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Islam's Problem

Updated on January 20, 2013

The root of the US' issues with Islam

Roy Blizzard III © 2012

The root of the US' issues with Islam is not in trying to respect the religion and appease its adherents, etc, etc , but in a failure to understand its tenets and history and then create a policy that stops Islam's inherent covert plans to convert by the sword. Until all Western people are educated enough to stop believing that it is possible to peacefully co-exist with Islam, more people will continue to die at Islam's hands. The US and all the non-Moslem world needs to adopt a very hard line stance against the creeping Islamitization by first making all Islamic followers swear allegiance to the US or face deportation and then prohibiting all Islamic Sharia and further immigration and getting out of every Moslem nation and withdrawing every bit of monetary support from every Moslem nation and thereby turning them over to themselves. Islam is not a very creative religion, but rather a destructive religion. The Moslem nations will remain forever a backward society in every way if the US just leaves them the hell alone. They have no choice but to do so due to the teachings of their own religion. Why do we want to tie ourselves to the sinking ship of Islam.

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    • profile image

      KUBO 5 years ago


      Communists have no fanatics since they are only materialists plus. Many are pretenders. Communists and Muslims are now married but after communists will not need them they will divorce. If one lives in Israel knows that all educated Arabs studied in Soviet schools of propagandists. They speak Russians. *** It remains me mixture of Nabuchodnozor's statue (dream) - iron and clay feet.

    • royblizzard profile image

      royblizzard 5 years ago from Austin / Leander, Texas

      JSChams, you are so right. My dad preached a sermon years ago call You only do what you believe. If the "moderate Moslems don't stop the evil behavior of their brothers, then they only believe that the evil is right.