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Japan's 9.0 Earthquake and Tsunami sixteen years later: a history of the Japan tragedy. Follow it from day one.

Updated on March 22, 2017

Japans 9.0 Earthquake in 2011

Giant Tsunami hits western coast of Japan
Giant Tsunami hits western coast of Japan | Source

Memories of a Dolphin in distress in Japan's toxic waters off coast


Pacific Northwest Author Publishes 3 ebooks

"From the Waters of Coyote Springs" is about a self reliant woman who lives in the Wallow Whitman national forest near Joseph Oregon, working doing timber stand exams in some of the most remote locations near the Snake River Canyon.
"From the Waters of Coyote Springs" is about a self reliant woman who lives in the Wallow Whitman national forest near Joseph Oregon, working doing timber stand exams in some of the most remote locations near the Snake River Canyon. | Source

Pandora's Promise aired November 7, 2013 playing down the danger of Nukes

I just watched the "Pandora's Promise" on CNN that aired November 7, 2013. I was caught up in their mirrors and smoke screens as they tried to talk us into accepting nuclear power as a good alternative to fossil fuels. The whole hour was spent talking about how people are now re thinking the use of nuclear power plants.

How soon they forgot the Japanese disaster after the tsunami, when there nuclear power plant melted down. More than two and a half years later the radioactive water is leaching into the Pacific Ocean. They even put up a sea wall to try to contain it. Today they pulled the power rods.

The surrounding 18 miles around the plant are still uninhabitable: and these scientists and environmentalist are trying to convince us that nuclear power is less damaging than fossil fuels. The whole hour went by and not once did they talk about where they are going to store all the radioactive materials after they are used. What state wants to be the state where we ship all this material to? Hot potato! Whose it going to be? Nevada? No they don't want it. And other states, even those with working plants they don't want it.

Pandora's Promise never brought up the opening of the box and the harm it did in the original story. Something so horrible that no one could put it back into the box once its out.

Pandora's Promise left me even more determined not to have a nuclear power plant anywhere near the beautiful state of Oregon. Pandora keep your box to yourself.

Two years after earthquake and tsunami Japan still dumping toxic waste into the Pacific ocean.

72,000 gallons a day pour out of the Fukushima reactor, it is radioactive and there is nothing they can do to stop it. There is debris coming over to the West coast, and Blue Fin tuna caught on the West coast is contaminated with trace amounts of radiation found in their bodies.

The area around the reactors have 10 times the annual exposure limits to the workers that work there everyday. They now are trying to cool and freeze the water hoping to stave off what is flowing directly into the Pacific.

The operator of Japan’s tsunami-hit nuclear power plant admitted that there are more than 200,000 tons of radioactive water in makeshift tanks vulnerable to leaks, with no reliable way to check on them or anywhere to transfer the water.

This is after over two years since the powerful earthquake and resulting Tsunami. Shinzo Abe, the prime minister promised that his government would take a more active role in the site’s cleanup, raising questions over how seriously he has taken that pledge. Japan’s government is still pushing for a restart of the country’s nuclear power programs. This government still is looking the other way said by Yoshiko Kira of the opposition Japan Communist Party, which has made significant gains in parliamentary elections recently. New York Times

Two years after earthquake radioactive water still pumps into the Pacific Ocean in Japan


Fukushima nuclear power plants pose a real and imminent danger to all of the northern hemisphere and urgently in Oregon and on the West Coast. Last week, we saw the first of a large piece of debris hit the shores of Oregon. The tsunami debris in the Pacific is the size of Texas.

The media blackout on this worldwide catastrophe is complete. Go to or to YouTube to get the truth.

As a sample of withheld information: Plants 1, 2 and 3 have already had full meltdowns. Number 2 power plant has only 2 feet of water over its spent fuel rods and is continuing to leak nuclear waste into the ocean and environment. Number 1 is so hot they can’t get a robot near it to determine its threat. Number 4 is on exposed stilts and concrete bulging, very unstable. Number 3 is so volatile and the rods are in such an insecure placement, that if there is any rumbling, it may cause a “criticality” involving at least Number 4 if not all six plants (i.e., disaster) and cause a catastrophe at least 85 times greater than Chernobyl.

Sen. Ron Wyden toured Fukushima and was so alarmed he asked the U.S. government to get involved. His requests have been summarily ignored because of the power of the nuclear energy industry. The threat to humanity will not go away if we continue to stick our heads down the radioactive hole in the sand.

