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Is the West Losing the War Against ISIL and Al-Qaeda?

Updated on January 18, 2015
ISIL wants to expand
ISIL wants to expand

Since 2001, when Saudi terrorists flew planes into the towers over New York City, the war with extreme Islamist Muslims began. America invaded Iraq on false pretexts, but still on a just mission to removed Saddam Hussein. Once that occurred, the war simply changed form. We invaded Afghanistan chasing the elusive Taliban likes ghosts among mountains. While we killed lots of them, many more crossed into Pakistan, their safe haven. Every time we left an area to Afghan or Iraqi troops we trained, the terrorists won. The Syrian war continues to be a sort of off limits zone. The US has avoided getting involved yet the terrorists are very involved. ISIL has its own safe haven in Syria, to a good degree. And then there is Turkey, who, despite being a NATO member, has its own agenda and seeks to be a leading player and very uncooperative. The refuse to seal the border crossings all along the Syrian\Iraqi border citing lame excuses. Traveling from Turkey into Syria by suspected terrorists are not stopped allowing ISIL to recruit 500-1000 monthly from Europe and elsewhere. Yet, trying to enter Turkey is far more difficult. Of course, the long border is porous and cannot be patrolled.

So, after three months of bombing targets mostly in Iraq, a current report shows that ISIL has actually seized MORE territory, not less, in Iraq. In Syria, ISIL is somewhat immunized. In Iraq, the airstrikes have put them on the defensive and they now need to act more like terrorists instead of an army, but without troops on the ground, ISIL expands. Airstrikes were never meant to attack them in Syria but to rid them of their occupation in Iraq. Training the 1000 or so Syrian rebels is dubious at best even if these are vetted properly, which we know will be impossible. The US may simply be training more wannabe terrorists for Syria or Iraq. Let's not forget that many former rebels who fought ISIL or al-Nusra, are now fighting with them. The Free Syrian Army is just a collection of patriotic, to some extent, men who oppose Assad. Once he falls, who knows what will occur. Of the airstrikes in Syria, 75% are directed in the Kobani area held by the Kurds for over three months now. Turkish armed forces refuse to cross into Syria unless NATO provides an air protected zone. This small action would easily rip ISIL to threads in Northern Syria, yet nothing happens. ISIL in Syria continues to gain in the west and around Damascus.

Meanwhile, Europe erupts with ISIL or al-Qaeda small cell terrorist attacks in Paris and even in Istanbul, Turkey. European police make numerous terrorist cell arrests in Belgium, Germany, and France. And still, the Turkish border remains open for all those wanting to travel to Turkey and enter Syria or Iraq to join ISIL.

Meanwhile, Iran continues to use covert activities to obtain a nuclear weapon and the West's negotiators continue to extend the deadline for a deal to prevent this. Now it is July, a full year delay. During this time, Iran's centrifuges are spinning to get the nuclear grade material needed. When Iran's position becomes so resolute in not cooperating, you know they either have it or are very close, and when they do, they will just walk away.

Meanwhile, US troops are being sent to Iraq to, once again, retrain the army again so they do not run when ISIL approaches. To train others in fighting these terrorists. The situation has become such a mess, we all want to just walk away, yet, we can't. We have to stand. The war with Islam requires the determination another generation had fighting Hitler in WW2. ISIL and al-Qaeda are today's world menace and growing.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 3 years ago

      Sadly, I think you are right!

    • Swisstoons profile image

      Thomas F. Wuthrich 3 years ago from Michigan

      As long as Obama is in the White House, we will be losing the war against the Islamofascists. With two years left to his regime, I'm not optimistic. Events seem to move at everincreasing speed (thanks in large part to the internet) and we (and the world) can't afford having someone at the top who can't make decisions, or who believes he can dawdle over each one for six months. How long before tech-saavy ISIS acquires the knowhow to crash our power grid or cause nuclear plants to melt down? How long before cashstrapped North Korea offers ISIS, the richest terrorist organization the world's ever known, every WMD in its arsenal which they can then walk across our wide-open (thanks to Obama) southern border? There's no indication that the West will do what's necessary to stop the Islamofascist tidal wave which is advancing both militarily and ideologically as the world retreats, or at best, dithers. There are no Charles Martels on the horizon; none that I can see.