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Suspect Jason Ivler now detained at QC jail

Updated on June 26, 2015
Jason Ivler now at Q.C. jail
Jason Ivler now at Q.C. jail

Detainee Ivler is ordered transferred to Q.C. Jail

BY virtue of a Quezon City Court Order, dated April 5 and penned by Judge Alexander Balut of the Quezon City Regional Trial Court, Branch 76, ordered the discharge of Jason Ivler from the Quirino Memorial Medical Center (QMMC) and his transfer to the Quezon City Jail. The order favors the prosecutions’s argument that Ivler was already fit to leave the QMMC.

Q.C. Police to escort Ivler
Q.C. Police to escort Ivler

Police and NBI agents to escort Ivler to jail

News from QTV Balitanghali said members of the Quezon City Police and NBI agents were already at the QMMC to fetch and escort Ivler to jail. Upon learning of the order, Ivler’s mother Marlene Aguilar led a march of relatives and supporters requesting for the immediate release of Ivler from the jail. The protesters started their march from Katipunan where Marlene Aguilar’s house is to the city hall complex where the murder case filed versus Idler are being heard. Ivler is the main suspect for road rage killing of Renato Victor Ebarle Jr. in November last year.

Ivler is pictured drinking with friends. QC jail is allegedly lax in imposing discipline.
Ivler is pictured drinking with friends. QC jail is allegedly lax in imposing discipline.

Ivler to be with foreign detainees in the jail's 2nd floor

A certain Sgt. Alcantara said Ivler will be placed at the “international cell”. Alcantara further disclosed that Ivler’s transfer will not affect the daily operations of the jail, including visits to the inmates. He also said Ivler will pass the jail’s record section and undergo medical checkup before his incarceration. Radio dzBB reported Ivler- an American citizen- will share a special cell with some other 22 foreign detainees in the city jail’s 2nd floor. The facility had been prepared by personnel from the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP). DZbb’s Rowena Salvacion reported that the BJMP has assured sufficient security at the international cell to hold Ivler. Salvacion’s report added that many of the jail’s inmates were excited to see Ivler who gained notoriety for shooting it out with NBI agents last year.

Victim's dad USEC Ebarle weeps tears of joy after Jason Ivler's arrest.
Victim's dad USEC Ebarle weeps tears of joy after Jason Ivler's arrest.

The victim's family was happy over Ivler's detention in the Q.C. jail

The deceased victim Renato Victor Ebarle, Jr’s family was elated upon hearing the news of Ivler’s detention in the Q.C. jail. The elder Ebarle, PMS Undersecretary, said his family heard a thanksgiving mass and visited Renato Victor Ebarle, jr’s grave. The young Ebarle would have turned 28 last May if he were alive.

No sign of Ivler's mother who made a vow to lead a march daily

Ivler was reported to have spent a peaceful first night at Q.C. Jail following his detention there last April 6. DZBBB’s Manny Vargas quoted Q.C. Jail Warden Superintendent Nestor Velasquez as mentioning that Ivler presented no problem so far. As of 9:00 AM of Wednesday, April 7, the morning just following Ivler’s detention, there was no sign of Ivler’s mother Marlene Aguilar Pollard at the jail, said the dzBB report. Marlene Aguilar Pollard had made a vow to march daily near the jail while Ivler is incarcerated.



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