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It is certain that Osama Bin Laden lives but he has to die forever.

Updated on May 13, 2011

It is certain that Osama Bin Laden lives but he has to die forever.

The world rejoiced when the death of Osama Bin Laden was announced but some people doubted the possibility of the most wanted man being killed. It is on news that Osama’s group confirmed the death of their leader and from their statement it is known that Osama still lives.

Osama lives because his group swore to continue the fight despite their leader is no more. The west is aware of this threat and it is clear that they will stand equal to the task but for how many years will the world live in terror. The challenge is how to kill Osama for the second, third, or more times because he has to die forever. It took so long for Osama to embrace justice consequently we do not know how long justice will continue to take its course. We are certain that justice will not give up but it is better for justice to work in all grounds and get to the root of the problem.

It is on record that Osama claimed that what led him to his actions was the situation in Middle East, and for the USA forces to leave his country. I think it is the Saudi Government that should decide about the USA troops although there is need for sovereignty of nations.

The situation in Middle East is what the world leaders have failed to address properly and we must frank about it. Does it mean that lasting peace is impossible in the Middle East? World leaders should know by now that the only way to bring peace in the world and maybe an end to terrorism is by enforcing peace in the Middle East. It is certain that the Israelis and the Palestinians will not want to give up in their struggle without the world step in with the mind for true justice without fear, favor, or religious conviction.

There is always a way out of every situation although it may involve one of two evils. The parties should learn to live side by side not only as neighbors but as friends. The land dispute is a difficult issue but the world cannot deny the nation that owns the land and if there is need for compromise then it must be wisely made.

The Islamic extremists think they are fighting to liberate their brothers and sisters but they made the wrong move. They took the fight from a wrong direction because their act of terrorism will made it difficult to achieve peace in the Middle East. There is need for compromise by both parties but the question is what they are willing to let go.

Osama Bin Laden maybe dead but it is certain that his group still lives and so does he. The first step to kill him forever is to enforce peace in Middle East. This is not doing what the terrorist wants, because they can still continue, but it is doing what should be done for humanity. What is certain is that Osama should die forever so that the world will be free of terror.



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    • davidkaluge profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      You are right. I trust that the greatest achievement by the world leaders will be to help bring peace in the Middle East. That will change a lot of things and stop the death of women and children. Thanks for your contribution.

    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 

      7 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      Great Hub David. Peace is key in the Middle East especially between Israel and the Palestinians. The Middle East Spring demonstrations and revolutions are rendering much of what Al-Qaeda does irrelevant. The people have risen up and are demanding freedom, human rights, and democracy. We must support this and peace will come. This will destroy Al-Qaeda.


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