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It is All Related

Updated on January 31, 2017


Trying to make sense in the aftermath of the 2016 election is not hard. All you have to realize that many issues are related. Nothing appears what it seems. Let me explain.

- Jan. 2017

Some Items to Consider...

  • Illegal immigration
  • Voter fraud, voter ID
  • Sanctuary Cities
  • the Wall
  • Minimum wage
  • Globalization
  • National debt
  • Trade policy
  • Unemployment and jobs
  • Illegal drug trade
  • Crime
  • Gang violence
  • English language
  • Public Education
  • Healthcare
  • welfare and EBT
  • College tuition

The above list seems somewhat random but they all have one thing in common. Can you guess?

They are all related because they are the theme behind the Democratic Party agenda. Once you understand what it is they want, the rest is so easy to decipher.

What is the Underlying Goal?

The goal of the modern Democratic Party is power. They want the political power to control all aspects of our lives. Their thinking is boiled down to this. The people are too stupid to know any better. They need the government to guide them and in some cases, force them to comply.

The path to power is votes. How do you get a majority of votes? You get them by convincing groups of people that your party and your policies and your motives are good and you are on their side. You also portray the opposition as the evil monster that are out to get the little people and steal their labor and money.

What are the Tactics?

To understand this, all you need to do is read the playbook written by Saul Alinsky "Rules for Radicals." It outlines exactly what to do to achieve their goals. For many years, they have been very successful working behind the scenes. Key to this strategy is group politics. That is dividing the people into groups by race, gender, religion...They can use this to their advantage, pitting one group against another.

Some Examples...

If you are a non-political person, you might not understand what drives any particular issue. Here is one clear example how politics influences some common sense idea.

Let's take the specific case of Kate's Law proposal. In case you are not familiar with this, I will point to a hub I wrote on this In 2015.

If you take the emotions and politics out of this, any clear thinking person would agree we need this law. It is simple and it carve out a small piece of the whole immigration debate which has many more moving pieces.

So, why do you think some on the Democratic side would oppose this law?

Connecting the Dots...

The illegal immigration problem is front and center to many of the issues today. It starts with low paying unskilled labor, and undocumened workers keeping the wages stagnant, taking entry jobs away from our teenagers. The crimes and drug trades leading to sanctuary city policies of many of our large cities. The exploitation of these workers by traffickers and employers. The extra burden placed on our hospitals and schools and welfare system. The congestion of our legal system and the prisons. These are not insignificant numbers. The estimates are from 12 to 20 million illegals or undocumented. Even if we are talking about 20% of this population commiting crimes and felonies, it amounts to 3-4 million people. Our unemployment number is 90 million people. Our prison population is 2.2 million. The estimates are 30% of prison population are illegals. Another poll suggest 15% of illegals in California voted in the last election.

For those who thinks this is not a problem or perhaps even a good thing. Let me ask you this. Why not open or borders to Africans and South Americans and Indians... There are billions of people around the world that falls to the same category as these poor Mexicans. Why not have them all come? I hope you see the logic of my argument.

The Shocking Truth

The answer is the end justify the means. This law does not fit into their "world view" of free and open borders. They have made the political calculation that we can suffer a few deaths from illegals while achieving the bigger agenda of getting rid of a white oppressive majority.

Here is the rational:

1. Any attempt to reduce immigrants into this country is racist. Even if it is to reduce crime.

2. An argument they will use is we don't want any policies that will tear families apart. If a criminal is caught and he is illegal or undocumented, we cannot deport him because he may have a family here and they will be separated.

3. The goal is to increase the undocumented population in our country and make them voters so that they will gain and keep a majority of voters and keep them in power.

The Solution

The only solution begins with a wall. Not just a physical wall but a high tech wall with survalence. A wall including monitoring our VISA programs, tracking temporary visitors, and pregnant mothers. A psychological wall, a message sent to outsiders, respect our laws and borders. Don't be swayed by detractors who say it won't work or it costs too much... How do they know? Has it been tried here or else where?

The cost issue is a red herring. What does it matter who pays to build the wall? If a wall is needed, do we not build it because of costs? How about prisons? It cost a lot to build prisons... yet we have no qualms about doing so. It is a needed and necessary expense.

If we can get Mexico to help pay this wall, so much the better. They have done nothing and perhaps even encourage their citizens to break our laws to come here. They have a corrupt system that cannot sustain their own people. They created the environment that allow many of their citizens to want to leave. We are also complicit. In search of cheap labor, and votes, we have turned a blind eye to this problem for decades.


I came to this conclusion via a difficult journey. I cannot for the life of me understand what was going on until I realized the depth of this Ideology. In some way, it goes against human nature. Why would a group, go out of their way to institute policies that will mean the ultimate destruction of their way of life? What drives people to behave and act on these believes? I guess that is one for the psychologists to figure out.


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