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Judas Duck State Forest Officials in Colorado, Incompetence, Disaster, Death in the Lower North Fork Fire

Updated on February 12, 2017


The Jefferson County Colorado wildfire that has taken three lives, was caused by incompetent, ignorant state forest officials who weren't flexible in their policies, and started a controlled? burn in a tinder box. This is the kind of incompetence from government that Vincent Bugliosi described in his book "Outrage" where he states in conclusion that incompetence in American government occurs from the lowest public official to the highest post in the land. The tragedy caused by this kind of incompetence, took the lives of three people who had moved to the peaceful area near the state land, that should have allowed them peace to live out their twilight years. Instead they got a raging inferno in their face. Also, the doughnut eaters at the Sheriff's office in Jefferson County, told a family of callers that there was nothing to be alarmed about, the smoke was from the controlled burn. The family left their home when they saw a wall of smoke and flame coming in their direction, and filmed a harrowing escape through burning embers. Maybe the deputies should once and awhile leave their computers, and crumbs of doughnuts, and cruise the roads in their county, like good cops did in the old days.

My blog symbol is a Judas Duck. In the old days of market gunning for ducks and geese, a market hunter had a flock of Judas Ducks that sat in a large box of corn in his blind. They were trained to be let loose to fly up into a passing flock of wild ducks or geese, and lead the flock in the sky back to the blind for their slaughter for the restaurant markets. The symbol of the Judas Duck includes anyone in our society who leads people through ignorance, incompetence and greed to their slaughter in areas of finance, law, investments, and several other areas of wrong headed advice including travel agents, alcohol boosters, and dozens of people who think they know it all, yet know next to nothing. Wall Street investment banks and financial advisors were a prime example of Judas Duck advice years before the Meltdown.

A ten year old Boy Scout, could have walked the forest land in Jefferson County, before the firestorm and easily concluded that it was unusually dry for March, and the trees were unusually dry with dead beatle kill everywhere. The National Weather Service reported in Denver, where readings are taken, that we could see the "driest March on record."

The state forest officials defended their deadly mistake by stating the obvious cover-up language, "This is our written policy." An individual with higher intelligence should conclude that policy should be flexible under the changing conditions and adjusted to unusual and present dangers. The state officials now are defending their actions, even though dozens of homes were torched to ashes, and three lives were tragically lost. This is a prime example of Judas Ducks in government, quacking day and night to the ruin of people. Judas Ducks have entrenched all levels of government.

"Ignorance is the curse of God, knowledge the wing, wherewith we fly to Heaven," William Shakespeare


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    • profile imageAUTHOR

      Judas Duck 

      6 years ago from Glendale Colorado

      Witnesses saw the embers from the control burn blow into the fire zone, tell your nonsense to the families who lost loved ones, and the couple that barely escap

      ed with their life. You must be a doughnut eater, or dumb.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      ridiculous article. Before you spot off know the facts first...which is why there is an investigation going on.


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