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It's all in the Delivery

Updated on February 26, 2012

Yoplait Ad Creates Eating Disorder?

Madison and make-up

It’s all in the Delivery

By Tony DeLorger ©2011

I was watching a morning show today and they were discussing the furore over a low-calorie yoghurt commercial. It depicted an average young woman standing in front of an open fridge and deliberating whether to have a piece of cheesecake. The ad was eventually withdrawn because it was seen as portraying attitudes associated with anorexia, and therefore promoting this image that skinny is perfect. I just can’t believe it.

It seems that society not only over-analyses everything but increasingly panders to minorities to not offend or upset anyone. I simply saw another ad selling a low-calorie product over a high calorie product; for the sake of heath and perhaps to keep trim and not put on weight. So what? We don’t stop advertising alcohol because someone might become an alcoholic and kill themselves. Cigarettes are freely available and we know they kill.

Again, on the same show was a U-Tube clip of a five-year-old girl playing with make up. She was so cute and confident but this turned into something else. The clips drew such an audience that make-up manufacturers started sending this kid make-up to demonstrate their products on-line. This then becomes an argument about manipulating a child and promoting the importance of how you look rather than who you are. This young child is innocent, simply playing and being a girl. The make-up manufacturers should be sued for their opportunistic actions.

We spend so much time deliberating these apparent oversights of convention that what the conventions are is unclear. They change as does our acceptance of them, in a constant state of flux. What was rejected ten years ago as inappropriate could now be commonplace. So why are we so intent on seeking out anomalies and possible infringements to conventions that for all intent and purposes change continually?

If we were to cull commercials because they in some way offended someone or implied something other than what was intended, there would be no advertising. I agree that promoting anything that is detrimental to the health or well-being of anyone should be questioned. But there must be common sense. It’s like saying that any TV show or game that displays violence is going to make people pick up a gun and kill people. There are always people that are going to commit crimes, regardless of advertising or TV shows. Girls that see a diet yoghurt ad aren’t going to become anorexic because of it. We simple can’t think like that; it is not feasible or advantageous.

If society wants to combat health and mental health problems, put money into the kid’s development, supporting them emotionally to grow up with self-esteem and a balanced perspective. Trying to patch up a few questionable ads at the other end is like putting a bandaid on a heart attack.


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