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Israeli Palestinian Conflict: Untold Side

Updated on April 6, 2017

A region of grievances

Much light has been shed on how the Israelis are blamed for everything but after doing some research of my own I found out that Palestine is guilty of a lot as well. Hamas uses its own civilians to gain sympathy, they use the death of Gazans to gain aid and support, this is their weapon. Less Israelis die because they are well protected by their government and there are measures put in place to protect each civilian. Israeli settlement expansion has been opposed by every US leader. Hamas chose to invest in weapons instead of schools and infrastructure. The Palestinians gain sympathy because there are more casualties on their side but people should take a few moments to ponder upon why it is the way it is and the background behind the events and how they unfold. We tend to support the side enduring the most damage instead of looking under the surface as well.

Israel's oppression over Gaza over the last decade has killed and tortured thousands of palestinian lives. The palestinians have minimal control over their lives. Thousands of men, women, and children are kept in israeli prisons. Physical abuse is frequent. People are beaten, women in labour are not allowed to go to their service works. Food and medicine is not allowed to enter the city of Gaza. An intense humanitarian crisis is taking place in Palestine. Thousand of Palestinians are injured, kidnapped, abused and killed by Israelis. The Israelis and Palestinians have failed to reach a final peace agreement and so Palestinians are still not allowed to move freely. The fact that this region is of religious interests has resulted in many international conferences being held in order to deal with security issues and the historic rights of the two sides. October 12, 2015 a Palestinian teenager was killed as West Bank clashes were heating up. Thirteen-year-old Ahmad Sharaka, who was shot dead by Israeli forces, was the 24th Palestinian to be killed since the beginning of the month. The teenager's killing comes amid a harsh crackdown on Palestinians by Israeli security forces and tit-for-tat stabbing attacks between Israelis and Palestinians. A Palestinian citizen of Israel allegedly stabbed and injured four Israelis in Hadera, a coastal city in the country's north. Many stories like this exist and sadden anybody that hears them.


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