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Israeli Jets Destroy Russian Equipment in Latakia, Syria

Updated on July 13, 2013

It happened on July 5th. Its mission was top secret and Israel had hoped it would remain a secret. It still has not admitted to it.

The Israeli jets flew over the Latakia, in northern Syria, a port operated and built by the Russians. It is there last foothold in the Middle East. At some point, the Israeli jets launched their long range missiles and totally were undetected by Syrian radar defenses on the ground and Russian radar aboard several of their ships off the coast. The missiles destroyed a stockpile of anti-ship missiles, SS-N-26 and radar systems, all advanced weapons sent by Russia. Israel warned Russia not to send them. The Israeli jets also destroyed a stockpile of weapons and ammunition of the Syrian army. The anti-ship missiles were for Hezbollah and Russia was boldly willing to begin arming them.

In May, Russia openly announced it so Syria could stop any international ships coming to the aid of the rebels. The missile is supersonic with a range of 180 miles and a speed of Mach 2 and impacts with a 660 lb. warhead. Its altitude can be 14000m. In other words, the missile is very fast and deadly.

The fact that no Russian ship even detected the IDF jets says huge amounts about how advanced Israeli electronics are. Eyewitnesses at first thought it was the Free Syrian Army until they denied it. Putin and Assad have both told Israel that any such attacks will be cause Russia to retaliate. So far, as of the July 13th, neither has said anything or has done anything.

But worse is that until American sources ratted on Israel for its attack, nobody really knew who was responsible since none of the Israeli aircraft had been detected. Al Nusra could have blown them up. It was only because American authorities revealed to the world that it was Israel that had conducted attack.

I guess the question is why? Let sleeping dogs lie.

One could say it was obvious by default, who else has the capability? But, what was the motive of America to basically rat on Israel with the approval of President Obama? No wonder Israel does not completely trust Obama.

In the few days after the attack, Syria seemed to want to cause another war on the Golan by mobilizing troops. That is when Israel also mobilized thousands. A few more days passed and Russia mobilized 160,000 troops. In both cases, nothing happened. So, the response by Russia and Syria is still awaited. It is possible the only response Assad will conduct is his focus to retake the rebel controlled Aleppo. They have won the battle for Homs and taking Aleppo would send a signal to everyone Syria is the winner. Russia's response may simply be sending more and more weapons to prop up Assad. Like the US, they can't become overtly involved because that will trigger intervention by NATO.

What is most bothersome is why Obama allowed the secret to become public.


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