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It’s That Simple: A Lesson and Path for my Beloved

Updated on September 7, 2014

It’s that simple my Beloved!

The lesson you need to learn!

The path you ought to get to and stay on!

But, will you learn the simple lesson for advancement sake?

Will you get to the simple path of “visionary policies and smart investments” that makes all the difference?

Will you come to the realization that it simply takes creating “a conducive ecosystem that favors innovation” in order to get to where you realistically ought to be?

Will you discover that talents are basically what powers innovation and innovation is “the main source of long term growth”?

It’s that simple my Beloved!

Learn from Switzerland because She has proven Herself worthy of being learnt from!

Her commitment to making good use of Her human capital is unrivaled!

Her unwavering dedication to this Her greatest asset is what has afforded Her the highest ranking in the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report for six consecutive years now!

She is the envy of the world and it doesn’t have anything to do with the vastness of Her oil reserves or the number of barrels of crude oil, springing out of Her daily!

It’s simply because She made and prides Herself as the “global innovation powerhouse”!


It’s that simple my Beloved!

But, will you stop being timid and unperceptive?

When will you appreciate the fact that you have what it takes to become one of the envies of the world as well?

When will you stop trashing your talents over tradition?

When will you realize that all you need is your Own as opposed to that of Others?

How long will you let your retrogressive style of growth continue to harm you?

How long will you stand by and watch your competitive edge disappear into thin air through brain drain?

How long will you sit back and allow Others to suck you dry, while you merely bask on the “oil rich nation” ranking?

When will you notice that its availability is never a sure guarantee for advancement?

When will you come to this realization and focus on encouraging innovations for your own good?

It’s that simple my Beloved!

But, will a nonpareil teacher and leader arise within you?

One who will teach you the simple lesson and lead you to the simple path!

One, who craves your emancipation!

One, who loves you beyond measure!

One, who loves your people more than self!

One who is simple minded, yet versed in the dynamics of the simple lesson and path!

One, who understands the general pleasures that come with learning the simple lesson, getting to and staying on the simple path of advancement!

It’s that simple my Beloved!

But, with the cloud of doubt over you getting thicker with every passing day, what is the possibility that you will even learn if thought?

All the Others believe you can never learn and it appears you are accepting that as the unescapable truth!

The popular verdict on you is, forget it, She is doomed and will remain on the complex path that leads to impoverishment for the rest of Her life!

The global assessment of you is, though She has what it takes, She and Her people are too sleazy to use them to bring about real advancement!

They all relate with you on these grounds and you don't even notice it!

They smile in your face for what you’ve got that they need, and scorn at you as they leave with them!

But, are they right or are you prepared to prove them wrong?

Simply by choosing to learn the lesson and walk along side Others who are already on the path!

It’s that simple my Beloved!

Can you suppress the negative stereotypes against you and do what needs to be done in order to achieve sustainable development?

Will your people stick with you on this simple path if they are lead to it with you?

Yes, you can!

Yes, they will!

Against all odds, that seems to be a more progressive assumption to dwell in about you my Beloved!

You just have to look inward, belief in yourself and start this journey of a thousand miles that will have to begin with a single step!


It’s that simple my Beloved!

Come on, make progress; one, which reflects your true status!

This is the twenty-First Century for goodness sake!

It’s not the dark ages anymore!

The time when it would have been excusable, the fact that you are deprived in plenty!

Wake up, you have tarried for too long in your self imposed slumber!

Wake up and learn the simple lesson the elites learnt while you were asleep!

Wake up to the realities of present-day life!

Wake up and stay awake on the simple path to advancement!

Arise and shine for you light is within you!

Arise and take your rightful position among the cream of the world!

Let the innate virtues and potentials in you rupture, for it is long over due!

Let your people learn to earnestly yearn for extraordinary transformation!

Let them dwell no more in the mundane circumstances, they have over time learnt to accept as the best they will ever get!

Let them realize the silliness of dwelling in a ditch of trash, when the tableland is filled with treasures Others around you crave!

It’s that simple my Beloved!

But, are you even aware you have what it takes to achieve the incredible?

Arise from within Her a great teacher and leader please!

Guide Her into coming to terms with Her real self and make Her belief in Herself!

