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Ivanka Trump: The New Commander-In-Chief

Updated on April 19, 2017

We all know Donald Trump loves tough leaders, especially Vladimir Putin. Little does Trump realize that Russia has no legal obligation to the FBI or to the American electorate. The main focus of Russian spies is to manage information and secure weak links in making use of network technology and surveillance to advance Soviet policies.

Russia recruited enough information on Donald Trump to achieve network control by hacking the former chairman of Hillary Clinton’s campaign John Podesta’s emails and using that knowledge to weaken Clinton’s campaign efforts. Russia did gain the upper hand by synchronizing and integrating human frailties in influencing FBI Director James Comey to reopen the investigation into Clinton’s emails. Needless to say, it was Hillary that blamed her loss to Donald Trump by blaming the FBI Director and Putin.

Trump may have not said it, but he gladly encouraged WikiLeaks and the Russians to penetrate senior democrat party officials even when the FBI warned them of Russian-backed cyber attacks. Russia has developed sophisticated and broadly-based capabilities to attack and degrade computer systems allowing them to benefit their stature in the geopolitical world.

On March 28, 2017, Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov stated, “Today we are open with the administration of Donald Trump on recovering the situation in relationship. However, this will be achieved only if Washington really takes into consideration our national interests and perceives Russia as an equal partner.”

The term equal partner was based as a simple tactic on an email that was sent to John Podesta. Once opened, the spreadsheet attached installed malware which searched for documents on the host’s computer data that was transmitted to Russia via WikiLeaks. This was highly useful intelligence in the evolution of nations overstepping their boundaries to change public opinion and destabilizing a political party.

It was Russia’s goal to disrupt, destroy, and manipulate information on the proposed willingness of a President that accepted espionage as part of the business of international relations by fulfilling a tolerant norm of winning at all costs. Every time Trump praised Putin, Putin reciprocated, and this was a signal for Putin to implement their priority measures in organizing technical information aimed at Donald Trump’s victory as a key component to restore Russian and US relations that manifest into business.

It was indeed the first time in Russia that computer network attacks were not looked at as a technical impact, but rather as a psychological endeavor to change the electorate’s opinion towards themselves and to deter Hillary’s capability to gain the Oval Office. This pushed Russia as a dominant leader to shape the world’s opinion regarding information technology against a competitive political adversary.

Case in point, French President Francois Hollande recently requested a full briefing of what’s being done to feign off cyber interference in the 2017 presidential elections of France. Marine Le Pen, leader of the far right National Front political party of France, is mesmerized by Putin’s natural strength and ability. She has praised the Russian president as a dynamic influencer in the geopolitical world.

American university professors have stated that public hearings have demonstrated Russian and US relations are being held hostage to internal political squabbling during Trump’s term. That means it puts Trump in a position of never fulfilling his capabilities in determining his electoral mandate to the American people.

Russia’s cyber philosophy has enabled and now embedded in the peacetime no different than the Cold War that personalized the Russian experience against America’s dominance. Putin understands factors that correspond to international hostilities and their geography that plays a prominent role in achieving military dominance. There’s no doubt there’s a certain degree of indolence and weakness that Western countries display with their feeble levels of education in math and science.

Aside from many obstacles that were confronted by Trump’s administration, his character always displayed a dismissive attitude towards Russia hacking Podesta’s emails. It was John McCain, the chairman of the US Senate Committee on Armed Services, that said, “And so we have to make sure that there is a price to pay so that we can perhaps persuade Russia to stop these kinds of attacks on our very fundamentals of democracy.”

Trump’s campaign simply legitimized and directly played a significant role in allowing Russians to hack and determine a psychological outcome against Hillary. Little does Trump realize that Russian hackers are probably the best in the world. The Russian ground campaign against Hillary was a determinant signal for the Trump campaign for Putin to expand and target areas in communicating and meddling in the Presidential campaign.

Russia was able to set a Botnet group of computers that infected software. Once they launched the Botnet spam emails, the innocuous channels and human frailty allowed Podesta to open the curtains for Hillary’s defeat. It is the first time for a foreign nation to meddle in the US political process in establishing strategy and concealment in terms of implementing information channels to not only misinform the public, but to differentiate between real news and fake news.

When Putin called Donald Trump brilliant and Trump acknowledged it, the tactics of information were used to weaken Hillary’s campaign operational structure. It disrupted Hillary’s campaign by diverting Trump’s personal weaknesses to that of Hillary’s inability to cultivate an active offensive strategy to combat it. These types of strategies allowed WikiLeaks information to flow as an interference and anti-interference in deciphering the public mood against Hillary.

Russia, and perhaps China to a certain extent, wanted Trump to win by coordinating information networks and achieving momentum by enhancing Trump’s campaign position. When WikiLeaks released emails from campaign manager Podesta, everything became unpredictable by using both true and false information. The real modality was to make information believable to the American electorate. The Democratic National Committee was unable to adopt or employ perception and intellectual management in controlling the conspiracy theories of WikiLeaks against Hillary and the Democratic Party.

