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It’s Adam and Eve-Not Adam and Steve-Not Even Madam and Eve

Updated on March 6, 2014
Man + Woman=Real Marriage
Man + Woman=Real Marriage

Disclaimer-The Following article is based on my personal understanding of universal truths and does not reflect the ideas and/or believes of or any corporation, business or other entity associated with Hubpages or its partner(s). Furthermore, the writing of this article is my Constitution Right as Outlined in the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

We are gathered here today to join this MAN and this WOMAN in Holy Matrimony

These words and similar ones are spoken around the world each year but their value and importance are quickly changing as the world moves further from universal truths and closer to a world laden with perverted immoralities. One of these immoralities is gay marriage but why is gay and/or lesbian marriage wrong? Here are a few of my answers.

1. Marriage Equality (gay/lesbian marriage) is Not a Civil Right

Liberals and other marriage equality supporters believe gay marriage is a municipal right equal to the civil rights movement of the 1960’s but they are completely wrong and here is why.

  • Gay lifestyles are Not Historically Accepted by Society… Traditional or True Marriage is society’s cultural foundation but gay lifestyles are not part of a normal or historical civilized culture…In fact, the word “Civil” itself contradicts homosexuality because the term refers to something that is common, normal and/or universal….To be frank, there is nothing naturally common, civilized or ordinary about gay lifestyles because homosexuality is historically against the Accepted Status Quo of every existing culture.
  • Sexual Conduct/Behavior and Race are Universally Different… A man and a woman wanting to marry may be different in their characteristics, politics, religion, age, financial status and race but these factors do not prohibit their universal right to marry because the two are still man and woman and thus the law of biology and/or nature are still observed regardless of their differences but gay lifestyles oppose nature by merging two individuals who are not biologically, physically, emotionally and/ or reproductively compatible.

2. Marriage Equality Ignores a Child’s Greatest Necessity…The Nurturing Hand of a Loving Mother & The Sturdy Counsel of a Father

It is God’s divine will for mankind to have children. (Genesis 1:28) Based on this reality, it is easily understood that a child’s best interest is to be raised by both a mother and a father who can appropriately influence that child’s emotional growth; this rule is confirmed by the periodic difficulties faced by children who are orphans or raised in a single, divorced or foster parent household.

  • What about Same-Sex Households? As I previously said, children raised in an orphanage, single, divorced or foster parent household periodically have more difficulties growing up than children of traditional households do… in a same-sex household, these periodic difficulties become normal (every day) difficulties because the situation deprives or disregards a child’s natural need…..a loving mother and a sturdy father.
  • What About Couples Who Can Not Have Children? This is one of the typical arguments gay activists throw at traditional marriage supporters...Here is my answer and response. When God told Adam and Even to go forth a multiply (bring forth children) He knew they could....Men and Women who can not have children because of illness or physical hindrances are naturally exempted from God's command.

3. Gay Marriage Validates Homosexual Lifestyle As Being Good and Righteous

Society is composed of Civil Laws and Universal Truths that influence every persons pattern of thought and behavior; in other words, civil laws and universal truths shape the way we live, think and conduct ourselves within our communities …legalizing same-sex marriage will obscure these truths by devaluing traditional marriage, child bearing and other realities by changing the world's perception of their importance....In a world where gay marriage is fully acceptable, true or traditional marriage and child bearing become trivial to mankind's happiness and well-being.

4. Gay Marriage Imposes the Acceptance of gay and lesbian lifestyles on Society

Legislatively and or judicially supporting gay marriage is a violation of a person(s) religious freedom and here is why. The first and fourteenth amendments guarantee the right of an individual or group to practice religious freedom without “legislative” intrusion….By legalizing gay marriage the State or Federal Government becomes the official overseer of gay marriage thus the state and/or federal government will call on public officials to preside over gay marriage ceremonies, order schools to teach that gay marriage as an acceptable form of marriage and demand religious organizations to betray their consciences by allowing gay people to participate in religious services; this imposition will also effect the business world where businesses will be forced to change their venues to indulge gay couples…of course if anyone refuses, they will be punished for opposing the state or federal government.

  • What about supporting gay marriage via the voting system? Marriage is a holy institution designed, implemented and ordained of God and no one including the people have the constitutional and/or universal right to impose gay marriage on others via legislation or through the voting system.

5. It Continues or Furthers The Sexual Perversion of the 1960s and 1970's

Today’s modern “everything is good and connected crowd” is attempting to force society to accept all forms of sexual relationships including sodomy, lesbianism and homosexuality. When and if gay marriage becomes fully accepted by society, the sexual revolution that began in the 1960’s and 1970s with the Woodstock generation will explode into a world wide sexual progressive movement where all forms of perversion (including Incest and Pedophilia) will be allowed and accepted.

6. It Interferes With Traditional Marriage's Blessing on Society and the State's Benefits on Marriage

The State imposes numerous benefits on traditional marriage because true marriage in itself is a blessing on society. For example: through true marriage, colonies, towns, states, nations and stable environments for children and communities are formed but gay marriage does not provide such conditions or blessings because it's only goal is to satisfy an abnormal desire between two adverse individuals. Because of this unnatural condition, gay couples are not entitled to receive the same benefits traditional married couples receive.

7. The Act and Practice of Homosexuality Offends God and Opposes Nature

Like any other immorality, the act or practice of homosexuality offends God but what separates homosexuality and/or lesbianism from other sins is it's contrariness to both nature and God. For example: Fornication is a sin but when a man and woman commit fornication they are doing what comes natural but when same-sex couples unite they are committing an act that is unnatural and hygienically impure. (See Reason 1 Section 2) Biblical Scripture (King James Version) Romans Chapter 1: 1-32

At the beginning of this article I asked the following question.....Why is gay and/or lesbian marriage wrong? The answer is simple....marriage equality is against everything that exists; it is against nature, science, biology, cultural history, family values and most of all it is against the established marriage parameters set by God Himself….The Whole of Humanity and the Universe Exclaims These Words About Marriage…..It's Adam and Eve, Not Adam and Steve…Not Even Madam and Eve.

Where Do You Stand?

Do You Support or Oppose Gay Marriage?

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