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Updated on February 7, 2015

What France should do to avoid hypocrisy

"Je suis Charlie" ( "I am Charlie") is a slogan used by supporters to show solidarity with the victims of the Paris terror attack and support for freedom of speech.Thousands of people around the world have expressed their solidarity with the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo following the attack in Paris. One month after the bloody attack, the situation seems calm so that hundreds of security forces patrolling the streets at that time are now invisible. Is the job well done? Is ‘’Je suis Charlie’’ behind us?

During the event, French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, used a bad word suggesting racism to depict the situation in the French ‘’banlieue’’, saying that the country’s recent terrorist attacks have exposed a ‘’geographic, social, ethnic apartheid’’. Nobody accepted the word ’’apartheid’’ used in place of ghettos or suburbs. This one is a war of words. Indeed, the truth is that the problem described by using this word or another is the same: ‘’…an urgent need to fight hatred and discrimination, especially in deprived areas home to many communities of immigrant origin’’. French officials recognize that extremism, criminality, radical Islam… find fertile ground in the ghettos. Ignoring it in order to secure calm in the ‘’banlieues’’ is hypocrisy for the leaders. Banlieues issue is not the only one, but the most one.

French leaders realize the impact of immigration to fight successfully the terrorism in the country. ‘’France’s poor suburbs have long been seen as breeding grounds for political and religious extremists’, analysts sustain strongly. The leaders of both sides have to avoid the two-facedness because they know that a successful terrorism fight must start there in these ethnic enclaves.



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