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JANSEVA, Towards Islamic Banking

Updated on December 6, 2010

Participatry Solutions

What is Jan Seva?

Janseva is a credit cooperative society, with its head office in Chennai, to promote interest free banking and to encourage Islamic way of business. Janseva started its first ever branch in Vaniyambadi a few days back in the month of November 2010.

The reason to start Janseva in Vaniyambadi is because, this small town is very much familier with the concept of Islamic Banking and the elite of this town are making sincere efforts to introduce the Islamic Banking facility with the approval of the Government of India. In the past several efforts were made to introduce this system, but due to so many undefined reasons these efforts were not fruitful. After a long time, it was found that by establishing a cooperative society, the  Islamic Banking System can be practiced. This led to the formation of Janseva with the inaguration of its first branch in Vaniyambadi.

As it is a well known fact that the poor rarely access to financial services through the formal financial sector. They address their need for financial services through a variety of financial relationships, mostly informal i.e. Money Lenders which is very exploitative and burdensome because of high rate of interest charged. The Janseva Society is committed to undertake financial and business transactions on free from interest, speculation, gambling and exploitation. In the absence of a social/Islamic Bank in the country, Janseva is the alternate option for all classes of people in the society irrespective of income level, caste, religion and region.

Its Objectives:

  1. Encourage to save some amount from your hard earned money and keep it safe and liquid.
  2. Assist you to have acess to  interest free credit debt cost to fulfill your financial requiements. 
  3. To Provide business loans on the basis of profit and loss sharing.
  4. To assist solve the housing and other needs through special purpose vehicle being designed for the benefits of the members.
  5. The Society aims to provide interest free loans to the tune of Rs.5 lakhs to each member who wishes to avail the loan on profit sharing basis. In such case the society also becomes a partner to this business till the amount of loan is repaid in fully.


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    • profile image

      sk mushir 5 years ago

      i am interast

    • profile image

      mujahid sayyed 5 years ago

      Masha allah bahot acha kam kar rahe ho aap insha allah puri duniya se bachat gat , shavkar,bank se chutkara milenga logoko aur mahenat ka paisa be jaja nahi jayenga

    • profile image

      Ramharakh 5 years ago

      Gangapur birahimpur balrampur

    • profile image

      ASIF ANZAR 6 years ago


      assalamu alaikum!

      I'm very impressed when I heard about this society working in the light of islamic thought . As i heard about this socciety atrandome my heart become fulL of glad & felt that my dream come true . really it was my dream that when i will get rid from HUMAN KILLING SYSTEM"Riba".

      last year become member of your society.from your Darbhanga Branch.

      I wish I shall contribute in the society soon and look forward for its procedure and updations from time time to my mail,,



    • profile image

      zakir ahmed 6 years ago

      assalamu alaikum


      my name is zakir ahmed I am from pernambut vellore district. iam apply for the vacant position of accountant . I assure you that I am qualified for this position. Additionally, I have 1years experience in a similar position. I would like to take a chance to show my abilities and prove that I am a right candidate for this kind of job. I am also expert in tally e.r.p 9.3. and ms-office 2007. During my 2 years of experience.

      Kindly ask you to consider me as a candidate for this vacancy within your organization.

      Will be looking forward to your reply.

      Thanking in advance,

      Best regards,

      L.zakir ahmed

      contact no:919790522698


    • profile image

      Ghouse Ibn Rashid 6 years ago

      Where the likes of major banks and financial institutions felt the dent that the economic crisis left on their books, Shariah compliant institutions hardly even saw a scratch. One of the reasons was the restriction of investments in high risk bonds. However, nothing can remain unscathed for very long. The successful defaults in Sukuk, the lack of trained advisors and consultants who understand both the law of Islam and economic understanding of finance and weak marketing has perhaps stinted the growth a little.

      Janseva on its way to tackle the issue by bringing together bankers, consultants, regulators, scholars and solution providers and emerging markets within Africa and Asia work towards understanding how their western counterparts are legally tackling the issue of double taxation and the likes.

    • profile image

      Dr Rahmatullah 6 years ago


      please note that Head office Janseva is at Mumbai

      we have a branch of janseva at Chennai like the one at Vaniyambadi

      Regd and administrative head office-----AICMEU, VAZIR BUILDING, FIRST FLOOR, 179, I.R.ROAD MUMBAI--400003

      EMAIL,, web

    • profile image

      Farooq 7 years ago


      I felt impressed when I heard about this society thro' an Islamic gathering held for women at Hyderabad last week-end. I wish I shall contribute in the society soon and look forward for its procedure and updations from time time to my mail ID:


    • profile image

      Vellore Rahmatullah 7 years ago

      This is the need of every society. Every right thinking man feels a bank of this sort should be there to address the needs of the people. Financial institutions like any other utility should be there to serve the people, not to exploit them. Janaseva's success depends upon people's participation. It should be introduced to the people in different fora, and make them aware of its social benefits, and its contribution towards the growth of a happy family and a happy society.