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It Is Time for Colin Kaepernick to Leave the NFL for a Greater Role: Social Leader

Updated on October 29, 2017
Kaepernick | Source
Texans owner Bob McNair
Texans owner Bob McNair

Kaepernick Needs to Recognize Where He is in Time

Colin Kaepernick placed his job in jeopardy by taking a social stance against the establishment. He was reviled for it as he likely expected but continued to make his point. Eventually, his league compatriots recognized what he was saying and accepted the cause. Sure they were bandwagoneers, but they made the point a movement that affected the league as a whole.

Kaepernick raised the stakes this past week by suing the league for collusion against his employment. That suit could change the collective bargaining agreement the Players Association has with the owners. Then one owner decided to inform the league as a whole how he viewed his own players. Suddenly, the league calls the owner in and pulls in Kaepernick as representative of that 'slave class' of players (my quotes).

This is a step where Kaepernick must recognize where he is in society. The NFL pays a good salary, but it is ONLY the NFL. His point reaches far beyond that league and his message would be better spread through his civic engagements and speeches throughout the country about the issues that concern us all.

Martin Luthur King left his Baptist pulpit to head a movement for social change throughout the country when he realized his message was larger than just his congregation. Curt Flood did the same to Major League Baseball and suffered for it. Colin Kaepernick is not King, and his career benefited from Flood's effort, as all current players have, but he has to recognize his message has the same power that King's did, and that it is time for him to let the NFL go just as Flood did.

Colin Kaepernick could be to African Americans around the country what Michelle Obama has been for women of color in the country or what Hillary Clinton has been for women around the world: a beacon of self respect, a light that demands change or white America is going to lose a significant portion of its entertainment each weekend. He needs to become a social activist ala Jim Brown and leave his NFL career behind. His work there is done.


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