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It Is Time for the Government of Kenya to Act On Insecurity

Updated on February 24, 2016

Insecurity In Kenya

An Insecure Nation

The government of Kenya should have realized a long time ago that their security apparatus are not in order. The Westgate attack should have actually been an eye opener. It is like they have not learnt anything from the hundreds of attacks that have been subjected to Kenyan citizens. The main problem with the current Kenyan government is that it likes hoodwinking the ordinary Mwananchi on matters concerning security or rather insecurity.

The President of Kenya, Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta

Kenyan President, Uhuru Kenyatta
Kenyan President, Uhuru Kenyatta | Source

The Poor are Paying the Price

Yet, even a small kid can tell that all is not well with the security system in Kenya. If all was well like the way the government of Uhuru Kenyatta is trying to force down our throats. We would not have been ranked number 12 among the countries that face the wrath of terrorism among 124 countries and third in Africa. This is according to Global Terrorism Index 2014.

If all was well again, there would be no killings like the ones witnessed lately in Mandera attack where innocent lives were lost after being shot in cold blood by some barbaric individuals fighting for absurd reasons. And those who are bearing the blunt of these attacks are the poor people. We have not seen any positive response by the government even after the numerous attacks experience in Kenya.

Map of Kenya

Kenya map and flag
Kenya map and flag | Source

Top Command Sleeping on the Job

Since it is now clear that the top bosses in command are sleeping on their jobs, it is time for them to be shown the door. Not merely moving them from one docket to another, they need to go home for good. There are so many competent individuals who can take up their positions. If only these promotions were done the right way rather than through the back door and to please certain groups of people.

The lives of each and every Kenya citizen and our visitors are very important. We cannot stand losing our people to some barbaric individuals who are so backward that it is almost impossible to make them face the truth.

Kenya must stand the test of Al-Shabaab

The Al-Shabaab extremists are hell bent in causing chaos in Kenya and their own country Somalia.

  • They intend to cause conflict between Christians and Muslims, and that is why they are targeting Christians only. They would be very happy if a war erupted between the two.
  • They want to make the government look bad to the eyes of the common man.
  • They are hoping to get more recruitment in the country by targeting the unemployed youths.

We Have to Secure Our Country Now

It is very possible to have a very secure country despite the numerous insecurity situations we are going through at the moment. A long lasting solution to these attacks from the Al-Shabaab and other elements must be developed and implemented without any further delay. We have enough manpower and equipments to man and protect our borders from external aggression. It is time to hit the enemy direct and not the enemies’ shadow. And when we do so, let it be a resounding strike that will even warn others intending to cause havoc in our country.

Our forefathers shed blood to secure this nation from the imperialists; we should always remember that and be ready to defend our country. To the enemies of peace, your time for lamentation is coming.

© 2014 Patrick Kamau


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