From the Weekly paper in Eugene Oregon

Lonnie Clark, Eugene

U.S. Deaths from Fukushima?

An airborne plume of toxic fallout floated over to the United States after Japan's tragic Fukushima nuclear disaster on March 11, 2011. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency found that radiation levels in our air, water and milk were hundreds of times higher than normal across the U.S. One month later the EPA announced that radiation levels had declined and they would stop testing.

But after making a freedom of information Act request, journalist Lucas Hixson published emails revealing that on March 24, 2011 the task of collecting nuclear date had been handed off from the U.S Nuclear Regulatory Commission to the Nuclear Energy institute, a nuclear industry lobbing group.

In one study that got little attention, scientists Joseph Mangano and Janette Sherman found that in the period following the Fukushima meltdowns, 14,000 more death than average were reported in the U.S., mostly among infants. Later Mangano and Sherman updated the number to 22,000 deaths.

It makes one wonder if there is some kind of link. And what about the on-going washed ashore on West coast beaches the refuse of the event still coming ashore and possibly contaminating the waters where the fishermen harvest fish for our dinner plates.

And how can President Obama talk about a nuclear renaissance after the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant disaster. American's must tell their government officials that they are demanding green, safe energy be developed in this country. When are American's going to wake up. In fact just recently the Hanover Nuclear Plant in the state of Washington released radiation from their "indestructible" storage of these potentially dangerous materials.

Why waste any more time or energy (pun intended) into nuclear energy? Stop the GOP who are trying to say no to our Presidents push for green energy. Its the future, the baby boomer have come up with many good ideas for the past 40 years, solar energy, wind, and other sustainable ideas. Let this new generation keep the dream alive. Keep America on the right track.

Where is Japan now?

Years later the memory of Japan's 9.0 earthquake and the massive tsunami that followed is still in the world's memory. The final count of souls that were lost in Japan's tsunami has been stated at 19,000 lost and dead. And it may be a long as one hundred years to completely shut down and dismantle the Fukushima's nuclear power plant. And it may be longer than that before the land surround the plant could be used to grow food or graze cattle. Some of the small towns within the 20 mile radius will be uninhabitable for at least a century.

On June 5th, 2012 a huge, intact pier from Japan made its way all the way from Japan to the small fishing town of Newport, Oregon and it still lies on the sand where twice a day the tide is low enough for people to visit. The town plans to spend $80,000 plus to remove the pier and dismantle it. The pier was responsible for an increase in tourism for the coastal towns in Western Oregon which had been hit hard from the recession. People flocked to the coast to get a first hand look at the huge pier that still had Japanese writing on it. The thought of the huge piece of pier making its way across the Pacific is mindbogglingly.

Another not so good news to the coasts off Oregon and Washington and California are the fish and other debris that are coming up with low levels of radiation. Blue fin Tuna in California and other seafood are coming up polluted with radioactivity. For the huge populations of organic and health food consumers in these states it comes as bad news.

American's still remember the day that the tsunami hit Japan and the images that came across the news accounts and internet made the world mourn for Japan's citizens. I started writing this hub and updating it on a daily basis and sending it out to the hub viewers that read my hubpages stories under girlpower. In fact a man who lived in Tokyo told me that my hub was where he went first for updates since his own country was slow to get information out and were at times biased and sometimes incorrect. Now part of that reason could have been to avoid mass panic, but he stated that Japan's officials and nuclear power industry were downright misleading their citizens. He would send out my hubs to his friends and family members to keep them updated and I in return would watch the American news reports all day and reported them every day. As you can see as time has gone by my posts are irregular and I will leave the hub text and pictures as you scroll down to remain as an historic recollection of the biggest tsunami in Japan's history.

I read that centuries ago another tsunami happened off the Oregon coast, this was discovered only recently by archaeologists who dug up along the coast and found proof in the sand layers and in the tree ring histories of old growth trees of a massive wave that hit the coast of Oregon long before anyone lived here.

With the help of over 50,000 volunteers the immense clean up of the massive piles of debris began days after the Tsunami and still continues to this day. The relocation of 300,000 people who had to move into to temporary housing until their homes could be rebuilt added to the 100,000 people who lived in the contamination area in a twenty mile radius from nuclear power plants. 54 of Japans's nuclear plants were shut down and three melted down and are still leaking radiation either into the air or into the bay, affecting the area's seafood industry. The contamination of Japan's oyster beds put a strain on the world's remaining oyster industries, of which Oregon is one, where they started making new oyster beds to fill the world's need for oysters.

