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Israeli Youths Chant Death To Arabs in Hate Crime

Updated on August 21, 2012

Usually, it is the Arabs or Palestinians ranting about "Death to Israel" or are attacking Israelis with rockets or other devices, but last week, the situation was reversed. It is a symbol of the deep hatred both the Palestinians and Israelis have for one another no matter how hard the West tries to find a solution.

This time, at the lowest level, Israeli youth, some boys as young as 13 and two girls attacked a group of Palestinian teens. One of the Arab teens was beaten until he was unconscious in West Jerusalem. Hundreds of people witnessed it, yet did nothing.

Jerusalem is a divided city with walls separating the Arabs and Israelis in most parts. Police who arrested the Israeli teens were told it all began when an Israeli girl had been harassed by one Palestinian teen, Jamal Juliani, 17. Words were exchanged and one thing led to another when tempers flared. The group of male Israeli more or less hunted down Jamal. Did Jamal think the Israeli girl was pretty and told her? Was she repulsed by it and then claimed it to be "harassment"? People that have a history of hating one another do this. According to Jamal, who remains in the hospital after being swarmed and beaten by 20-40 Israeli teens, claim it was unprovoked and he and his cousin were simply walking along the road when they were attacked ( I tend to believe this). The Israeli teens were chanting, " Death to Arabs". Now, according to one Israeli teen, Jamal talked shit about the Israeli teen's mom", that triggered a series of events. The Israeli teen said outside of the courtroom, " If it were up to me, I'd have murdered him".

This is how the next Israel-Palestinian generation think. Some things never change.


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