Russia and WikiLeaks achieved their objectives without directly associating themselves with the Trump campaign. They essentially influenced content and the direction of thinking on the part of the American electorate. Again I reiterate that this was something new, countries intruding in the political process has a miniscule history in our past. It allowed the human condition to gather steam in soliciting FBI Director James Comey as a direct participant in the demise of Hillary’s presidential bid.

Trump may not understand that Putin recognizes that information topics greatly influence the modes and methods in the cognitive spirit of shaping American options and opinion. Today, Putin is twiddling his thumbs as he realizes that the Trump administration has absolutely no foreign policy towards any nation. Eric Trump, son of Donald Trump, informed the geopolitical world that it was Ivanka Trump that influenced her father to send Tomahawk missiles into Syria.

What’s even worse is that Putin is aware that North Korea is a schizophrenic society with a benevolent ruler that is able to calculate domestic and international politics even worse than Donald Trump. Recently it was Xi Jinping rather than his trusted staff that educated Trump on the history between North Korea and China.

Remember, Kim Jong-un is able to isolate and form an ideology by smothering North Koreans with totalitarian socialism reminiscent of Stalin. North Korea’s nationalism is rooted in Japan’s 35 year colonial rule and occupation of North Korea. Japan was able to modernize their infrastructure but not their politics. Many Koreans joined the Chinese army when Japan invaded China. But the truth is that it was Russia that wanted North Korea to be comparable with Soviet interest and influence.

North Korea was spun by the Soviet administration. However, they underestimated America’s determination to defend the anti-communists in South Korea. North Korea continues to threaten Japan by launching missiles, including short-range intercontinental missiles even though the US military complex benefits by the sale of more military weapons to Japan.

What’s indeed devastating for the Trump administration and the Republican Party is what Kim Jong-un seems to pontificate to the DPRK news service of North Korea. Quote: “Missile launch proves invertebrate jellyfish Donald Trump to be meek and humbled man when shown the back of Marshal Kim Jong-un’s fist.”

Even worse, and I’m not being sexist by saying this, because Putin’s even wondering what the hell is going on when North Korea’s news service also states, “Appointment of First Lady Ivanka Trump to Cabinet proves Chief Pervert Donald Trump to be a hem pecked moronic bladder of corrupted flesh.” Even though the DPRK news Service is a sham, the sentiment in North Korea is that Donald Trump is weak and less masculine than Kim Jung Un.

I want to ask Ivanka Trump, bear in mind, I’m not as good-looking as Justin Trudeau, how sure she is that if her father strikes North Korea, that an H-bomb will not fall on the innocent civilians of South Korea. This beautiful woman isn’t qualified and doesn’t possess the technical expertise in determining the future of our world. I want her to think hard in what Eisenhower pontificated when he stated that the military complex may one day take action upon their own will to determine the strength of America.

Ivanka, your father is weak, he flip flops, and simply is incapable of making the right decisions for the world. He is willing to listen to you rather than the higher echelon of the Republican Party, and this will turn out to be a grave mistake. Your father made the right decision to include China in leveraging North Korea, however your father was stupid in the use of Twitter in expounding that if China doesn’t take care of North Korea then he will. Obama understands quiet diplomacy; your father is an idiot.


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    • Fiorenzo Arcadi profile image

      Fiorenzo Arcadi 10 months ago from 1592 Bloor Street West

      Bradmaster, I want you to think. Kim Jong-un has taken the same position as John F Kennedy during the Cuban missile crisis.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      bradmasterOCcal 10 months ago from Orange County California

      No wonder no one commented when you write things like this

      " proves Chief Pervert Donald Trump to be a hem pecked moronic bladder of corrupted flesh.”

      and this one

      "your father is weak, he flip flops, and simply is incapable of making the right decisions for the world. He is willing to listen to you rather than the higher echelon of the Republican Party, and this will turn out to be a grave mistake. "


      How did we do in just the last 28 years with Carter, GH Bush, Bill Clinton, GW Bush and Barack Obama?

      We have been in continual wars, wars that we either lost, or are still fighting. And during these terms where the Democrat and Republicans had control of the Congress and presidency at times, how did they do for the country and the people. One fact that says they all did poorly was 2008 economic meltdown, and the failed attempt to recover.

      North Korea has been a problem since we didn't win the Korean War, and Iran has been a problem since they took advantage of president Jimmy Carter. Syria was a problem generated by president Barack Obama and Sec of State Hillary Clinton.

      Iraq was and is a problem because of two Bush presidents and the others. The congress, and the presidents failed to protect us from the successful attack on 911, where not a single defensive action was taken, much less successful.

      Benghazi was not a real problem until Barack Obama and Sec of State HRC decided regime change in Libya, and then they didn't protect our US Ambassador in Benghazi.

      And you claim the president Trump doesn't know what he is doing. Who do you think did a good job before him?

      Do you even live in this country?