Click on the link below to view pictures from before the tsunami and after and then the same area as it looks today. From Cool

Japanese Still Searching for Loved Ones

Searching for Loved Ones Continue in Japan
Searching for Loved Ones Continue in Japan | Source

Japanese Elderly Population Fight Depression, having lived through two disasters in their lifetime: Many lived through the Hiroshima Event

Many of the survivors of the earthquake and tsunami experienced depression and a sense of helplessness, especially the elder population who lived through when America dropped the first atomic bomb on Japan to end the second world war on August 6, 1945. In the town of Hiroshima with a population of 350,000 the bomb killed 140,000. Two days later another bomb was dropped on the smaller down of Nagasaki. Japan surrendered to the allies on September 2, 1945.

This inhumanity to man hopefully will prevent any country from using nuclear weapons in the future. It was a day that many people worldwide will never forget.

Japan's Clean up continues two years later.

Being called the largest earthquake in the last thousand years, near the largest city of the world, Tokyo, what was only five minutes of sheer terror, the Japanese people are still suffering large loss from the dead and for the worst environmental disaster in history. The reactors of the nuclear power plants are still trying to be cooled by the dedicated workers and government. The earth quake was the fifth largest recorded in the world.

The owners of the Tepko nuclear plant is expected to pay out 6 million to the victims of the nuclear radiation that made nearby residents have to leave their homes and stay away except for a few minutes to get some of their belongings. They are saying that the area around the nuke plant will be uninhabitable for perhaps a hundred years. The owners of the plant were seen to be kneeling in a news story, kneeling and asking forgiveness from the people of Japan for the mishap caused from the earthquake. It is really making people all over the world rethink the use of nuclear energy in areas where there are fault lines.

The earthquake moved the earth 11 inches on axis and slowed the rotation of the earth so shortening the day by a faction of a second.

What did most the damage however was the huge Tsunami that moved at five hundred miles per hour the same speed as an airplane. 250 miles of the ocean floor thrust up from two miles below the ocean floor. Squeezing water out of the earth and making a path of destruction over six miles inland.

This flood of biblical proportions killed tens of thousands of people (14,000 so far recorded) only now are the first hand videos people took as they literally ran for their lives. Trying to reach the high ground. Once safe the people took out their cell phones and the pictures and video they took are spectacular. They show floating cars, houses, warehouses. Making a thunderous noise, a sea of debris 6 miles inland.

The nuclear power plants diesel back up generators were damaged so the plant workers had to try to cool the reactors without electricity for days. The battery powered pumps to cool the reactors only had storage for eight hours. Radiation spewed out of the plant by smoke, steam and water that had to be dumped into the bay. Workers were rotated in and out of the plant exposing them to high levels of radiation of which the effects will only be found when time passes by. The workers said the dark plants looked like haunted houses, as they worked in total darkness in shifts of 300 men who are heroes in this whole story.

The level of danger was raised to level seven, level seven being the worst.

Fish and other sea mammals are drifting into the shoreline of Japan, with skin lesions and internal damage caused from the radioactive waters. This will affect any fish or shellfish businesses for as how long it has not been reported.

History of girlpowers hubs on Tsunami: Since Japan's Earthquake 13,000 People have Died

13,000 people passed away with150,000 people still homeless. The clean up continues and life will not likely be back to normal in a very long time for the Japanese who have been crippled by this disaster.

On April 7th another 7.4 earthquake rattled the Japanese people who have lived throughhundreds of aftershocks. Japan,s Prime Minister said he would be wi the people until the end. Many of the people however have lost faith in their government especially in regards to the way the utility company Tepko has handled the damaged nuclear power plants.

Water coming out of the leaking plant is 4000 times the level that is safe. The plugged leak in number two still seems to be holding. Sunday over a thousand protesters; some wearing masks were protesting nuclear power in an attempt to save any future generations or other countries to suffer what they are suffering.

Massive pumps from outside Japan have arrived and because of their pumping abilities will allow the workers to be able to pump out water without having to be so close to the dangerous levels near the reactors themselves.

Japan reports that eleven types of vegetables grown in Japan, and milk have levels of radioactive iodine in exceeding national standards..

Fisherman off the coast of Japan are discovering huge loss of their oyster beds which were torn up by the Tsunami.. 97 percent of their fishing boats have been destroyed.

