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Israel Will and Can Stand Alone

Updated on October 1, 2013
Missile ranges from Hezbollah
Missile ranges from Hezbollah

Netanyahu must be totally pissed and frustrated with President Obama and his eagerness to try diplomacy. It has been well over a year since both the US and Israel kinda drew another red line in the sand, that was for Iran getting a nuclear bomb. Much like in the pre-WW2 days, there was a lot of rumors and rumblings about what Hitler might do, but nobody really believed that Germany would or could do what they did in 1940- conquer much of Europe.

So, this is the limbo the world is in now over Iran and what it might do if they get several nuclear bombs. It is hard to imagine Iran tossing a nuclear weapon anywhere but the most likely target would be Israel or Saudi Arabia, both adversaries to Iran in a politically correct way.

Israel can act alone. It does not need America. They have proven this over and over again during the Middle East wars and as recent as 2007, when Israel disclosed to US intelligence that Syria was building a nuclear reactor. Israel asked President Bush to attack the site and destroy it, Bush opted for the diplomacy route with a threat of force, much like Obama has done. Israel did not like this US position and felt a dire need for action. They did so and attacked and destroyed the site. Bush was not aware of it and had not been asked by Israel for permission. The attack halted Syria's nuclear ambitions.

Iran, according to the IAEA, has enriched 3000 tons of uranium since Israel decided last year to go with Obama's wishes. The agency also suspects that Iran has many more facilities to do this then they are disclosing. Obama will never attack Iran and Syria, a far less difficult proposition, proves it. For Israel, they need to decide what to do now. Neither them nor Saudi Arabia like what they see Obama trying to do because it is foolish to think Iran will not develop the bomb. They may give certain things up that they do not need so sanctions can be lifted, but the bomb?

Of course, an Israeli attack has been long suspected to come and most feel it will only delay the inevitable, maybe that is how Obama feels so negotiation is the only way to diminish the danger. But, that is no good either in the end.


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