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Is the Democratic Party a Ship of Fools?

Updated on October 5, 2019

Backfire and Boomerang?

From many independent voter perspectives, even those who tend to vote liberal or Democratic, the state of the 2020 election is yet another election with unappealing candidates.

With 60% of Americans not liking Trump for a variety of reasons, personal and policy, is real, but Warren's far left policies are just too much for many. In fact, they are a turn-off. When looking at Biden, it is just luke warm approval. As VP, he was just mediocre (but then most VPs are). Biden's actions in the Ukraine back in 2014-2016, while did look ethically bad, unless a smoking gun arrives, it looks like he just was applying pressure at direction of Obama. The threat was for the benefit of the USA, there was no personal gain for Biden, to remove the corrupt Ukraine prosecutor. So, for many, Biden gets a pass for doing no wrong. Sanders, who just had a heart attack, should just retire and leave the race. He is toast for this and other reasons (too bad, it was not Trump having a heart attack, but who knows?) and his voters should be released in doing so. While Warren is leading as Biden support remains lukewarm, Warren is just too progressive and radical for most Americans undecided. To them, she is like the Clinton in 2016. They would rather vote for Trump or not at all, than vote for her.

The threat of the Clinton nuclear bomb continues to bubble. God forbid, should she decide to get into the 2020 race! This would send tsunamis across the political landscape much to Trump's advantage. But, I think she would have zero chance but what if Warren selects her as VP? This, for many, would be a dream ticket and all woman.


His future is not much better despite the bravado and fact news that spills out of his lying mouth. The impeachment is being challenged every step of the way. There is now a second whistleblower to Ukraine, which was POTUS strong arming Ukraine for a personal favor to investigate Biden. He then announced to the world that he wanted China to investigate Biden knowing that China wants the reduce the US trade taxes. Without saying it, he implied and used the same leverage as with Ukraine, that, if you look into Biden, Trump will come to better terms for the Chinese trade face-off.

The problem with all of this "this for that" dealing is that while it helps Trump in a personal way (political dirt on an opponent) it also does help the USA. But, it is an abuse of power and to enlist a foreign country looking into a US citizen for personal political gain, is ethically wrong for sure and can be dangerous.

The impeachment and the election is for the Democrats to lose. Up to now, they have been afraid to act aggressively and no arrests for ignoring subpoenas. They are giving too much time for Trump to formulate a plan against them. They just appear to be afraid to smack Trump and know it will just dead end when it reaches the Senate. If Trump is acquitted, he wins. He appears vindicated and this could mean another four years in 2020.

The 2020 election will be a nail biter.


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