too graphic to be placed on the news where young kids are able to see it.


Seeing what is going on with our military and other aspects of war is very important to keep up with. Adults and people that already have a grasp on what life is all about, know that this is a sad but very real part of life. What if a kid sees that without any context? Isn't it very possible they see that as scary and that the world is evil?

In some certain instances it is not appropriate for all people to see. Let's say that there was a firefight that happened over seas, most likely there will be a report on it in some sorts and most times on the news they use visuals to get their point across. I do not think it is appropriate to show a persons head blown off on the news where anyone can see it and can be affected by it.

An article by "EdwardbMCSTU" tells almost exactly how I feel about the images. He discusses how morally it is wrong to show a fallen hero of war. To be precise he says, "Imagine turning on your television set to channel 7 news and the first image you recognize is a fallen American hero who died fighting for his/her country. This brave men and women sacrificed their life for the honor of this country. The disrespect of showing their lifeless body is shameful. That deceased soldier is somebody’s son, daughter, friend, nephew, niece, or grandchild."


Seeing photos like this is something that happens in life, and it's just something that for now and forever we will have to deal with. But showing it totally uncensored, on any platform, that any person no matter the age can access? In todays day in age kids as young as kindergarten age can maneuver around on an iPad or laptop with ease. No, it is not technically anyones responsibility but their parents to make sure their kids are on age appropriate sites and what they are doing and looking at is right for them. Morally if a kid if just surfing the internet and they see a picture like this on a social media page or news feed it could totally mess with their whole perception on life.

My goal is not to hinder or to go against our first amendment right, but aren't there some things that some age groups would benefit from not seeing at such young age. If I were to compare it to something it's like there are "R" rated movies and "G" rated movies and everything in-between. An eight year old kid should not be watching some of the things that are in that "R" rated movie. Violence is a big one that parents do not want their kids to see. These rules are made to protect visuals and language that are not appropriate for some age groups, so why would we publish such graphic photos and stories for anyone to see at any time?

One of the most important reasons of why we should censor images of is because some of these images shared have scenery and background that could give away important information as to where our military is stationed. Covert operations take place all the time and take time to plan and if an image is shared it can be seen by anyone in the world. That could compromise some of the plans out armed forces have planned and could even put those men and women in danger of an attack if an enemy gets ahold of that picture.


Wrapping it up

Am I taking it too far? Maybe, but all I am trying to say is that not all images are right for the public eye. Would you want your young child to see photos like these when you or someone else might not be there to explain or try to keep them from seeing such graphic images? Everything in this world is about context, and without it things can get misconstrued very easily. Don't censor every single image that has to do with war, rather censor those that are more graphic for the benefit of some people.

Do you think some times it is necessary to censor images?

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