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Is It Beyond Time for Term Limits and Why Is the Lawmakers Allowed to Be Exempt From Their Own Laws?

Updated on August 2, 2017

Talking points to the questions

Term limits have not become an immediate issue that has recently come up but often has been debated to restrict the time in the office of the ones that write out laws. Often times critics laugh at term limits and make the claim that they are already term limits by voting in their upcoming election. This kind of mentality should never be accepted and never promoted as fact; moreover, one must keep in mind that we shortly after we won our independence from Britain and the war was over, most people wanted George Washington to become the first King in America.

George Washington was wise enough to understand that it was exactly what the new American's mentality was toward a tyrannical king an ocean away trying to run the lives of the followers and did not wish to continue the tradition. Instead, the Constitution was installed and later the Bill of rights, the presidents were allowed to keep becoming re-elected until 1947, the Twenty-Second Amendment then limited the President's terms to two, four years each if they get the second election finalized. Now, it is something to think that as short term as our country has been, it took until 1947 to actually limit the President's terms. Can you imagine if Presidents would never have been restricted and we had someone that acted like a dictator instead on an elected official?

This was the very concept our founding fathers were worried about and they the Constitution was established. The people were given the inalienable rights to protect themselves and elect their representatives without fear from corruption or threats from them. Now with that being said, let's fast forward into the modern day, here is a list of the longest office holders with some very questionable histories.

Something To Consider

Do you have any clue who these people are and/or what parties they belong to? Here is a sample for you to review. According to "By the Numbers" by Amy Roberts with CNN, the longest two at this point have Rep. Dingell and Senator Byrd.

You may recall Senator Byrd was mentioned by ex-President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton many times over their careers and Hillary Clinton said that Senator Byrd was one of her mentors, Senator Byrd was shown to be a known KKK member in his past with some questionable connections. One can speculate such things, but one must keep in mind how many people these people form friendships and business relationships with whether good or bad.

Further Exploration

If you think about not only the number of terms these Congress people have, should this be a concern? Why limit the President because he or she may become a dictator as so many proclaim over the years but we can't have that same mentality of the people that make the laws and pay the bills? Over the last decade, we the people have watched this country turn into what it is now, what some would call " hot mess," meaning, that these types of people have been in office for so long they become completely out of touch with the rest of the public.

Another great point to term limits is not allowing Congress to become wealthy and corrupted, if you take someone like Senator Sanders the last election candidate, he has a track record of not holding down a job until he ran and won for senate. His socialist mentality works well with many of the youths today, but he has hidden little facts about his family that leaves many of us scratching our heads. For example, allowing people to stay in Congress for decades allows them to have great influence and connections with people that will get them out of trouble, Senator Sander's wife, Jane Sanders is under investigation for fraud. She was the President of Burlington College, she used fraudulent banking information to scam taxpayers out of grant money for the college; consequently, during the Obama administration, she was never really investigating.

When you stay in office, you and your family thinks they are above the law.

Moving along, frequently, I would never use Wikipedia as a source, but this seems pretty accurate with their names and numbers that I can recall. If this doesn't alarm your spidey sense, then nothing will, please take a minute to read over the list and think about it for a minute. If you absolutely hate your boss at work and you can't wait for them to retire or quit, what would happen if that wasn't going to happen? How about that obnoxious co-worker or that bully at the office? The company continually pays them, gives them more and more money and regardless of how bad they are at their jobs or how many complaints...the owner never fires them. In fact, the owner defends that person because they have been there forever.

What's the difference in your attitude toward members of Congress? Just because they are "more educated" than you mean they are smarter or, just the opposite, they had money to get there, and you didn't or didn't have the right connections for the job or government position. That is not any "white privilege" crap, that is how the world works sometimes, and that is the problem with this; moreover, without term limits, people like John McCain, Nancy Pelosi, Shelia Jackson Lee, Senator Bryd and so on will never leave office.

Consider Shelia Jackson

Another example is Sheila Jackson Lee, a senator for Texas that has been in office since 1995, she is known for her racist claims almost daily along with most other Democrats in her party. I bring up that this person went to the University of Virginia Law and Yale University but cannot keep up with how old our Constitution is, she claimed our oldest legal document was 400 years old. The video has been placed so you may hear her own words; consequently, sometimes we all don't think about the words we say, but please keep in mind...These people actually have the "higher" education and are in office for years speaking so they shouldn't be given any free passes on getting something like this that wrong. Her type of slavery and racism comments are always fanning the flames of division, and her continued presence should alarm everyone not just the people in Texas.

Sheila Jackson Lee's actual words

Did you know that Congress gets a large salary forever after they leave?

Why does that matter? It matters because they shouldn't get a free pass on everything just because of who they are or how much some people may like them. If you open up the link from Wikipedia and see the list of both sides, you will soon understand why these people should be limited to a 2 or 3 terms and then kicked out. One must keep in mind that one of the larger problems with Congress is that regardless of how long they stay in or if they only stay in one day, they are allowed to draw their lifelong pension and benefits.

Tell me exactly how this ridiculous concept of giving someone benefits for working one single day or even one term is fair to everyone else? One great example of this is Kay Hagan of NC; consequently, these people get 10 % of their salary's which at the current salary is $174,000 which equates to $17,400 a year. Now, if you take into consideration the money wasted for pensions of the wealthy senators and Congress personnel, you could hire another person to work for the state. Considering the state pays the person 9.00 an hour it would be $17,280 dollars, wouldn't that be a lot better and cut out subsidizing their income when they make more than 10 people combined at the 9.00 an hour.

Talk about a wasteful system we have to give money like this away that should be used for better purposes, how many people realize just how many millionaires we have in our Congress? Want to guess before you look up the answer...? The answer is almost 300 of the 500 + members of both the house and senate, funny how we don't ever hear talk about their massive wealth, but they always speak of how the right this or that side is so evil and working against them right? It's disgusting to think about, we have allowed them these people to give themselves a pay raise, increase their pensions, be entirely exempt from laws such as the Obamacare debate where every federal worker and their aids will not be forced to get insurance or face penalties/fines for not having it.

Isn't that just wonderful? Makeup laws and never have to be held accountable for their actions? Keep getting re-elected even though they have ties to terrorists like John McCain has, Hillary Clinton's staff and friends, the most recent IT Muslim worker that was just arrested trying to leave the country and so on. These people are dangerous if left unchecked and if they aren't millionaires before they get into office, then they become them over time. Why doesn't the IRS disclose their earnings and why doesn't the media actually expose their illegal actions of insider trading that makes them all so wealthy while they spew words about how bad wall street is? I'm beyond disgusted at both sides getting bribes and pensions off the backs of the rest of us for doing nothing but talking to the others and usually screw it up a lot worse than it should have been, to begin with. It is time for term limits now and forever.

Think critically about this.

Why does a member of Congress need to stay in a job their entire lives?

Why do they need to receive 10 percent of their salaries and they are not going to war or be involved in a war like the military?

Why must Congress be allowed to be exempt from laws to which you must obey?

Please vote

Why should Congress continually be allowed to serve while the President is restricted to two terms?

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