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Is it really so?

Updated on April 27, 2016

What is the soul of a man?

Let me ask a question? Don't answer if you can't. But what are the rights of a man? (I was listening to: What is the soul of a man by Steven Stern) I don't think women shouldn't have rights but I dislike feminism as a blatant front. We are too twisted... why do you think men cry out for emotion in song and so do women? Has it occurred to anyone that perhaps we have a major social issue called oppression? But hey lets ignore, because we do that so damn well. Playing broken telephone, creating broken reasons and excuses, when really the sexes are just opposite illusions. Have a real sense of love, drop the shit and actually be your damn self without the infusion, TALK when you should! Coming from the guts of a women with a mind to say it true. Yes, moments that move us are necessary, I am not saying that the past didn't do justice, I am saying let us not lead into a future that places us backwards nor pains us. We have a habit called living in the present. I was taught that, that was the best thing to do. The more I study people the more I am consumed that the present isn't something that should be indulged in excess. It is the very concept that makes us wild, makes us feel invincible and makes us do the unthinkable.


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