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Israel Joins the U.S. Naval Defense Persian Gulf Force

Updated on August 12, 2019
An Israeli sub in the area
An Israeli sub in the area
US Carrier
US Carrier
Iranian warship
Iranian warship

A world not that interested

You might think that after the several Iranian acts of sabotage recently and oil tanker seizures, the countries most impacted by an Iranian closure of the Hormuz Straits where 80% of the world's oil passes through, would contribute to this American Gulf Defense force. Not so.

Operation Sentinel

This is a naval escort and surveillance operation led by the USN to provide tanker protection through the narrow Straits of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf, where there is no margin for error for entering Iranian coastal waters. The USA does not need the oil from the area, but much of the world does. So, why is Trump will to abandon Afghanistan and 15 years just to create a new costly military venture to protect the world's oil supply?

To date, few countries, other than Britain, is willing to provide their own naval ships to protect their own oil tankers traversing through the dangerous waters that can ignite in a flash. While Trump has asked other countries to join with their own navy, most just want the USN to do it, as we always have. Perhaps, Trump should send them a bill of sorts for this service? It could be nominal, just help to defray operational costs.

Neither Russia nor China was asked, even though, China does use substantial oil from the area, as does India. Both buy oil from Iran still. Countries like Germany, France, Italy, that need the oil from this area, are mum on the subject. One country that has joined with much controversy is Israel. They are using their nuclear armed submarines in the area to escort tankers. This has inflamed the Iranians who think that the Persian Gulf as theirs and Muslim only. Allowing Jewish military forces so close to Iran (in light of the rhetoric from Iran towards Israel) is akin to a silent declaration of war. Iran sees the addition of Israeli nuclear armed submarines so close to Iran as unbearable, especially in light of how Israel has made it clear that its aircraft can destroy Iran's nuclear ambitions. In addition, the Israelis attacked an Iranian missile facility in Iraq in July.

But, the USN has few options since few European countries have offered to provide their own naval units to escort their oil tankers. The Arab countries of Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Oman, all approve the Israeli submarines operating in the region. But, what happens if Russia sends its warships to escort their oil tankers or another countries tankers, including Iran?

The region is just waiting for a flash point that ignites a regional war.


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