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Is the U.S. Government printing too much money?

Updated on November 16, 2012

Why Gold investors always complain the government is printing too much money

It's no coincidence that people who have most of their investments in gold, keep complaining that the U.S. Government is printing too much money.

They claim the dollar will lose its value more and more and that you need to invest in gold because gold will retain its value or shoot up to $30k per ounce when the U.S. dollar totally crashes.

Are they trying to protect the value of the U.S. dollar or the value of their gold investments?

It seems foolish to me for people to pay $1,800 per ounce for something that for years only had a value of about $300 per ounce. Its higher value is only justified by the hype they keep circulating that the dollar will become worthless soon.

If the dollar's value drops to nothing then it won't matter if gold is priced at $30k per ounce in U.S. dollars because it's the same as nothing per ounce.

Gold has an intrinsic value in aethetics-jewelry, of a subjective leve, whatever a person feels it is worth paying for, and in certain scientific or engineering fields such as medical and electronics. That value and need for gold won't change. It will just be a matter of what the buyers and sellers of the gold will be willing to exchange for it, if the U.S. dollar were to become valueless.

The way the Gold investors make money is like all other investors that know what they are doing. Buy low, sell high. They wait until the price is relatively low, buy a bunch and then run a media campaign saying how the dollar and economy are about to crash so you better buy as much friggin gold as you can. The price soars and guess who sold it at that price to the suckers? The guy that bought it low and keeps telling people to invest and hold in gold and that the end of the economic world is at hand.

The fact of the matter is... the reason so many people are in debt and there aren't enough jobs is because there isn't enough money circulating. If there was enough money circulating, people would have no debt, other than a mortgage, perhaps, and they would have cars that are paid off and large savings accounts.

The main problems and causes of the economic mess

There are a couple of main problems causing the economic mess.

  1. The U.S. Government does not control and print our money. The Federal Reserve, a private company run by Directors of the largest, most powerful banks in the world, do. Banks do not produce products or provide labor intensive services like other companies. They make money by lending it and charging interest. If there was enough money in circulation, people wouldn't need to borrow from the banks and the banks would be out of business. So, it's a conflict of interest to have an agency in charge of the U.S. Currency, that is run by people who profit from there being a scarcity of money.
  2. Money is a tool of exchange. It would not necessarily be true that to print more money now, or to make more money available now, our children and grandchildren will be in debt for decades. If the U.S Government owned and controlled the U.S. currency they could print all they want without owing any bank a damn thing and hence the citizens or taxpayers would not owe a damn thing. The value of the money would be what people agree it is worth... what you can exchange for it. If a person works a certain level of job so many hours they should get so much money that can be exchanged for so much "stuff".
  3. What's dragging the economy? Well, you've got people putting all their money in gold and the gold just sits there and doesn't do anything, so billions or trillions of dollars get tied up in bars of gold just sitting in vaults.
  4. Lazy people. People that think they are too good to have to work or that work is beneath them and that others should provide them a living. Everyone should earn their keep. There's a simple solution for people that seem lazy but really want to work but have a tough time of it. L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology created many tools to help people become more productive and able in life. Some tools are: The Problems of Work book and DVD, Study Technology (reveals the barriers to study and their solutions), The Way To Happiness book and DVD.
  5. Too much fraud in Disability. More and more people are making their career Disability. It provides them an early retirement at the hard working tax payer's expense. It's too easy find doctors that will sign off a person as disabled for insignificant or pretended problems whether physical or mental. The doctors benefit by getting a steady income from having the person see them on a regular basis to treat the disability. People teach each other how they need to act and what they need to say to get a doctor to sign them off as disabled so they can get housing, medical care and other benefits that continue forever instead of having to deal with the stress of getting trained to get a good job and to get up each morning and put in a good 8 or more hours like the rest of the citizens to carry their own weight and support themselves. I'm not saying there aren't people with real disabilities but I choose to continue to work even though I suffer pains and physical difficulties each week and I know a lot of other people that do also. We don't want to be freeloaders. If a worker gets stressed because a co-worker is tormenting and verbally harassing them, you don't tell the stressed worker to see a shrink, get labeled with a mental disability and get "meds" to cope, that have horrible side effects and will make them dopey, irresponsible and stupid and unable to work more than 12 hours a week at a menial job. You fire or suspend the asshole that is making a career out of tormenting and harassing your valuable employees.There are people with real, serious disabilities that still work. Granted some disabilities may prevent people from working but I know wheelchair bound and blind people that hold full time jobs. A person shouldn't be allowed to go on disability at the age of 23 just because they get upset by their nasty parents or boss or because they get a couple of aches and pains in their knee or back, IMHO.
  6. Psychiatrists pose as the experts of mental health and yet they are really the enemies and terrorists of mental health. Their treaments cure no one and their diagnosis of people are lies designed to fool more and more average people into taking their dangerous drugs which actually cause permanent mental and physical disabilities. Psychiatrists diagnose millions of people with mental disorders, even though there is no medical test for them. Millions of people take expensive psychotropic drugs for mental disabilities and illnesses that are a fabrication, fantasy and delusion of the Psychiatric Profession, costing taxpayers billions of dollars and creating a non-productive, lazy, stupid, insane society. (see


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