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Israeli Jets Attack Hezbollah in Lebanon

Updated on January 30, 2013

The Israeli air force struck the terrorist group, Hezbollah, in Lebanon, amidst reports that Syrian smuggled some of its chemical weapons and rockets into the Bekaa Valley. The attack was at night and 12 IDF jets flew sorties for many hours attacking suspected sites and convoys. It is unknown exactly what was attacked and the results of it, but according to reports from Lebanon the Israeli attack came during the night of January 29-30. The last time the IDF conducted an air raid was back in 2011.

Israel installed its iron Dome air defense system last week fearing that the current Syrian war will spill over as the situation degenerates and Assad becomes more desperate. Reports seem to indicate that Hezbollah, Iran's proxy in Lebanon, already has some medium and long range missiles. It would make sense for Assad to transfer some chemical weapons into Lebanon since Syria has been there since the 1980's and once, tried to build a nuclear reactor there before the IDF destroyed. It is thought that because of the inclement weather there, Hezbollah was or has been smuggling these weapons from Syria, only a two hour drive! However, the sophisticated electronics of the IDF aircraft have been able to detect and fire on the suspected convoys.

Moving the chemical weapons does not take large trucks to do so, especially, in small amounts. Yet, it only takes a small amount to cause massive loss in an urban area. Knowing Hezbollah, this will no doubt escalate with Iran's blessings. If this occurs, it will actually help Iran defer attention away from its nuclear weapons processing. For Iran, having Iran attack its proxy is better than having the IDF bomb its own nuclear sites.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 5 years ago

      well, despite what the world may think, Israel does what it is in its best interest, which is not always the interest of the US. Israel is watching Assad for moving weapons, like the SA-17 missile, into its former backyard-Lebanon. Syria has strong influence there, especially in the Bekaa Valley. The Israeli attack prevented this.

    • profile image

      Lorenzo 5 years ago

      We left the US in 1999 and moved our investments to Asia when our intel sergeant told us that US firms were lying about profits. We missed the US Dot Bomb Bubble of 2000, the US Accounting Scandal of 2002-2003, and the US Financial Scandal of 2008 to the present. Over 40,000 US technology, corporate, and financial leaders in over 1600 US corporations cheated investors in the US, in US allies, and in the entire world. The failure of the Bush and Obama regimes to prosecute more than a few crooks did not make it legal; it made the Bush and Obama regimes “accessories after the fact” to the crimes. (Look up the legal term in quotations.) The US economy remains in the hands of criminals; the Bush regime was a criminal organization; and the Obama regime is a criminal organization. US businessmen tried to steal our money after we spent a combined total of over 350 years protecting the criminals, and the criminal US regimes refused to prosecute. That is why we are helping China and its allies. We don’t necessarily care about US policies because the US is run by criminals. In addition, we don’t think US policies toward Israel help the US because they put the US in conflict with Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, and most of the muslim world. The US should trade with Iran; Hezbollah is Lebanon’s biggest democratically elected party; and Hamas won the 2006 election in Palestine. The US should accept other governments and trade with other countries whether Israel likes it or not. US support for Israel means endless war against 1.5 billion muslims. Our policies would help the US, but the US must suffer for its decisions because no one can remove America’s right to suffer for its mistakes.