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Israel strikes Syrian military airport

Updated on January 14, 2017
Bashar Assad of Syria
Bashar Assad of Syria | Source
Israel's Netanyahu
Israel's Netanyahu | Source

According to the Syrian state broadcaster a Syrian military airport has been hit by Israeli missiles not far from the palace of President Bashar Assad. The missiles where suspected of being fired from northern Israel by Lake Tiberias at 12 am on Friday hitting the Mezzah military airport where multiple explosions were seen and heard. Ambulances were seen rushing to the scene and any news of any casualties is not known at this time.

Israel has conducted a number of attacks on Syrian targets with the most famous one being before the war on nuclear facilities. Israel has also hit Assad's facilities during the war and also Hezbollah targets and convoys with Syria always threatening revenge as it has in the light of the attacks on Mezzah military airport.

What possible reason can Israel have in hitting Syria, well obviously Syria despite the civil war is still a clear and present danger to Israel and also it is possible Israel may helping its allies. Certainly not Islamic State or any other extreme Muslim group but possibly Christian forces or Kurdish forces.

How much other forces of other countries know about the Israeli attacks is unknown certainly it is possible the US, UK and other Allied forces may know even some Arab countries like Saudi. However the Israelis are probably playing a dangerous game as Russia backs Assad and were the Russians to become involved in fending Israeli attacks off who can say what will happen.

Short bio of Assad

1) Born in 1965 on September 11

2) Was educated in English and French from a young age

3) His father was Hafez Assad

4) His brother Bassel was always seen as the successor to the father

5) Bassel killed in car crash in the 80's

6) Bashar then would succeed his father Hafez upon his fathers death

7) Bashar did succeed his father but did not want to originally go into politics

8) Bashar is of the Alawite Shia faith and is an ally of Iran

9) Though one party state and Baathist Assad brought much needed modernization to Syria

10) The populace inspired by the Arab Spring in other countries took to the streets of Damascus wanting more freedoms

11) The security forces responded with deadly force which than developed into the civil war which has taken the lives of thousands and seen thousands flee abroad

12) Islamic State and Al Qaeda are major operators against the Assad regime also the Kurds and other groups who all fight each other too

13) Western powers became involved as did Russia and Iran

14) It seems for now the war is going in favour of Assad thanks to Russian help


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