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Israel's Obsession with U.S. Words & Optics

Updated on March 26, 2016

Empty Zionist Words from U.S. Politicians & the infiltration of the IDF by Anti-Israel Forces

Just over a decade ago, Netanyahu was not one of my most favorite people but over the past seven years, there was a climate change in Israel.

Netanyahu and religious Jews were pushing social justice when it was not even a thought on the mind of President Obama nor Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

There were efforts to assimilate Jews of color and even more efforts were made to bring Ethiopian Jews into the main stream of Israeli Society.

Under Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, the only occupation that an Ethiopian Jew could hold within Israel, was as a security guard; which ironically is also looking like the case in the United States of America. In my opinion, the United States has regressed while Israel has made social justice progress.

But the resentment, which has been building up, for decades against Israel, by the leftist Jewish Foundations and the global community, have been blind to these Israeli Social Justice Facts.

It was not the leftist Jews, within Israel, that ever pushed for any real social progress but instead they were mostly trying to do these U.S. backed ‘Color Revolutions’ over issues like the cost of cottage cheese. In other words, the leftist Jews in Israel, as they are in the United States, are not only some of the most racist bunches of people but a lot of the time, an effort is wasted on absolutely nothing, which obtains any real benefit for non-European Jews within the state of Israel. In fact, it was Prime Minister Netanyahu, that was the social justice warrior in Israel, for the past few years.

Where Netanyahu and Israel will fail, is their obsession with personality optics. O.k. Someone speaks Hebrew, they have Jewish Parents, live within Israel and even serve in the IDF…..does it really mean anything? NO!

Not when Israel is busy trying to run a state and there is an entire global movement that is dead set on the splitting or destroying Israel and they are working on it 24/7 and 365 days a year.....for decades. This is how Israel ended up getting shut out of the Iran Nuclear Deal, which affects Israel but yet Israel was not invited to the table, for any of the processes on the hammering out of this nuke deal.

Remember, the Iran Nuclear Deal was not enough of an insult from the U.S. (including the traitor leftist Jews in Congress) but the United States Government actually had the audacity to attempt an over-throw of Israel’s Government! What more data does Israel need to see about how shadow politics are really run in the United States? Keep in mind, that even under alleged sanctions against Iran, that the 'movers & shakers' in D.C. were still doing business with Iran.

Yeah, American Politicians often go before AIPAC and spout the usual slogans about dismantling the Iran deal, making the Palestinians live in a Jewish State of Democratic Israel or even if we go back to, then candidate President Obama, & look at his speech to AIPAC, about making Jerusalem the capital of the Jewish Israeli State; as we can see, words from American Politicians, simply mean very little and can frankly be written on toilet paper to wipe one’s ass.

Presidential Candidate, Ted Cruz, can pay people to hear him speak at Liberty University, use all of the Goldman-Sachs money in the world and utter the stupidity about dying for Israel and V.P. Joe Biden can run off at the mouth about being a Catholic Zionist all day long but does it really mean anything? NO!

The case of the IDF Soldier that happens to shoot a Palestinian Terrorist, now happens to be all over the media, in what is clearly an orchestrated plot (trust me, I know all about these tactics) and this all just happens to occur, when the United Nations is introducing a database, telling the entire global community, which Jews need to be boycotted and bankrupted?

The United States will only pay 'veto lip service' to Israel on these matters because they know that the database was going to roll out regardless of how much of a fake protest and fuss was made over these Scarlet Letter Electronic Anti-Jewish Databases. Also a game, which U.S. Politicians love to play in the House of Congress.

At the end of the day, Ted Cruz, is beholden to the global United Nations’ Agenda. Yes, a person can speak some words in Hebrew, hold a Passover gathering at the White House and kiss the ass of AIPAC all day long (like President Obama did as a candidate after consulting with Hillary & Bill Clinton) but when it comes down to loyalties, Israel doesn’t even have the loyalties of Jews in the IDF, let alone being able to trust a U.S. Politician, that is seeking the most ‘symbolic’ highest office in the land.

In Israel, a religious Jew, accused of spray painting a building is considered a terrorist. Netanyahu has allowed this to happen and of course it is the same absurdity in the United States, when an act of spray paint on a Jewish Temple is considered terrorism but a cop shooting an unarmed black child is debatable or having social nazi experiments being run on a citizen of the U.S., with the blessings from those in D.C. or the city of Los Angeles.

Israel has already made its choices. They picked the Jews which they wanted to pick & now I suggest that they not only watch these so called “Jews” in Israel but they surely need to make more of an effort with other Jews, which may not have a “Jewish Mother” or grand mother. Israel made its own rules and now Israel needs to deal with its own man-made, United Nations created mess. An anti-Israel mess which has clearly infiltrated their precious IDF.

In conclusion, the sooner that true Zionist and true Jews realize that Israel is an island, which sits in a hostile sea of sharks; the better chance for Israel's Survival.


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