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Is the US Creating It's own Terrorists?

Updated on June 16, 2011

Since the school shootings took place at Columbine High School it seems that the number of suicide by murder cases are on the rise. Has a new brand of terrorism been born in this country? To try and answer that question we need to look at what creates a terrorist in the first place.

The sole purpose of a suicide bomber is to commit "suicide by murder, or what is being called Murdercide. University of Haifa political scientist Ami Pedahzur writes in Suicide Terrorism (Polity Press, 2005), that the celebration and commemoration of suicide bombings, that began in the 1980's changed a culture into one that idolizes martyrdom and its hero. Today murderciders appear on posters like rock stars or athletes.

It has also been found that "Suicide by Murder" terrorism is mainly being perpetrated by individuals from countries who are economically well off, yet lacking in civil liberties like Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Poor countries that protect civil liberties are unlikely to spawn terrorists, says Princeton University economist Alan B. Krueger.

Was there a cultural shift in this country after the Columbine shootings; one in which "Suicide by Murder" has become idolized? Or do the Murderciders believe they have no civil liberties, and this is their way of striking back at society? Are we inadvertently creating our own terrorists? Interesting questions, that don't appear to have clear cut answers or solutions.

One method suggested to stop Murdercide by terrorists is to attack those that influence individuals to commit such acts, such as Al Qaeda. Who would be influencing individuals to commit murder suicide in this country? Could it be the media, or maybe the Internet? And if we're losings our civil liberties, how do we go about getting them back?

What ever the reasons provoking these murderous acts, we need to be on the fast track in figuring out how to stop them. Otherwise, we won't need to worry about the foreign terrorists coming to this country and killing us, we'll be doing it ourselves.


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    • Ivan the Terrible profile image

      Ivan the Terrible 

      8 years ago from Madrid

      I can see almost any religion where zealots have sway becoming a host & sponsor for these murderers. But I can olso see other organizations taking advantage of the morally and/or spiritually weak, calling them to suicide under false pretenses.

      Japanese pilots in World war II were duped into suicide, and the idea goes back much farther than that.

    • DarrellJPotts profile image


      10 years ago from Columbus, Ohio

      Good job, I really like seeing people confront the truth no matter what the cost. I believe that although these things are more common in America that it's not only an American problem but rather a lack the education of stress management due to the exaltation of greed. Greed tramples upon all known truths for the sake of profit not the truth. Nice hub ;)


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