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Italian Ministers forgets about the Law in India.

Updated on April 1, 2012
Enrica Lexie  (coutresy THE HINDU)
Enrica Lexie (coutresy THE HINDU)

We know every country has its own laws and regulations that must strictly obeyed by its citizen and foreigners inside it. The crucial incident was taken place in a Kerala known as God’s own country .I hope you has heard about it.


The incident was taken place on February 16, 2012 at off sea at Kollam, Kerala. The Italian merchant ship named Enrica Lexie was involved in the killing of two fisherman .The armed security guards named Latorre Massimillano and Salvatore Girone shot the two poor fishermen’s without any provocation.

There were 11 crew on the boat, out of which, two had been hit in the firing by these two brutal guards .Apart from the crime they said that they shot the because they thought the boat was of pirates. The bodies of two fishermen, who were shot dead, were brought by the Coast Guard and Marine Enforcement authorities. This shows that after the shot they don’t even check, whether it is pirates or not. What does it shows?


.In the aftermath of the incident , the Coast Guard had launched two ships ‘Sumar' and ‘Lakshmi Bai' and an aircraft to trace the ship, located it and asked it to anchor off Kochi for a detailed investigation.

Marines Latore Massimiliano and Salvatore Gironi had been arrested and charged with murder and lodged in a local prison on judicial remand.



Yes we know all are humans and can make mistakes but the later incidents shows that the Italians are excluded from all Law’s .Three Italian ministers arrived here and argued that the two prisoners should be shifted to a Five star hotel. Is it Justice? Law is Law and everybody is beneath it, but being an Italian, done a crime and he must be treated as a king is not applicable

The Datas shows that From February onwards , 3 Italian ministers had come to express their solidarity with two of the guards whose are relaxing in a prison here after shooting dead two Indian fishermen. The Italian foreign minister, his deputy and the defense minister are among those who have come and gone many time for the same purpose.

Another thing keep in mind is that their visits have come at a time when hundreds of Keralites and thousands of other Indians are in jails in the abroad and itself in Italy.

On very next day after its arrival Italian Defence Minister Giampaolo Di Paola, a highly decorated naval official, who charted a special plane and drove to the Central Prison to be with Latorre Massimillano and Salvatore Girone..

Italy has asked the Kerala government to implement the guidelines outlined in the Geneva Agreement for war prisoners in the case of two Italian marines, who were arrested and lodged at the Central prison in connection with the killing of two Indian fishermen.


All eyes are on the Kerala High Court which is expected to give a final judgement on the quashing of the FIR against these two Italian, who have been insisting that they are governed only by international maritime laws and not Indian ones


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