In the United States the low level radiation has gone as far east as the Carolina's which have had to trace of radiation such the Chernobyl accident 35 years ago. Japan's accident is now the worst in the worlds history. It is to be noted that even small levels of radiation can cause human health problems including cancer, heart disease, or immune disorders like Ms, and children are more susceptible than older people. Especially food borne exposure which makes food and water protection critical.

History of the Event: Old Hub Posts: Two Bodies of Nuclear plant workers were found in the reactor area. Why the Nuclear Plant Officials in Japan are Not tellin

The bodies of two workers were found in the reactor 2 area after all this time goes by and the plant officials knew they were missing but did not tell the truth. Families of the workers are being told not to make any statements to the press. Why these two men were missing all this time and no one wanted to let the public know is another example of how the Japanese authorities are under reporting this crisis.

And this is outrageous and the world needs to act to start over seeing this clean up which is still leaking dangerous levels of radiation into the environment through steam and directly into the ocean. Some of the levels are 700 million times the safe level for humans. Nuclear plant officials should be held responsible for being evasive during this whole crisis and should be charged with criminal charges in the way they misled the general public.

After numerous attempts to plug the leak of one of the reactors first with concrete which failed and now using liquid nitrogen or liquid glass that sealed the leak. Everyone is breathing a sign of relief. There is still much work to be done, the surrounding ocean has dangerous levels of iodine radiation that is 700 million times the level that is safe for humans but we are being told that the ocean will dilute it. What about the wildlife and fish and other fishing industry products that will be uneatable and will need to be destroyed. Already the United States is banning any produce, milk or seafood from Japan.

The lack of transparency during this worst nuclear spill in the world's history makes one wonder what else they are under reporting. It is causing the Japanese people to doubt their government and they deserve better. There was a demonstration of over three hundred people which is many in a society where demonstrations are frowned upon by the government. They were demonstrating that they need to know the effects of such high levels or radiation in their food and air and ground water. The company that runs the nuclear plants Tepko is taking their names off of the facilities in an attempt to avoid taking responsibility. Just another attempt to hide the truth and avoid the responsibility.

Huge amounts of soil will need to be de-contaminated and where the remaining poison soil will be stored is not been discussed. Currently the water being put into the reactors to be cooled becomes so toxic that they are running out of where to put the waste. Another wake up call for other countries especially the United States who could have the same disaster after an earthquake and there are several existing plants that are on faults and near the ocean.

This is the problem of having an industry where no one wants to store the spent fuel rods which keep piling up as the states disagree as to where the toxic by products of Nuclear energy are to be stored. You are talking about toxins that take hundreds of years to become safe, if that is even true. Where are we going to put all these spent fuel rods? Does anyone care?

Trace levels of radiation has been measured in eastern Washington where the milk from cows that are eating grass that has had radioactive rain fall on it has been detected hundreds of miles from the coast. The famous Washington and Oregon Gorge which is a huge canyon that runs from the coast well into the eastern parts of both states is probably how the ocean air was able to get so quickly to the farest part of both states.

Read article about how hemp could be used in the clean up.

The American Public should Demand Continued Tests Should be Done on US Food and Water for Radiation from Japan

Radiation from Japan Has Been Detected in US Food system
The report that low-level radiation from Japan has been detected in milk in Spokane, Washington thousands of miles from Japan across the Pacific Ocean.. Reports from Japan bring almost daily evidence of continued radioactive releases, and the full impact of the Japanese nuclear accident remains to be seen, but the health risks posed by radioactive contamination are well documented.

In Japan, tests have already found eleven types of vegetables, as well as milk, to contain levels of radioactive iodine exceeding national standards. Radioactive emissions from Japan have been detected throughout the United States at low levels, from California to Colorado and as far east as Massachusetts. Monitors in the Carolinas have detected the presence of radioactive iodine, the first time this material had been detected there since the Chernobyl accident 35 years ago.

These are low levels of radiation right now, but even low levels of radiation can cause human health problems, including cancer, heart disease, or immune disorders, and children are especially susceptible to foodborne exposure to radioactive materials, making safeguards of food and water particularly critical

No amount of radiation exposure is safe, and it is imperative that the federal government conduct comprehensive, transparent monitoring of food and water, especially given the possibility that radioactive emissions from Japan may continue for years ahead. is a nonprofit consumer organization that works to ensure clean water and safe food. We challenge the corporate control and abuse of our food and water resources by empowering people to take action and by transforming the public consciousness about what we eat and drink.

revisit this Hub

Japanese people in shock over biggest earthquake in 47 years
Japanese people in shock over biggest earthquake in 47 years | Source

History of former hubs by girlpower: More on Japan Tragedy

The new death toll in Japan is now at 13,000 and missing at 17,000. 100,000 people are living without water. In areas where there is no fuel people are burning their wood from their own houses to keep warm.

