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Confidence on trial

Updated on September 28, 2011

Is your confidence on trial?

Humans have often been enthralled by the magnificence of the Lion and the Eagle and have given to them their well deserved accolades. These creatures abound with such domineering confidence that man has used the images of these creatures on every thing they possessed, from; belt buckles, watches, earrings and even images to portray the confidence and integrity of their businesses.

They know what the public demands and therefore use these images as a display of confidence, trust, and reliability of their services.

But what about other areas in your life where confidence is warranted.

  • Is your confidence in Politics been challenged?
  • Do you have confidence in your favorite football team?
  • Have someone made a decision that your confidence is not right for the job?
  • Why does it appear as if those people with confidence merely need an opportunity to get the job done?
  • Is your confidence supplying the noose for your neck?
  • Is your over-confidence in your own ability causing you to become intolerable?

For those who have read the Bible permit me to jar your memory with the name Jacob, the son of Isaac who was one of two brothers, the other being Esau. Hebrew children were given names that identified with their personality.

That’s one reason someone will change his name because he begins to realize that the name he or she was given, did them no justice.

The name may have worked for a while but now they know better than to carry that albatross around.

So it is exchanged for a new name, a better name, a name that carries distinction and purposeful advancement.

And so Jacob was given a name that meant a “con man”, which we generally term a “confidence man”. His name was interpreted “spoiler”.

Someone who is over-confident instead of God-confident is stealing or spoiling his own soul to benefit his present.

It’s amazing, how easy it is to step over or ignores our limitations causing us to indirectly harm those that have been given for our support.

Being over confident in self is to make a loan on divinity that you cannot repay.

Jacob, along with his mother, tricked his father Isaac out of the blessing of the birthright. But what Isaac was unaware of was that Esau had before that time, had been conned out of his birthright for a “pot of stew”.

Jacob ran to his uncle Laban to escape his brother’s wrath only to find that Laban was also a “con man” who caused Jacob to live a life of misery in his house.

That is called, “your sin finding you out”.

The world is looking for “confidence men” to unfold their deceptive practices for financial gain. A confidence man is one who swindles by a confidence game.

Life to one that relishes in self-confidence is merely a game; there is no eternal foundation just a temporary game of life.

Could this be why the gambling industry has taken such leaps of success to the detriment of the poor slobs who are deceived in there search to finding quick wealth?

But those who have their confidence in a divine foundation, whose confidence is in God, the creator heaven and earth, is of all men, more sure because they know by whom they are kept, whose foundation is established, unmovable and abounds with all power.

To be cont’d


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