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Jamming Binaural Harrassment with Loud Music

Updated on April 26, 2010

Loud Music Literally JAMS Electronic harassment

      Today I rediscovered what freedom REALLY feels like.  I plugged my I-pod into a headphone amplifier and turned everything all the way up.  I felt virtually NO harassment because the high-pitched tones I'm constantly bombarded with were OBLITERATED by this technique.

      This way, you cannot be made to think disturbing thoughts.....about 2 slipped in and I deflected them with the mental strategies I've outlined in other articles.  Basically change the subject/focus of thought any way you can.  Count all odd numbers to give your mind something to occupy itself in stead of settling for being trained like an animal.  Read my other stuff.  You can pretty much shut them out completely with the techniques I've discovered.

        If you sleep with 100-200 mg Trazodone, your body WILL sleep and the music jams ALL those psyche-warfare dreams.  You don't need to AMP it unless you are really getting it from them.  I sleep undisturbed now as a result of this technique.  And what a RELIEF that is. 

      Take "Sound Holidays" by blasting your eardrums with your favorite music.  It will BREAK the lethargic/training binaural frequencies being used to keep every American citizen in line.  You can also get away with doing things that enliven the inner-spirit........ANYTHING really.  Do it with the music on or play it afterwards to escape being punished by this unseen repressive force. 

     These people are known as "dog people" because they do/think/feel EXACTLY what they are told through these BINAURAL SIGNALS being sent to their eardrums.  It's THAT simple........jam your hearing and make your sound tolerance HIGHER and you will find yourself more immune to the tactics of mental/physical harassment/torture by this huge group of people. 

    Between songs, I can hear the frantic ringing of an obviously EXTERNAL FORCE.  The sound is electronic, rhythmic and coincides with unpleasant thoughts and body-sensations.  The music starts and all this cr3p is completely obliterated in the chaotic sound of self-empowering music.  Before stopping a "freedom session", take a mild calming medication like Clonopin to make your CONSCIOUSNESS less responsive to these signals.  It's a fog in which your inner-self is heard more loudly than this Binaural cr3p!


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