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Israeli Airstrike in Syria was an Assassination

Updated on February 15, 2013

Almost two weeks after the daring Israeli airstrike into Syria near Damascus to destroy SA-17 missiles in transport to Lebanon, Iran admitted to the death of senior Iranian Revolutionary Guards General Hassan Shateri. The Iranian general and two aides who were driving in the same car were the real targets of that air strike that blew them apart to Allah. General Shateri was in the process of rapidly establishing a guerrilla army of 5,000 Revolutionary Guardsmen and 5,000 Hezballah men to strengthen Assad’s forces in Damascus and its outskirts. This small group would also secure the main Syria-Lebanon road routes and keep them open between the two countries. This would allow for Syrian weapon transfers to Lebanon, assuming the Israelis would not interfere.

There is no doubt weapons were also targeted, especially the SA-17. But, by killing the iranian general who had been sent to organize forces to keep Assad in power and to allow for weapon transfers, Iranian plans have been thwarted for the time but not stopped.

Assad is clinging to Damascus, much of the Aleppo area to the north is now in rebel hands, which may or may not be a good thing when it is all over. The rebels have seized a key AFB, a critical dam that supplies water to the region and now the valuable oil rich area that borders Iraq. They are nibbling at the outskirts of Damascus and have seized the main water supply for that city.

It really does seem like it is a matter to time until this phase ends or Assad uses chemical weapons.


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