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Is the Race for the GOP nomination over?

Updated on January 29, 2012

The race for the GOP nomination has seen some twists and turns as a result of the primaries and caucuses held thus far. The coverage by the media in the beginning had some faults in terms of who they felt was the front runner for the GOP nomination. The results of the first three elections showing three different candidates winning point to this fault. The reversal of the winner in Iowa put a damper on the run for the nomination by Mitt Romney. The fact that there have been three separate winners in the voting thus far has shown at this point there is no real clear leader in this battle. The coverage by the media can sometimes be flawed and this is the case in this election year. It is unknown at this point who will be the winner of the Florida Primary as things can change drastically in a few days. The amount of delegates involved in the first three elections and the number involved in the Florida Primary total only about 5% of the delegates to be awarded. This conclusion of the previous statement points to the fact there is a long way to go before a nominee is determined. This being the case it is confusing when the coverage makes it appear that the winner in Florida may establish a front runner status. The amount of delegates yet to be awarded in the remainder of the states after Florida is an open door for any of the candidates to succeed in being the nominee for the GOP.

The winner of the battle for the nomination must earn a total of 1,144 delegates and no candidate has established back to back wins thus far in the campaign. Voters must remember one thing they must vote for the candidate who they feel is the best one based on his demeanor and how he has presented himself to the voters. Each candidate has had some great moments during the debates but which one has resonated with the voters in multiple states is yet to be decided. While there is a high degree of importance on Newt and Mitt they are not the only candidates running for the nomination.

The big point which should be examined is who has focused on the issues and their approach to resolve them. Also important is who has conducted a campaign focusing on what a candidate has done in the past in relation to the issues important to voters. Granted character is important in this time of economic difficulty. In addition voters must determine before they cast their ballot which candidate has been consistent and does their approach appear to be the right course. Between now and super Tuesday March 6, 2012 there are multiple elections to be held and consistent wins or losses can have an impact on any of the candidates. One thing which should be ignored is the amount of money a candidate is spending as this should have nothing to do with his qualifications and resolve to battle President Obama.

Many issues have been brought up in the debates regarding actions and positions on specific issues. These issues make the candidates stronger as it is great to get them out in the open before debates are held with President Obama. Having made the preceding statement what needs to happen in future debates is a focus on the issues and each candidate deserves equal time in presenting their case to the voters and the public.

The decisions we as voters will make can be or will be critical to the path our country will take after the election. There are a total of ten (10) states holding primaries or caucuses on Super Tuesday March 6, 2012. The amount of delegates involved will have a great impact on the race for the GOP nomination in helping to determine if one or multiple candidates have supporters in various parts of the country. This will be important as a candidate who cannot show support across the country will be placed in a difficult situation. Many issues were presented in the State of the Union speech by President Obama and the response to it by the Governor of Indiana. The key for the eventual GOP nominee and the platform to be established must show a distinction between the GOP approach to the problems and President Obama.


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