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Is Deportation the Smartest Move?

Updated on July 27, 2017

Alternative Ways to Make America Great

Mr. President, can we go to the negotiation table and work out a deal on deportation?

I know you promised many people that you would deport all the undocumented people illegally living here in our country. But, wait one moment and listen to my argument. Let’s say you modify your argument just a tab bit; without a doubt, it will most definitely disappoint and create anger with many Americans, but I know that you can convince them. Right now, you are golden, and they will accept anything you say.

I know that it’s not legal to deport and or get rid of Americans, but I’m quite sure that you can negotiate a deal and figure something out being the savvy businessman that you are and now the most powerful man on the planet.

The Economic Impact

I’m not going to discuss the ethical issue of deporting millions of undocumented people and separating them from their families. You are a businessman and emotions have no place in business. But, as you very well know, Mr. President, you need to know your numbers to earn leverage at the negotiation table.

So, let’s look at the data for a bit, shall we?

First of all, a person doesn’t need to be a citizen to obtain a car loan, student loan or even a mortgage. All you need is proof of paying taxes and earning an income. So, we can assume that a lot of illegal aliens have amassed debt in the U.S. – one study shows that around 35% of undocumented people own homes.

What do you think it will happen when you deport them?

Of course, they’re not going to be able to pay their debts.

For example, if just one million of the 11 million estimated illegal immigrants have a mortgage of at least $50.00, then that would cost the economy more than $50 billion in unpaid debt. Add to that the cost of caring for the children and the elderly whom these immigrants left behind when you deport them. Not only that separating families increases the risk of poverty but also reduces future tax revenues and skyrockets future welfare expenditure.

To put it simply, Mr. President, a policy of mass deportation will reduce our country's GDP by $4.7 trillion over ten years.

To Make America Great Again, Reduce Concentrated Poverty

No one denies the fact that a lot of once-great American cities have now reached third-countries levels. Most people think that illegal aliens played a key role in the destruction of the American economy, and they are central to the unfair distribution of wealth because undocumented people hinder the access of poor Americans to the job market.

Let’s look at the numbers once again.

One thing is true: most illegal immigrants are paid less than the minimum wage. What’s not true, though, is that they’re stealing our jobs or hurting the economy. Quite on the contrary! According to the numbers, the annual cost for first-generation immigrants is $57 billion. That’s huge, I know! But, wait! It gets better. By the second generation, immigrants actually become a benefit to the GDP, adding more than $30 billion in taxes per year. By the third generation, the numbers grow to $223 billion a year in taxes.

So, the question you’re asking now, Mr. President, is: if mass deportation is such a bad deal, what can you do to help poor Americans?

For starters, you should reduce concentrated poverty. America is full of poor, racially segregated communities with little to no hopes for upward mobility. But, there’s a silver lining. Studies show that the prospects of poor people brighten if the children grow in economically diverse neighborhoods. So, instead of concentrating the impoverished in certain areas, develop programs that allow them to move to middle-class neighborhoods.

Help Workers Adapt to the Evolving Job Market

Invest in programs that allow people to change their career pathways when their skills become irrelevant. The job market is evolving rapidly, Mr. President, and you can’t keep certain industries stagnant just because you made a promise to your voters. That’s not how you make America great again. That’s how you’re sabotaging its chances of competing with the world’s emerging economies.

Help low-income young adults get new professional training and a chance to get back on track for the middle-class status regardless of their age or initial education.

Legalize All Undocumented Immigrants

I know – this stands against everything you’ve promised to your voters. But, hear me out. By legalizing all undocumented immigrants, you’re actually gaining control over those who live and work here.

Legalization will enhance our security since now we’ll know who lives here and what they do. It will be easier to find immigrants with criminal records or connection to terrorism and deport them. Moreover, you will bring in more taxes since now you have a way of tracking immigrants.

You can’t deny that this is a great deal. You improve the lives of poor Americans; you give immigrants a chance, and, most importantly, you become the hero our country so desperately needs.

© 2017 Elgin Carter


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