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It Is Time To Employ The Stick To The Pakistanis Behind

Updated on June 17, 2011

It Is Time To Employ The Stick To The Pakistanis Behind

Some of our citizens have been on welfare or the dole for so long that it is engraved in their psyches that said largess from the government is theirs… essentially looking upon these handouts as a birthright – such are the expectations of the Pakistanis in the Billions they receive from us, not-with-standing their every conspicuous effort to let us know that they are not our friends.

There are times you cannot believe the news because it sound so outrageous, but alas, what I heard this morning about the Pakistanis arresting members of their citizens that assisted our Intelligence in doling out justice, via the SEAL team, to Osama Bin Laden... met this outrageous news criterion. These are the same Pakistani who protested vehemently that they did not know the whereabouts of Bin Laden, even though he was residing in a Pakistani wealthy retired military enclave.

We have employed the lucrative carrot in doling out billions to Pakistan in a one-sided alliance, but it is time we employ the stick and see if said stick would foster better returns from our supposed Pakistani friends. The issue of arresting these Pakistani citizens, who assisted us, is akin to a death sentence for these Pakistanis and their respective extended families – this is the lethal game that is played in that part of the world. I can only hope that our embassy/State Department, after vigorously protesting and securing these Pakistanis release, will also provide some sort of refuge for them.

President Obama and our State Department have many options vis-à-vis our foreign policy; our country could take a page out of Henry Kissinger’s way of playing countries off each other. Case in point, Kissinger, when Nixon was President, played China against the Soviet Union… keeping the latter busy and less focus on the Cold War. Pakistan is deadly afraid of India and we should start shifting our alliance to the latter, which has a relatively stable Democracy. And the beauty of fostering a growing alliance with the Indians is that they too have a size-able nuclear arsenal to combat those of the Pakistanis, thus providing a mutually assured destruction posture in that part of the world.

We hear, alarmingly, from experts like Colonel Ralph Peters how the Pakistanis are engaged in wanton terrorism, sponsored by the state, against India – lest we forget the Indian hotel massacre, allegedly carried out by terrorists supposedly assisted by the Pakistani Intelligence. Of more import to our war efforts in Afghanistan, we are told that some elements in the Pakistani army are actively assisting the Taliban in their fight against us. This should not be because it seems that the Pakistanis need us more than we need them and coupled with the foreign policy positions we can undertake posited above… underscored that the billions of dollars that the Pakistanis have been receiving, in addition to the spare parts we give them for their aging fighter air-crafts, shows that we can use our largess more prudently elsewhere.

There is a sobering statement that Colonel Ralph Peters made, while appearing on ‘The Factor,’ when he opined that any politician in Washington voting to give more money to Pakistan… is contributing to the killing of our men and women fighting in the Afghan war theatre – I wholeheartedly agree!


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    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 5 years ago from New York

      I found it convenient how you left out the fact that the United States were attacked from Afghanistan with many in the Pakistani Army giving help to the Taliban when the latter hosted bin Laden. I supposed that the Billions we have sent you before the WAR in Afghanistan was acts of terrorism...

    • profile image

      Amir rajput 5 years ago

      Mr.Verily u r playing with words.U.S attack iraq by saying that they contain wepeons of mass destruction and kill millions of people but not found any mass destruction wepeon and later u.S say that it is done by mistake.This is a big terrorism by u.S.On the other side nato daron attack many areas of pakistan.It is also spoil the holy terretory of pakistan and it is the big soure to create terrorism.When inocent people r killed then their relative who spend their lives in peace take wepeon and they become fatal.Claping is not one sided.