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A Good Life Is Not About Money, It's About Purpose

Updated on April 25, 2017

Mo' Money

How often have we heard the money talk. Go to school and get a good job. Why? To make money. Money talks and money runs the world. Anything is possible with money. Money is the root of all evil. The list goes on. There is always the banter about either the good, the bad or simply the necessity of money. A lot of arguments about the necessity of money seem hard to refute. They are often about how money is not necessarily bad, although it can be used nefariously, and that money is necessary for a good and comfortable life. But regardless about whether or not money is innately bad, but it cannot be if, strictly hypothetically, we all were rich, would we all really have good lives?

A Reason To Abhor Comfort

While a good life is hard to define since the term is used to vaguely a comfortable life might truly require money. Financial stability likely means ownership of a vehicle, convenient means of transport, a variety of entertainment mediums, quality clothing, social status and overall a good standard of living. It would be quite hard to live comfortably without money and one would likely have to compromise. The only problem is that a comfortable life is not a fulfilling life.

A comfortable life means complacency, that we become stuck in our ways and our habits, never working our way toward some goal , toward some purpose. Comfort means that one is happy where one is, and there is therefore no need or urgency to change one's ways. The world is constantly changing, and those who do not continuing moving will be left behind. This is not to say that one cannot be fulfilled and have money, but one simply cannot be purposeful and ambitious as well as be comfortable at the same time. That is to say, comfort is the enemy of improvement.

A Good Life Really

When we think of a good life we think of plush carpet and expensive clothing, drinking fine wines and eating lobster for dinner. What we are thinking about is a comfortable life, and many confuse the two. Indeed, a comfortable life may indeed be a happy life, but a happy life may not be a good life and a happy life is most definitely not a fulfilling life.

This then begs the question: is a good life a happy life or a fulfilling life? A happy life cannot be the same as a fulfilling life because happiness, not quite the same as contentment, belies a sense of living without stress with near constant pleasure, and having almost complete freedom. A fulfilling life on the other hand is not necessarily a life without stress, and can be quite the opposite. It also does not necessarily imply lots of pleasure and perhaps most notably may not be a life of freedom. But the word fulfillment evokes thoughts of achievement and completion and success, that no matter how traumatic or difficult the ordeal or experience, the person will never give up doing it. It seems as if fulfilled persons have reached the pinnacle of their experiences on Earth. And what, if anything else, is the reason for life if not to reach the paramount of human experience.


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