On Sunday 3-27 there was another earthquake of 6.5 near the original site of the 9.0 and then there was another 6.3 quake on Tuesday March 29th. When will this all end for the shaken people of Japan? So far that makes 700 aftershocks in all.

As far as the nuclear reactors go there is still great concern over the reactors that are sending smoke with high levels of plutonium out into the environment. Three workers at the #2 reactor were exposed to 10,000 times the safe levels of radiation when the electric tunnel they were working in, had water that they stepped in. It appears as if there has been a breach or crack in the containment vessel. These poor workers at the plant are being exposed to dangerous levels of radiation and are living in the plant lying on mats to sleep at night and only getting two meals a day.

They are also finding contaminated water outside of the plants and are running out of where to put the tainted water that they used to cool the reactors and some is spilling directly into the ocean. They are addressing that problem by stacking sandbags. As we are finding out this utility company had no idea of how to handle a crisis at this level. And getting the truth out of plant officials is difficult to say the least. When they use words like "Don't worry we have everything under control" or "I will have to check on that " when asked questions about the levels outside and inside their plants. Are you kidding me?

Four types of plutonium are leaking out of the core and the officials said,"Don't worry it's only bad if you breathe it in or ingest it from food." Are they kidding? When asked why their workers weren't wearing protected clothing" they answered" We just didn't know."

I think an independent commission should be set up to run this clean up as their officials are not always telling the truth, saying the Japanese people are already suffering enough, like they can't be told the truth. Yes that is true but you are talking about a nuclear meltdown and the area around the plant for perhaps hundreds of miles will be uninhabitable. It is in the soil, the air and it is in the ocean. Just think of how it will affect the crops, fish, shellfish Japan sells to the rest of the world. We need to be protected from importing any of these products into America. This is serious people.

The United States has reported trace levels of radiation all along the West coast and even to Colorado, and the east coast has reported trace amounts as well. It is pouring down on right now in Oregon as I speak; where for the last two weeks our very rain has been tainted with this poison. Every time Japan has a Northeast wind, the stuff is heading right toward our West Coast.

The iodine pills which are being bought up by the thousand in America only protect you from thyroid cancer, it doesn't cover any other organs that may be affected by the exposure to radiation. People on the west coast of the US are being told not to take any potassium iodine pills as it is not needed and could actually be harmful to you. Only people in the evacuation zone in Japan should be take them.

President Obama called for the comprehensive safety checks for all US nuclear plants. Well many are so old that it would be better to tear them down. And where are we going to store all the waste? Do you want it stored in your backyard? I didn't think so.

The place to look for radiation is in the milk and crops like spinach and fruits. So is the our USDA going to sample our milk and crops after being doused with this poison all spring?

Pictures from inside the reactor 2 control room show most of the panel's are not being lit up, so how are they checking and reporting all this information to us if they have no way of measuring or gathering the information? The only time the head of the utility spoke to the press was way back on March 13th. Since then they say he has been in "virtual seclusion" in his office FOR WEEKS, WHAT AN OUTRAGE!! I say drag this guy out by his shirt tails and make him responsible for this mess. Getting answers from his staff like "Oh, we will have to check for that." is unreasonable and the way things are going it is also criminal for these utilities to not have back up systems. The head official will know what seclusion is all about when he ends up in jail.

And while we are at it, we should round up all the United States nuclear officials and kick some of their butts for having comparable back up systems here with many built on fault lines.

THIS IS AMERICA'S WAKE UP CALL!!!!!!!!! America needs to wake up and smell the poison.

New Information About America's Nuclear Plants

States with Nuclear power plants are taking stock of their readiness and possible earthquake scenarios. Out of the 104 plants in the United States the third most dangerous is the Indian Point plant in Buchanan New York. This plant supplies one third of New York Cities electricity. This plant is thirty years old and is only built for a 3.0 earthquake.

Governor Cuomo of New York is asking for the closure of the Indian Point nuclear plant even before this disaster in Japan. The group "River Watchers". org has as well been monitoring this plant and asking for its closure.

Paul Gallay another watch dog has been calling for the Indian Power Plant's closure as the Nuclear Regulatory Commission continues to say it is safe, which is typical for those who support increasing the use of nuclear power plants in America. Mr Gallay says the plant having a disaster would be like a person having the likely hood of 100 times a chance of winning the powerball .

