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Jailed Voices

Updated on March 10, 2015

When I was young...

...we were told stories in history of people who dared to be different. Stories of historical heroes, bringing halts to terrible injustices being done in our world. What made them so brave? I'd say more than bravery, it was the urge to tell the world, "HEY LOOK HOW SOME OF US FEEL!!" Oppression has never made anything better in our world or society. Trying to make people censor themselves when trying to educate people on New Age issues is preposterous. I cannot believe doing what I was raised to believe was right, is frowned upon.

I chose to blog about Medical Marijuana. It is such a common topic today, that most people you meet have an opinion on it now one way or the other. Is it wrong to try to educate people using this wonderful tool called the internet? The internet, or God as far as we are concerned in terms of abilities, is out there for the purpose of educating people and getting the word out. If it is so wrong to want to talk about certain issues that are acceptable by the polite public than why create areas of the web where you want people to find and share their voices? Oh, so you only want people to share certain voices? This is like saying I shouldn't have to read your articles on HubPages because you talk about a certain culture and I do not care for this culture so I am able to report it. Sex is deemed so inappropriate by some people that they would rather it be eradicated from the internet over themselves simply staying offline.

It seems to me that a few bad apples would like to spoil it for the rest of us. Marijuana is probably legal and/or decriminalized in more states than you would like to believe nay-sayers! Go ahead and report and flag my articles. HubPages is publishing my articles so if it was such a big issue I would like to see them email me so we may discuss this issue further. Also if I could, I would filter it so my blog only appeared online for states that had legalized/decriminalized marijuana. So make sure before you judge you think of the facts. I may not be your average blogger, but I sure do represent a larger portion of the population, and it would do you wise to recognize this fact.

All words aside,


A Fair Fight

Should it be upon random people to flag and report things they deem inappropriate?

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