She deserves to operate in full awareness of what it takes and her potentials!

Bring Her to the simple path to advancement that She has the capacity to achieve!

Direct Her to the lesson and path that seems to have eluded Her for years now!

Direct Her to the lesson and path that will bring Her at par with Her peers.

Direct Her to the lesson and path that will get Her land flowing with milk and honey!

But, that’s Only if She can appreciate Herself and what she’s got!

It’s that simple my Beloved!

You’re not the “Banana Republic” you have over the years reduced yourself to!

You don't deserve the embarrassing reports that keeps coming out of you!

You are worthy of being compared with the advanced Ones!

You have talents, but they leave you and are contributing immensely in the many developmental strides of the Others!

You just need to retain them and continually keep them ever green!

Its time to position yourself to even attract the talents you don't have so you can flourish beyond measures!

It’s that simple my Beloved!

And, you can do it all!

Your own, they are young and full of life!

Your human capital composition is the yearnings of Others!

These Others you timidly depend on, aren’t even considerably better than you!

You are accepting to play second fiddle to your counterparts in ignorance!

You think you can never measure up with the Rest, and consequently you are settled in mediocrity!

You think your human assets are not good and competitive enough!

Well, that’s all lies!

In fact, what you’ve got are much better than you care to appreciate!

It’s that simple my Beloved

You just need your own; educate them in the best way possible; promote and value apprenticeship; be bent on encouraging innovation in general!

Make good use of your human capital!

Craft your Own niche!

Learn and institutionalize what fits you, don’t copy that which fits Others!

Doing so should be your only aspiration and the single thing that enthralls you!

It’s the only way to pull yourself out of backwardness and ineptness, which have crippled you thus far!

You are unique in all ramification and your conceptions should reflect this uniqueness as well!

It’s that simple my Beloved!

Though the route to learning, getting to and staying in the simple lesson and path, respectively will be treacherous, but that will neither harm nor kill you!

Remember the saying: “What doesn't kill you makes you stronger”!

Your efforts for change, will surely attract mockers and cajolers!

You will be lured into the “false good ideas” of the path of dependency and copycatting!

You will be advised to stop shooting aimlessly for the stars!

You will be told to first, clear the clouds blocking your view of the stars; clouds the Others obviously generated, placed over you and are sustained so you can remain undeveloped!

Critics will describe your effort as an over ambitious venture!

But, since you are simply aspiring to make it better for you, it’s not wrong!

It’s that simple my Beloved!

But, in it all, you have to remain steadfast!

You have to push on, until you get the reward of advancement and the “Oil Rich and Competitive Nation,” becomes your new label!

Don’t be discouraged; keep faith irrespective of what obstacles come your way!

Clairvoyantly snob all bogus stereotypes that ought to weigh you down!

Steadily thrust for a good, improved and healthier future for yourself instead!

Keep learning so as to remain in the state of advancement, no matter the cost!

Remain on the path to continuously enjoy the goodies that come with being on top!


It’s that simple my Beloved!

Know this, all that are needed to set you on the simple path, is within you and will start manifesting when you learn the simple lesson!

Know this also, there is no need for consultations!

Those you will want to consult are detractors not directors!

They will detract you towards the complex lesson and path you have dwelt with all these while to no avail!

Stay away from them!

Isolate yourself; use the time to discover the true you and stimulate your potentials!

Stay by yourself till the goal is achieved!

Remember, it’s more blissful when like Switzerland you can invent your own method of operation; sustain them; keep flourishing; be highly ranked and let Others learn from you!

It’s that simple my Beloved!

Your loved ones are rooting for you!

They are watching and hoping that what needs to be done for the sake of the long over due transformation will dawn on you sooner than later!

They are clamoring for you to appreciate, use, retain and invest on your Own!

This is the simple lesson and path for you my Beloved!

Learn it; get to it, and when you do, don't let it dry; keep it ever alive and afresh!

It’s that simple Nigeria, my Beloved!

This is the simple lesson and path for you “Giant of Africa”!

Note: Inspired by an online piece written by Thierry Geiger and titled: What makes Switzerland so Competitive? Retrieved on September 3, 2014, from


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