And where is America going to store all this dangerous radioactive material in the form of the spend fuel containers? Well they had been trying to get Nevada citizens to take the risk and bury the radioactive materials deep in desert caverns made by man, but at the last minute the Nevada people rejected it. Would you want to live close to these containers? Not many Americans would want it in their state.

Americans need to start to think about nuclear energy and where the waste will go which is active for thousands of years. The likelihood of it contaminating our water resources and the ground where these reactors and their spent fuel pools are located. It is time to ask our President to expand the use of other alternative energy resourses like wind, solar and other more earth friendly options.

Woman Appears to be in shock while workers wear decontamination suits


Archived History of Tsunami Hubs by girlpower: Radiation Found in Groundwater as far as Toyko.

Time has stopped for the Japanese people. Their Emperor has said "We will rebuild Japan" trying to bring back home to his people.

The dead toll is now 9500 people with those missing numbering 15,000. Of which 10 are Americans. The world continues to watch and have deep empathy for the Japanese people.

The latest news from Japan is that people are being told not to let children and infants drink the water even as far as Tokyo where traces of radiation twice the amount that is safe for infants to drink. This to me is the worse environmental disaster ever since Tokyo is 150 miles from the site of the nuclear reactors.

Michio Kaku from the city college of New York a famous physicist said that the nuclear problem in Japan is all uncharted territory, that they are making it up as they go along since something in this magnitude has never happened before.

Radiation has been detected in Spinach and fruit grown near the Nuclear Disaster and Milk taken from cows near the evacuation area. It is expected to contaminate the soil which would have to be removed from the whole fifty miles or more surrounding the nuclear plants.

There is low progress in the cooling of the reactors and spent fuel tanks as they have restored electricity to two of the reactors and the sea water from helicopters is helping cool down the reactors. Reactors two and three have had electricity restored to them but the pumps are malfunctioning. The chance of a meltdown is not out of the realm of possibility.

However now the number three reactor had to be evacuated of its workers when a big cloud of smoke came billowing out of the plant. It makes one feel deeply for the plants workers who are being exposed to such high levels of radiation which in some cases can be death or increase the level of getting organ and thyroid cancers. Reactors five and six are stable.

The tsunami damage is as far as four hundred miles inland. In one school all the children are missing and assumed dead, the parents were shifting through stacks of shoes, backpacks and school desks. To imagine the horror is unthinkable. No parent should have to go through that.

Over 70 countries are now giving aid to the Japanese people of which over 450,000 people who are displaced and living in shelters. Up to 100,000 children have been displaced. Many elderly people are still going without medicine as the county tries to restore all of their services.The town of Portland Oregon is having benefit concert in the Aladdin theater to go to the Japan disaster. 8.9 million dollars has been raised by the Red Cross and 3.7 million through texting.

Eight days after the quake a grandmother and teenage boy were pulled out of the rubble, which is amazing that they survived.

Commerce and businesses connected to Japan like the car companies of Toyota, Honda and Subaru, and Nissan, where the Japanese plants make the car parts has shut down. The car producing plants in Detroit have shut down as well. Other shut downs are pending. I pad 2 production is slowed due to some of the components come from Japan. Toshiba's camcorder production has also stopped.

Archived History of Tsunami: Extremely Hazardous Levels of Radiation Near the Nuclear Reactors

The Japanese are still suffering the great loss of their people from the earthquake and the Tsunami. The death toll is now 11,000 with17,000 people feared to be dead or missing. In one town alone their are 9500 people are missing. It is estimated that the damages will be in the 300 Billion dollar range.

Progress has been made on cooling the cores and spent fuel tanks. Electricity has been connected but the pumps are not working in two of the reactors.

Four of the Fukushima's nuclear power plant reactors have had fire and explosion damage and Number four reactor's spent fuel pools are feared to have been gone dry, All have damage to their cooling units. One plant had the roof blown off it from the blast. Damage to one of the four containment vessels is leaking high levels of radiation. At the stage of Worse than Chernobyl the Japanese reactors are leaking radioactive materials into the environment. To the level of ten times the normal safe radiation level. 200,000 people who live in the vicinity are being evacuated and they are clearing an area of now 50 square miles around each nuclear plants. Number three reactor is said to have a breach in its containment unit. The workers that were themselves evacuated now are reentering the work site from a pool of two hundred men. Those that have been over exposed to higher levels of radiation are expected to get severely ill and or die. What a nightmare.

