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Updated on September 16, 2011

It must be taken with a grain of salt.

James Carville's advise to President Barack Obama, asking him to "panic", was not at all polite.

He, of all people, should not be giving any kind of advise to the president, when he was doing all he could to straighten things out, after the debt ceiling and deficit debacle that has caused the economy to become more sour, and the unemployment conditions to get nastier.

It was not a time for news analysts and media pundits to be fooling around with important issues; as he and Wolf Blitzer were doing in the "Situation Room" on CNN, yesterday.

Carville was being interviewed by Blitzer on the Democratic election losses in Nevada and New York; and why Carville was advising the president to panic. To stop the trend of Democratic losses, the president should fire the people around him. What?

"Fire somebody, anybody, anyone; other presidents did it,", was the response from Carville, when Blitzer asked him why?

However, the question arose, as to when did Carvelle give anything good to Obama? That did not happen, when Obama was running for the presidency and campaigning in 2008; therefore, why now? The word "panic" was used stupidly here.

The two people, Carville and Blitzer, were among the first to know why the Democrats lost, especially in the New York election. In that it was a case of greedy politicians instigating a section of the community, namely, the Jewish sector, to cast their vote in favor of the Republican candidate, due to Obama's policies toward Israel.

In other words, the issue in the Queens, New York's 9th district election was not necessarily about New York, or even the economic condition of the United States, per se. It was about Obama's foreign policy, and how he had unduly treated the State of Israel, in its long standing dispute with the Palestinians.

That was the truth the two television moguls should be talking about. However, instead of that, they were making a mockery of Obama and the Democratic Party. They were also planting a false idea in the minds of viewers that Obama was losing his base or support, and therefore he should panic.

Carvelle, a Democrat, could not be trusted, because he was married to a Republican strategist. Besides, he could not be loyal to anybody, but to himself. So, why did he pretend to be loyal to Obama, when in actuality he (Obama) never had his (Carville's) support?

Moreover, Obama did not have a real challenger. right now, coming from the Republican side; not Romney or Perry. So, what would be the reason for him to panic?

The only person that could really put up a challenge to unseat Obama would be Bachmann; but she was being practically ignored by her own party.

As for Carville, his advise for the president to panic was warped, and nobody was taking him seriously.


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