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Its the people, not the system (to blame)

Updated on January 26, 2015
Republic day celebrations in India
Republic day celebrations in India | Source

Today i saw the India's republic day parade on TV.

This event is a tribute to the freedom fighters who fought for a good reason that made all the progress in India possible. It is also a showcase of all the progress that was made in the past 60 odd years since the inception of the Republic of India.

Then I watched some news, made up by some of the foolish, ignorant, partial and irresponsible media people. They mostly showed(extrapolating though) how Indians take pride every time the parade marches through Rajpath. Then I watched the President's address to the nation on youtube. He spoke so emotionlessly about so many great things that happened to India like Gandhi and the freedom on India. Later, I watched a video on the embarrassing condition of traffic on Indian city roads interrupting the ambulance services to the extent that medical care is unable to reach anyone desperate for it in time.

The question that went through my mind after watching these events through the day: Have we done enough to be proud yet? Shouldn't we be ashamed instead, looking at India's condition today despite so many efforts by so many great people and visionaries at the time of the freedom struggle?

We say that we respect Gandhi ji so much so that we call him the father of the nation. At the same time we do not follow his visions and principles. Let's be honest to ourselves. We do not care for others at all. We do not believe in cleanliness and beautification of our surroundings. We produce, watch and talk about cheap Bollywood movies and TV shows which are totally disgusting to say the least. They have a powerful adverse impact on the society. The condition of cities and the standard of living is worst but still most of us do nothing about it.

True, accomplishments of the past are something to be cherished upon and celebrated. But haven't we celebrated the same thing over and over enough already? It looks like, we are so happy about the accomplishments of our ancestors that we've forgot our responsibilities!

Its undeniable that we owe a lot to the freedom fighters and the visionaries of India who shaped our future. They struggled and sacrificed to make the common man powerful. We enjoy the benefits of a democratic society and the rich cultural, social, scientific, philosophical and vedic heritage of India, all because some people made good choices in the past. But looking at our behaviour, it seems, the next generations wouldn't be so preveliged afterall.

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