It is a race against time in the cooling the spent fuel rods to avert the possible worse environmental disaster ever. The people in the affected area are being given iodine tablets to reduced the affects of radiation exposure which is to prevent thyroid cancer. Read the link below for up to date information about the pills.

The Japan nuclear commission is calling for people within twenty miles of the plants to stay inside and try to isolate themselves from the outside air. The United States is telling Americans in the zone to evacuate if they are within fifty miles.

Some experts say that the plants did not have enough backup coolant and generators needed to handle such a catastrophe which was likely as the plant was built along a fault line.

The Japanese people are losing faith in their government at a time when they are experiencing the tragedy of their lifetime. There is widespread panic, fear and anxiety. The world sits by watching and thinking that their countries could be next if they have nuclear power plants on faults and near the ocean. The exposure near the plant is over 400 millisievers a second!!! compared to the normal exposure one gets in a year of natural radiation of 3.0 a year. It appears as if the workers in the plant were not trained or able to address if something like this would happened.

This could be the biggest man made catastrophe ever for exposing millions of people and affecting the ground, sea, fishing industry, and animals near the plant. In Cerenkov they had to take out the soil, plants grown for food, and animals raised for food, within a hundred miles of the plant.

The effects of radiation exposure is most damaging to the elderly and young children, some parents in Japan are removing their children to other countries. The increase risk of cancer rates can be up to 40 percent and it can also affect their reproductive organs. Leukemia rates go up as well as liver cancer risk. Inhaling the radioactive air is far worse than when it is on your clothing which can be washed off. Better to not drink any milk that is produced near where the radiation is being measured. Large scale removal of the radiation from the soil is also a concern. And where do we put that earth this is contaminated? This brings up the problem of storing any and all of the discarded radioactive materials from all of the world's nuclear plants. Would you want it stored in your state? Depending on the air flow the dust and fog from the leak could blow away from the island or with low winds could affect the whole island of Japan.

This is something that nuclear opponents talk about happening when mother nature has unexpected natural disasters. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has already sent cooling systems via our military to help Japan. What is now worse than the Chernobyl incident in Russia where the affects of radiation is still making miles of the area still uninhabitable. This disaster in Japan could make the contaminated areas toxic for people for decades even longer.

Many of the nuclear plants built all over the world are outdated and were not built to last over 40 ears. Radiation causes steal to get brittle. Many of which were built by GE from the Mark 1 plans.

.A major concern is that the atmosphere will carry the radioactive mist over to the west coast of the United States and beyond to other countries. After Japanese and American expets told us that there was no chance of the radiation reaching the West coast of the United states there has been a trace of radiation increase hitting the California coast.

This is a fear that many environmentalist and the general public people who are against nuclear power plants have talked about for years. The public has been told by the nuclear agencies that these plants have been built to prevent such a thing from which is happening. They were wrong.

In the United States they have not issued a new license for building any more new nuclear power plants in thirty years, but plans had been in the process to do so. Currently there are 104 nuclear power plants in the United States and none of them have earthquake warning systems. Very similar to Japan's Fukushima power plant is the Northern California "Cascadian" nuclear plant built far from the major populated cities of southern California but apparently with no regard for the bordering state of Oregon nearby. The Diablo plant in central California is the biggest risk as it is near major populated cities

The Cascadian nuclear plant is identical to the one in Japan by the fact that it is near the coast and it is close to a fault line. The subduction zone was deemed safe for up to a 7.0 sized earthquake. If the similar quake would occur in Northern California the effects would affect the coasts of Oregon, Washington and as far as British Columbia. The fact that these states hold some of the most pristine wildernesses and some of the most productive of fishing industries makes one give notice to what could happen here.

California had already set up radiation monitoring systems to measure the levels of any radiation coming from the atmosphere. Japan officials are saying the leak is 100 times less radiation than you would get from getting an MRI. Others say its like getting a years worth of natural radiation at once. Reports are so varied that outsiders think the Japan nuclear representatives are not wanting to cause widespread panic. Reports of falsified safety records in Japan and other crimes such as not reporting a previous near meltdown and under reporting of any such incidents. The people of Japan should be outraged.

Concerns about a nuclear plant near Lake Eri in the United States because it provides millions of people with their water supply. Our President has called for a a review of all nuclear power plants to be checked for safety and age related defects in older plants.

In Oregon one of most progressive environmentally concerned state's Governor Kitshauber issued an executive order of disaster in Curry County where the town of Brookings oyster beds and docks were affected from the Tsunami.

