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It is not always true what you think

Updated on August 23, 2012

A very nice story reminds us of important issues in life

Once, at an airport, there was a lady waiting for her flight, but she got bored with waiting. So she bought some biscuits and a book to read. She was sitting on a seat next to a man with a packet of biscuits between them. She started reading and enjoyed having biscuits , but she got bothered when the man started eating from the same packet of biscuits. Every time she took a piece of biscuits, the man did the same. He had a book to read , too.

She really got bothered and wanted to give the man a box, but she could control herself. The more biscuits he took, the angrier she became. When there was only one piece, she wondered what the man was going to do with it then. She was so surprised when the man took the piece and divided it into two small pieces. ‘’ No way. What an annoying man he is’’ she said too quietly. Just then her flight was announced. She stood quietly controlling herself and directly went onto the plane.

On the plane, after she had sat on her seat, she opened her bag and was so surprised to see her packet of biscuits still there, Just as she bought it. She felt so shy to think so of the man who shared his own biscuits while hers was in her bag. It was late for her then. She could not apologize to him…. She felt so bad when she discovered it was too late for her …..

Yes, that is completely right… there are many things we can never get back …

We can not get the stone back after throwing it……….

We can not get the word back after saying it………..

We can not get the chance back after losing it………

We can not get youth back after it leaves, nor time after it passes …..

But certainly, we can treat others in a good way, we can always give a hand to those who are in need, we can smile at others even if we are not happy, we can try to make others smile and feel happy, we can be those wonderful people we have always dreamed to be....And this can be achieved only when we behave nicely, and think carefully before stepping.


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