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The Comedian and the Prime Minister!

Updated on October 5, 2017

Comedy of Errors

Comedian Simon Brodkin aka Lee Nelson
Comedian Simon Brodkin aka Lee Nelson | Source
Prime Minister Theresa May
Prime Minister Theresa May | Source

Disaster following disaster

Poor old Theresa May as she stepped to the podium yesterday at the Manchester Conservative Party Conference cut a lonely figure. As she looked out at the mass of people and her cabinet sat before her she must have felt confident that the issues she was going to mention would be getting herself as Prime Minister and her party back on track. Her speech contained important issues like more council houses being built and cracking down on energy companies ripping the public off. But there seemed to be tension in the air as if something was wrong and sure enough, it proved.

As she broke into her speech and apologised to the crowd for not getting an overall majority at this year's general election and admitted the Presidential style of how she had conducted the election was wrong comedian Simon Brodkin stood up. What Theresa May made of it all is hard to say but she seemed to sense it was a prank because she seemed to smirk and kept speaking to her audience. Brodkin offered up a piece of paper which was a P45 (a document in the UK your employers give you if you are sacked or have to leave employment for some reason) which she duly accepted and put down on the floor and continued professionally carrying on with her speech. Brodkin looked over at Boris Johnson and yelled he had delivered the fake P45 to May and seemed to intimate that Boris was involved in this prank.

Brodkin then came over to Boris Johnson, Amber Rudd and other horrified cabinet ministers to speak with them. He was quickly ushered out of the building forthwith by security but kept implicating Boris as he was led away from the hall. He was subsequently arrested and later released and Tweeted jokingly that Boris should be happy. Brodkin is known for upstaging people in the limelight like when he upstaged then FIFA boss Sepp Blatter and later on businessman Philip Green.

When there are issues that concern ordinary people you have to admire Brodkin's bravery and how he gets past security to get to these so-called celebs to deliver his stunts is anyone's guess. He upstaged President Trump before he was President in Scotland when Trump was playing a round of golf and then he was led away by concerned security men.

One has to ask are all these stunts inside jobs either Brodkin gets his people in there or someone sympathetic to Brodkin say inside the Tory party conference must have allowed him a pass and his identity to look like a Tory party activist. Either way, I say "Well done Simon Brodkin keep it up" you are doing something and saying something to these arrogant politicians and businessmen that the rest of us wish we could say and do.

After Brookins stunt, if Theresa May thought she was out of the water she was in for a shock as she continued to speak about Tory party policy she started having a coughing fit. This lasted mostly through her full hour speech and she had to keep stopping and starting drinking a glass of water every now and then. Chancellor Philip Hammond at one stage stepped up and gave a Strepsil (a cough sweet) to the beleaguered Prime Minister. Then as the speech drew to a close one of the letters from the Conservative mantra behind her fell off the wall. It was the letter f from the mantra "A country that works for everyone" and as May it seemed by a miracle completed her speech her husband who could pass for vintage comedian Arthur Askey stepped forward and she fell into his arms as he guided her off the stage. Some felt sorry for May and who wouldn't because May up there with everything that could go wrong happening around her suddenly looked a very weak and isolated figure and the faces of the cabinet even Boris looked horrified as if they had gazed into hell itself.

Of course, after the debacle, many Tories including cabinet ministers all praised the bravery and professionalism of May as they saw it and they may be right. I'm no Theresa May fan but I suppose it takes guts to struggle through all what May had to put up with yesterday. One Tory activist speaking to the BBC of Asian appearance said "Its time for May to go" and for all the rallying around May after the disasters that beset her yesterday, there must be many Tories scenting blood. Indeed on Newsnight last night on BBC 2 there were rumours that the influential 1922 Committee a backbench group of Tories were considering May's future if they could get enough support to back an ousting of May.

Could the disaster of what happened to May yesterday act in her favour? Of course, it was natural her supporters would rally round the already wounded (metaphorically speaking) leader but could the public feel sorry for her and see she is human after all and put her support back on track? Stranger things have happened and we will have to see how what happened to May yesterday plays out in support for her or lack of from her party and the general public.

One thing seems clear right now it seems many in the cabinet like Boris Johnson, Amber Rudd or on the backbenches people like Jacob Rees-Mogg seem reluctant to move against her. It looks like by default Theresa May could be the Prime Minister to see us through Brexit.

Simon Brodkin: Some trivia.

Before becoming a stand-up comedian in 2004 he attended University College School in Hampstead. Later on, he studied medicine at Manchester University and later still became a qualified doctor in 2001.

Brodkin was born in Camden, London, England and in his career has worked with other comedians such as Al Murray famous for his Pub Landlord character. He has also appeared on 'Live at the Apollo' a show that introduces new comedians and featuring established comedians at this venue.

His most well-known character is Lee Nelson a track-suited Chav and his alter ego Lee Nelson went on to have his own show. He is also known for upstaging controversial people in the spotlight.

As mentioned he upstaged Trump when he was playing a round of golf in Scotland by throwing golf bars at him marked with swastikas. He also ran on stage dressed as Lee Nelson to embarrass Simon Cowell and also he appeared on stage with alleged fraudulent FIFA boss Sepp Blatter throwing Euros at him. Known also for putting a sign across Philip Greens yacht with the banner 'BHS Destroyer' referring to the store that closed down resulting in the loss of many people losing their jobs and the pension crisis.

Lee Nelson aka Simon Brodkin with his latest stunt on Theresa May will remain a colourful character and will remain hopefully the spokesman for many ordinary people aggrieved by these arrogant and thoughtless people of power.


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