The fuel rods that only last 6 years before needing to be replaced are are then taken nearby the reactor and put to rest in big steal and concrete pools of water. If the water pumps fail which they have they get so hot that they explode. These spent rods are actually more dangerous than the few they use in the active reactor since the spent rods are more numerous.

Text the red cross and enter 909999 to donate ten dollars.

Japan still in shock

Japan reels after Earthquake
Japan reels after Earthquake | Source

Archived history of the 9.0 Earthquake Hit Japan at 2:22 pm on March 11th

The 9.0 earthquake that hit Tokyo Japan at 2:22 pm on March 11th and the resulting Tsunami wreaked havoc in Japan and the Tsunami did damage far across the Pacific Ocean as the West Coast of the United States, Indonesia, Philippines, Guam and Hawaii. Japan hasn't seen an earthquake even close to this proportion since 1923. So far there have been over 170 aftershocks some of which were over 7 points and more recently near 4.0 earthquakes.Two and a half million people are without electricity and water. Currently it is estimated that damages will be over 300 billion dollars. Some say the death toll could be as high as 10,000 people.

The explosions and release of radiation from four of the nuclear reactors is of grave concern and 270,000 people havevacuated in a fifty mile radius around the reactor. People near that area are being told to stay inside and try to seal themselves in.

Being called the worst disaster since World War II the ongoing stories coming out of Japan from the multitude of Internet and YouTube videos still being released are making their way to international news coverage. The destruction is unbelievable and heart wrenching. The world reaches out in support by sending disaster relief for the shortages of food, water, batteries and the other things a national will need now that the reconstruction of their east coast continues.

To check on friends and relatives in Japan you can go to google people finder and other sites you can get at Scenes reminiscent of Katrina showed Japanese people standing on roofs waiting for aid after the aftershocks and Tsunami flooded coastal parts of the Eest coast of Japan. 450,000 people are living in shelters with widespread shortages of water, electricity and food.

Tweets in Japan are 1200 per second and other social networking sites are keeping people updated to the minute. And people with I phones and other video devices stream live coverage of this monumental disaster.

Japan's 5.5 Trillion dollar economy is showing record lows at their stock market Nikki. Japan imports half of the world oil for their consumption is now going to affect the world oil prices as well as affects of the plunge of their stock market. So far the stock market in Japan has gone down ten points.

It is reported that that the land beneath Japan moved eight feet further to the east and that the earth was moved on its access by 4 inches. And it shortened the days by a millionth of a second. Sunday a volcano started spouting lava in the southern tip of Japan which may or may not have been from the earthquake but one would think it is related.

Santa Rosa and Ventura CA are had 7 foot high tides of up to seven feet which has done damage to coastal harbors and inlets where the water surge was intensified. The Tsunami traveled at the rate of 450 miles per hour...One person in Northern California was swept out to sea evidently trying to take a picture of the Tsunami.

The Governor of California has issued states of emergencies in four counties. Santa Rosa having 100 boats damaged and 30 sunk. They will receive state assistance for their losses which range up to 2 million dollars.

Crescent City, CA is near the Oregon border, reported having 8 foot surge waves which damaged 35 boats. There was also minor flooding in Hawaii where the coastal areas had to be evacuated

Nagana Japan had a 6.6 earthquake, not just a aftershock. The first two nights eople were sleeping in lobby's of buildings and even outside afraid to go back into their homes in fear of after shock damage that would flatten their still standing homes.

United States and seventy other countries are sending disaster relief. The USA is using their military and naval fleet that were already near to the area. The USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier is bringing in relief and putting their hospital on board at the service of the Japanese people.

At one pm west coast time, 14 hrs after the quake people were being told to use their cell phones only for emergencies due to cell towers experiencing heavy calling which is jamming the cell phone servers. Even the Internet and twitter sites are slow to get onto here in Oregon due to the massive overuse during this disaster in Japan and people worldwide who are trying to find out about loved ones living in Japan.


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    • Hezekiah profile image

      Hezekiah 6 years ago from Japan

      Nice hub. I live in Kanagawa, 40km furthur away than Tokyo. Scientists have explained that even in the even of nuclear meltdown, Tokyo isn't even at risk. The issue at the moment the blackouts and people buying out all the food!!! I can't even get a sandwich in the morning, no milk, water, DIAPERS !!!

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      viveresperando 5 years ago from A Place Where Nothing Is Real

      very informative.

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