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Iv'e Got an Idea

Updated on March 17, 2011

I've Got an Idea

I am getting beamed so hard I can barely remember my last name. There has to be a source of these signals and they should be trackable. This means that if we got together and donated enough money to get one of those "electronic Harassment Companies" (like come out for just ONE of us and trace the SOURCE of these emanations, we could PROVE what was happening to ONE of us. That ONE person then sues the source of these emanations (they COULD be cell-phone towers). I don't think anyone moves too much around. I think these "systems of harassment" are fixed and land-based. I think we could get lucky and find a steady-output source and sue the source for Pain and Suffering.

I don't think that the SOURCE has ever been found. If we can even PROVE that a person consistently feels disturbed when elevations of these type of waves goes up, we can pressure congress to look into this. We could even use an EEG (fairly affordable, nowadays) to show the brain disturbance. Combine this with with energy-meters to show that bursts of certain energy correspond to these disturbing brain waves. If you can PROVE electronic harassment exists (and you CAN), then we can make a "test case" for ourselves and sue the source. Further collective investment for a Lawyer would be also of importance. I was just told "no" (one jolt) to mention any of this.

We ought to form a community of un-programmed people: one place where the dwelling is completely electronically-shielded. This way, we could THINK BETTER and have the opportunity to Brainstorm with others who share our predicament. By being near other normal people standing up to invisible repression, we strengthen our belief in ACTUAL REALITY. This would keep a lot of people from going over the edge and losing their minds. Every time a normal person experiences a psychotic break with reality and succumbs to the Binaural Beat Messages, we lose someone. This needs to be stopped.

Our motives are very important here. We will receive lesser levels of E-harassment if our goal is based on helping others. Benevolence is the New Motivus. Granted, we have a right to be angry, but being angry puts us in a more vulnerable position to being "programmed". Using a Positive Force to motivate the construction of "E-harassment safe houses" and proving Electronic Harassment will allow these things to happen with greater ease and less harassment.

Once we construct such a community, we must "take care of our own". By fostering a strong sense of community for E-harassment victims, we increase the mental strength of each member AND the legitimacy of our cause in the eyes of the world. Physical proximity to other non-programmed people would be just amazing. I honestly cannot relate in words the degree of positive impact that this could have for all of us.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I made a trip to a foreigner country and the process continued in the airplaine and in the country, perhaps are several modes of action depending the place we are, they clearly have resources, but we un-programmed have the Good on our side.

      I too believe that we need to organize worldwide to know more and to find a way to awake the others.

    • wilmiers77 profile image


      7 years ago from Oklahoma City, OK

      I am a believer. Count me in. Brain control is very real.

    • Tamarii2 profile image


      7 years ago from NEW YORK

      Interesting Hub.Thanks for responding to one of my Hubs.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I agree. There are some people out there with money and power who would help. Especially with prayer, God can do anything. God could make it happen.


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