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Isis the terrorist group and what you need to know

Updated on September 3, 2014
Isis Terrorist groups in the streets.
Isis Terrorist groups in the streets. | Source

Who and what is Isis?

First off Isis is an acronym for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. They are a terroristic group that has been seizing and taking over cities in Iraq and are heading towards Baghdad. They have already carried out many mass killings in Iraq and are a very real threat.

Isis started off back in 2013 out of the garage of a collage drop out known as Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. This terroristic group took off in just a short time it became a large group of well armed and well funded militant operation. It is now on social media sites online and other areas of the world recruiting new members all over. Isis has even been known to accept and take in other extreme terroristic groups such as Salafiah al-Mujahidah.


What does Isis want?

The group Isis wants to restore caliphate. What is Caliphate you may ask?

"An Islamic state under the rule of a community of religious scholars guided by a supreme leader, the caliph or khalifah, which is generally taken to mean the successor to the Prophet Muhammad." - MSN top news stories

However, the type of caliphate Isis wants isn't the same as what history tells us historical Islamic rulers where. Historically Abbasid Caliphate took on scientific achievements and is remembered as the Golden age of Islam. Isis wants a deviant and a pathological interpretation of Caliphate Islamic society.

Islam has more then 3 billion supporters who are appalled and horrified by the extreme measures Isis is going to.

Territory is another thing Isis is going for. Isis once called itself ISIL short for Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. This was a broader term for other territories not just Syria. They also where addressing the territories of Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, and Palestinian territories.There is already evidence of Isis moving into Lebanon and the people of Jordan are now getting very worried.

In June the group dropped the last part of its name simply calling itself IS for Islamic State due to their leader being declared the direct decedent of Muhammad and the rightful leader and caliphate. They dropped off the last part of their name to try to gain the support of all Muslim believers.

Money is another big thing Isis wants, but then again who doesn't want money in this world? Isis will find any way it can to make and gain money and with this attitude and aggression the group has already gotten hundreds of millions of dollars within the past 2 years. They have gotten money from all over including but not limited to, carjackings, protection rackets and even DONATIONS from people all over the world! Another popular way they get money is from ransoming kidnapped victims.

Like every group, Isis wants more followers. They need followers in order to get support and money. They are able to recruit followers in a few ways, one is if you don't support them and their beliefs, then you will die. There message is simply this:

'for the purpose of compelling the people to do what the Sharia (Allah's law) requires of them.' - MSN top news

Another way they are gaining followers, besides the most popular way mentioned above, is that they are promising money, cars and much more for people who join their cause. This gets peoples attention and desperate people from all over the world see this and it appeals to them. Isis has already recruited several dozen Americans with their recruitment tactics.

Lastly, Isis wants Revenge- especially against the USA. Why? Isis came about from the aftermath of the US going over to Iraq and their leader himself was a US captive and was imprisoned for several years.

After the bombings on Isis from the USA they have beheaded two American Journalists as a direct result of the bombings. They claim they where "acting as a direct result of your transgression towards us!" Isis has also vowed: "'WE WILL NOT STOP UNTIL WE QUENCH OUR THIRST FOR YOUR BLOOD.'"

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What are we doing about Isis?

Our president Barack Obama brought home our troops from Iraq more then two years ago only to have to deal with more problems coming from Iraq and Syria. First Obama sent in dozens of military advisors to help Iraqi and Kurdish forces push back and fight off the Isis threat in their land. When that didn't work out so well, on August 8th, Obama ordered limited air-strikes against Isis groups.

Despite Isis' threat to continue to kill American captives if he continues the air-strikes, the US has conducted 90+ air-strikes at Isis. Not only are we bombing Isis groups and areas, we are also aiding Iraq and Kurdish forces with weapons and other military aid to help fight back the Isis terrorist group. Obama has also reached out to our allies and friends across the world to band together against this terrible terroristic group. Next month Obama is going to hold a leaders meeting to discuss the best way to deal with this group.

Britain is also doing its part to help stop Isis, after more then 500 Britons left to join Isis, the British Prime Minister said he will take away passports and banished anyone who left to joint Isis from ever coming back to Britain. He also said he will prosecute anyone who joins or participates in these extreme acts of violence. The Prime Minister also mentioned they might send military trainers to Iraq to help Iraq and Kurdish forces.

France, Germany, and Italy are all sending weapons and military aid to Iraq and Kurdish forces to help fight off Isis.

Learn more about Isis

If you wish to know more about Isis, you can check out the following links to videos and other news articles. I encourage you to find out and learn as much as you possibly can about the terrorist group Isis. The more you know the more ready you will be if we start another War. Isis threatened to behead more and more captives the more we fight against them.

Links below are ones I find most useful but feel free to look into more then just these sites.

Please keep James Foley and Steven Sotloff's families in your thoughts.


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