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Jailed Boy-Band Guru a Predator - How To P**p Your Kid For Fun and $

Updated on February 29, 2012

I Blame The Parents

Another "businessman" pervert found molesting children. Once again, I'm shocked. According to "Vanity Fair" which hit the newsstands October 3rd, "boyband" guru, Louis Perlman (who created boyband groups like *NSYNC, Take 5, LFP, O Town, and the Back Street Boys) was doing a little more than just promoting those boy bands. Okay he's a pervert that's pretty much a given. Parents, guess what? Some clown wants to take your under aged kid under his wing and "mentor" him or her, he's probably a pervert.

Parents. So eager to get the big 'ole mighty dollar out of little junior, pimp their kids to any sexual predator out there just so they can buy a big screened TV. Hell, I don't know why perverts slink around elementary schools risking arrest when all they have to do is make some gullible, greedy parents salivate by waving around a dollar bill with one hand while their other hand is up some kid's skirt or down some boy's pants.

Why risk arrest when some stoopid-assed parent will just hand their kid right on over to you? The article quotes 'ole Nick Carter's mama as saying that she knew what a freak he was and she "tried" to warn other parents. She *tried*. What does that mean? What? Were her hands broken and she couldn't dial 911? Her mouth was broken and she couldn't tell anyone that jerk was molesting my kid and, geez, I thought someone would like to, I don't know, like other parents or, just maybe, the police? Or was she so busy pimping her own kid that all she could let out a little squeek. Eek. Ewww. "Nick, honey, put that back in your pants. Don't let anybody touch that." Sometimes you need to do a little more than that. Sometimes you need to call the f--king police, people.

Okay, maybe she thought, well if I hand over 'ole Nick at least he'll get rich (and me, too, tee-hee) and be able to afford rehab and therapy later (and I can get my nails done). Is this country so celebitized that having your kid raped for a few dollars so he can support you and your husband can be rationalized in your own mind? They ought to arrest her ass for even admitting she had a clue.

When stuff like this happens, the parents oughta have their asses arrested and tried for conspiracy to pimp their kid right along side of the predator. I am sick and tired of mothers who claim they had no clue that little Suzie was gettin' fingered by pop every night. They just were so unaware that videos the funny neighbor down the street might be showing sonny boy might be about porn and not about a big purple dinosaur (get your mind out of the gutter, I'm talking about Barney for Christ sakes). Or that momma's boyfriend had more interest in her 14 year old daughter than her. Bullshit. I don't buy it, not one bit.

This is the information age. This is not the 1940's where people shoved crap under the rug or just can't believe the "pillar of the community" is a little too touchy feely. No one can say, well its *those* people. I think we have enough well-educated, good-looking, clean-cut boyscout leaders, private school heads, and Catholic priests (to only name a very few) boikin' kids for any one adult to say they had no idea. No, you had no idea because you didn't want to have an idea. Because you have something missing from your own soul to do what's right.

Isn't there something called depraved indifference under the law? Can't that be applied in cases like this? Can't Nick's momma be arrested and dragged through the courts a little to send a message? That we as a society will no longer stand by while parents pimp their own kids. Isn't prostitution against the law? You know what? Pimps are not just big black guys wearing platform shoes, ridiculous hats, and fur coats. They are Mr. and Mrs. America. Justin Timberlake. Ewww. Carmeron Diaz better get that rash checked.

I'm not even blaming him. He's a pervert he did want pervert's do. But Nick's mom?

Click the link to read the article. You have at least three adults admitting they knew what he was and what he was doing and they did absolutely nothing!


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