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Is The Donald Right About Excluding Muslims?

Updated on December 18, 2015

OK Guys Which of you belong to ISIS ?

The Goal of Islam is to Convert all to the Religion By Any Means,

Is the Donald Right? I hate to admit it but is there a grain of truth in Trump’s latest rantings and blusters about keeping Muslims out of the country. What we must remember is that the rest of Trump’s explosive statement concludes with “until the government figures out what’s going on with these people.” The fact is: We don’t know.

A large number of Americans don’t trust Muslims even as some Islamics are finally beginning to speak out against terror. What took them so long? Their no comment approach about the behaviour of their fellow Muslims leaves a gaping hole in their ability to explain their past behavior. Where was the outrage? I n the dark deep recesses of their Islamic souls, we are infidels - devils who they have sworn to eliminate by any means necessary. There is one true religion and one god - Allah … all others are false.

The refugees fleeing their native countries may not be radicalized at the point they leave, but the possibility exists that they soon will be. Here’s why.

Once they arrive somewhere in this country, they may not find the US to be the land of milk and honey they envision. Instead, they find their opportunities limited to low paying menial jobs. They are constantly bombarded by our worldly materialistic commercials and soon realize they can barely afford to eat, let alone buy a new 35 k car or a 3d 60" flat screen TV. They refuse to assimilate and soon their children feel left out and denied the American dream. they are ripe for the recruiters of ISIS.

At this point, ISIS offers an attractive alternative. They can go out and take revenge by killing infidels who are denying them the material things they have come to expect. They retreat into their own more familiar radicalized Muslim roots then take out their frustrations on American infidels by strapping suicide belts to their bodies that when exploded in a crowd of innocent victims begins their journey back to the stone ages of Mohammed’s lifetime.

What awaits them are bevies of Muslim virgins recruited by ISIS from all corners of the earth, neatly packaged in black costumes resembling giant garbage bags, along with the promise of paradise. Here they can roll about with other repressed fanatics taking pleasure in the holy orgy of Mohamedanism.

That’s the story of the radical homegrown terrorists. What is so difficult to understand about this ongoing menace? My only question is: where will they find sufficient virgins?

In the meantime, before we open our borders to anyone, it’s probably a great idea to find out what those people up to?


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    • Kramar profile image

      Snarky Babbler 2 years ago from USA

      I don't believe that's true any longer, but a fanatic is a fanatic no matter what his religion.. Maybe Trump has plans for over zealous christians too. Stay tuned - you never know what will come out of his big mouth. If you dig deeper into the teachings of Islam, conversion by any means or death to infidels is a stated objective of the religion.

      If it were not for religion, the wworld might be at peace.

    • jonnycomelately profile image

      Alan 2 years ago from Tasmania

      To re-phrase that opening sentence:

      "The Goal of some Christians is to Convert all to the Religion By Any Means"

      Is that not true?