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Judas Duck Engineers in America, Collapsed Bridges, Falling Helicopters

Updated on February 11, 2017

Engineer Judas Ducks

"Hymn of the Breaking Strain," by Rudyard Kipling, poet: "So when the buckled girder/ Lets down the grinding span/ The blame of loss, or murder,/ Is laid upon the man./ Not on the stuff-the man!"

There are many great engineers in America, but the few Judas Duck bridge, road, auto, gun and helicopter designers have caused immense mayhem, and tragedy over the years, thousands are dead since the early 1900's, due to human error. There are many examples including the faulty iron rivets on the Titanic. Forget about all the hysteria and romanticism of the Titanic, it was the rivets stupid. There is a historical record of collapsed bridges, with a huge loss of human life. The Tacoma Narrows disaster on a suspension bridge that collapsed over the narrows of the Tacoma in Washington state in 1939 and the failure in 2007 of the I-35 bridge over the Mississippi in Minneapolis which took 13 lives, are two examples detailed in "To Forgive Design", by Henry Petroski, who recorded and criticized with a comprehensive analysis of Judas Duck human error.

In 1907 in Quebec, a cantilever bridge over the St. Lawrence River collapsed while under construction, killing 75 workers. Design engineers, the resident site engineer, and the chief consulting engineer created a potential massacre for people, due to human error. Judas Duck engineers were around before the actual judas ducks on the North Platte River in Nebraska.

Three lane roads are created, all over the US by engineers, where drivers do not know which lane they are supposed to be in. The head engineer for all the road systems in Orange County, California, stated that the three lane road is a prime cause of a large percentage of auto accidents. He said nobody should drive over a blind hill in the left lane on a three lane road, even though they have the right of way. Who knows who is coming over the ridge, in what lane, and at what rate of speed.

Watch the news, and helicopters drop from the sky often, since their terrible record in Vietnam, to present day Afghanistan. Seat belts in cars get stuck, do not latch, get twisted and mangled, and people get frustrated and leave them off. Autos these days, including off-road jeeps are using plastic bumpers to save money for the auto makers. You see plastic bumpers laying along freeways, all of the time, deposited as road hazards due to cheap, Judas Duck, auto engineers and companies.

"Learn while you earn," must be changed in America to, higher standards in every engineering college in the US. There are human lives at stake. Wouldn't you rather stand on the banks of the Mississippi River and take in the view while fishing, than drop from a faulty, steel stressed bridge span into its muddy waters? It is not a pleasant way to get to New Orleans.

A recent lengthy documentary on the alleged faulty design of Remington guns, has shocked the sporting world. There are dozens of lawsuits pending on Remington guns that have allegedly fired with the safety on, without the direct control of the gun holder. This is all alleged by numerous wounded hunters and an investigation is pending. The Remington company is denying any problem with their guns. It is alleged by many, that the Common Fire Control is faulty in some of the guns, including the 870 shotgun, the 742 auto, and the Remington 1100, and others. This company has been in the gun making business for a hundred years. Hopefully they will get to the bottom of the possibly lethal problem if there is one. If your in a duck blind, you should not have to worry about being the victim of a Judas Duck, gun designer, lying in the bottom of the blind,with a mortal wound. You would rather have a duck dinner with wild rice and wine, than a lengthy recovery, or a lengthy stay with other duck hunters in the Elysian Fields. Duck hunting is dangerous enough without having guns that fire by the butt dropping in the boat, with the safety on.

The entire engineering world needs more attention, and more scrutiny. We must watch out for the Judas Ducks in our society, they could be lethal. Judas Ducks were lethal to other ducks on the North Platte River in the old days. Judas Duck engineers could set you up for a bad day.


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