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Is it right to ban National Action

Updated on December 13, 2016
Nazi leader Adolf Hitler
Nazi leader Adolf Hitler | Source
North West Infidels poster for Brexit
North West Infidels poster for Brexit | Source
Britain First's Jayda Fransen
Britain First's Jayda Fransen | Source
Murdered MP for Yorkshire Jo Cox
Murdered MP for Yorkshire Jo Cox | Source

The so called far right group National Action could find itself banned if the government gets its way as the measure to ban the group has been set before parliament the ban is expected to be approved.

It is the first time any British government has banned any extreme political group possibly since the year 2000. It would appear in the light of MP Jo Cox's murder the government is coming down hard on so called far right groups like National Action and similar groups like the North West Infidels and Britain First.

According to a government source National Action being banned or about to be banned is something they brought upon themselves praising the killer of Jo Cox Thomas Mair. Mair was found to be a Nazi sympathiser and hated everything Jo Cox stood for as she was pro - immigrant and supported the UK's membership of the EU.

Other groups like Nation Action also praised the killing of Jo Cox saying at least now Yorkshire will be not be filled with more immigrant sub - humans. Also saying just 600 some odd more MP's to be got rid of and all these groups are anti - immigrant and anti - EU reflecting a right wing pattern seen all over Europe now many inspired by Adolf Hitler.

Groups like National Action encourage so called lone wolf attacks like Thomas Mair in the UK and abroad like Anders Breivik. The new right in Europe and all over the world are not going to vanish over night this is a real movement of people who are genuinely Fascist and others who are not necessarily racist but feel their governments don't care about them with immigration, political correctness and austerity being foisted upon them.

I can see why the government wants to ban National Action and groups who are similar, however, banning can backfire making the group more popular and gaining more support so the government should be careful.

On the Islamic extremist side people like Anjum Choudary have been put in prison for the support of groups like AQ and IS but no one ever bans extreme left wing groups or parties it seems where many now are espousing anti - Jewish propaganda as the Labour party under lefty Jeremy Corbyn has been accused of.

We live it seems in an extreme world where views not seen since the 1930's are surfacing again both right and left and also extreme religious views too that all make for a dangerous cocktail indeed.

Former Britain First leader Paul Golding
Former Britain First leader Paul Golding | Source

Britain First Facts

1) Founded by ex BNP (British National Party) members in 2011 and led for a while by anti - abortionist Jim Dowson

2) Party then led by ex - BNP Councillor Paul Golding now led by Jayda Fransen

3) The party is a British nationalist party against immigration, multiculturalism, extreme Islam and the EU

4) The party has links to Northern Irish Loyalist groups

5) Launches Christian patrols in Muslim areas in response to Muslim patrols who want to impose Sharia law on non - Muslim communities

7) Has contested elections including the 2015 general election, Euro elections and the Mayor of London election which ironically enough a Muslim Sadiq Khan won


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